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  • The Most Expensive Watch Brands

    World’s Expensive Watch Brands Being one of the most treasured accessories for both men and women, watches come in different styles and are made from different materials. The cost of a watch highly depends on the material that is used in making it, the design, and the special features that it displays. There are the

  • kuala lumpur at night

    A Journey to Kuala Lumpur

    Soooo….. I don’t know where to start. Haha. The last few days in Kuala Lumpur have seemed like a really weird dream. When I flew in I was pleased to see that I didn’t have to fill out any forms at immigration and after I handed my passport to the official and gave my fingerprints,

  • Devdasi girl

    A Tradition Misunderstood

    Taking a beautiful country road from Dharwad, Karnataka, I reach the small temple village of Saundatti in South India. It is in this village that the devdasi tradition, one of the most criticized forms of prostitution in India, is still practiced. Best defined as “temple prostitutes,” devdasis are women who dedicate their lives to the temple deity. They are

  • venice

    Top 10 places to Visit

    Some of The Top 10 places to Visit Anyone who enjoys traveling will always strive to visit exotic places and take beautiful pictures of such sites. Everyone though, defines beauty and exotic differently. But the truth is, there are numerous places that stand out, even though it takes time, research, money and lots of energy

  • Biohacking: It’s A Science/Art That let’s You Hack Your Way To Awesomeness

    Humanity has already made substantial advancement in testing, understanding and managing their own biology. Today, the minds behind medical science and technology believe that the very first immortal human being has been born already. That’s right, immortal human being–with indefinite lifespan. Last year 2013, it was possible to get your personal genetic makeup sequence analyzed

  • botox

    Have you Considered This Treatment?

    How Botox Works Botox works in a very simple way. Botulism is a form of food poisoning which occurs when a person ingests food that contains neurotoxins produced by Closttridium botulinum bacteria. These botulinum toxins get attached to nerve endings of the muscles. In the process, acetylcholine, which is the transmitter that triggers muscle contraction,

  • This Is the Worlds Best Restaurant

    It featured in the list of top 50 world’s best restaurants in the year 2013 hitting the number one spot. El Celler de Can Roca, based in Giroma, Spain is famous for its mouth-watering menus. It has consistently been praised for its superb collection of wine, artistic parade of course, and mind-blowing desserts to keep


    The Rise of Japanese Fashion Labels

    It is enough to take a glance at New York Fashion Week in order to notice at least 13 distinct Japanese-born or Japanese-American fashion designers mentioned in the schedule. Fashion industry is a changing landscape with trends that change from a season to another, just like the fashion designers behind them. Even though French designers

  • Live tax free

    What You Should Know About How To Live Tax Free

    Paying taxes is a necessary part of life; however millions of people are often caught with untaxed funds as they attempt to illegally withhold taxes. Normally tax evaders end up doing jail time or paying hefty fines. What most of these people do not know is that you can live tax-free without breaking the law.

  • What Does it Do to Your Brain?

    Cocaine is a very potent drug that affects the CNS or the central nervous system. Prepared from the leaves of a bush called Erythroxylon coca which is a native of Peru and Bolivia, it can be self administered in a number of ways. It is most commonly ingested by snorting it into the nasal passage.