The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Keeping your home clean can actually benefit your health and the health of the ones you love.

1. Benefits of Cleanliness

Here are just a few ways in which you and your entire household will benefit from a clean home.

Mental benefits

Cleaning and house chores actually reduce anxiety.  A clean and clutter-free space can improve your mental health. Many psychology studies have been performed that show an uncluttered, clean space can help us focus and feel calmer, less depressed and less anxious in general.  

On the other hand, clutter can be overwhelming and can actually contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression. When all that your brain sees is the untidy mess, a part of it ticks is as unfinished business. A Princeton University study found that clutter can actually overwhelm the visual cortex, making it more difficult to process the task at hand.

A consistently tidy home saves money

By cleaning and up keeping your appliances regularly, they last longer and run more efficiently and therefore consume last energy, helping to lower your Reliant Energy bill. When you keep your home clean, you will have less of a need for more expensive and extra-strength cleaning products, as the dirt and grime won’t be build up.

Healthier food choices

It’s been well established that cluttered, dirty and even off-smelling spaces make us feel anxious and stressed and we tend to make poor food choices under pressure. Studies showed that people in a clean environment made smarter, healthier snacking choices than those attempting to work in messy spaces. A messy kitchen is not inspiring to cook or eat in, so those who have neater kitchens may be more likely to make healthier food at home as opposed to ordering a pizza or eating out.

A clean home can ease allergy symptoms whereas a cluttered home is a haven for viruses and bacteria

Whether you suffer primarily from seasonal outdoor allergies such as polen or “indoor” allergies like dust, keeping a clean home can greatly reduce your symptoms. Outdoor allergens like pollen can be brought in to your household if you don’t wash your clothes and just keep your home clean. If left to accumulate, dust, animal hair, and other allergens can wreak havoc on your nose, eyes, and sinuses, leaving you feeling miserables, with an itchy nose being the least of your worries.

Even if you are free of allergies, the more dirt accumulates in your home, the more likely it is that your household will harbor viruses and unwanted bacteria.

2. Deep Cleaning Tips

The key to deep cleaning your house is setting a schedule. This isn’t a chore you can conquer in one afternoon, so plan accordingly. Make a list of each room and the things you need to do. Work from the top of the room to the bottom so you can vacuum any dirt that falls as you make your way.

Cleaning surfaces and mirrors is a weekly cleaning job. But cleaning corners as well as every single object head to toe are a job for Cinderella as this is what  ‘deep cleaning’ is all about. Go through your kitchen cabinet and deep clean your oven.

Move every object so you can clean below and behind it. This is also a great opportunity to clean your closet and organize it while also getting rid of things you no longer need. This is the time when both indoor and outdoor decorations and furniture should be cleaned and vacuumed with a special attachment.

The first stage is decluttering, the second is cleaning and then there is deep cleaning where you get to move all your furniture and maybe even reorganize the space entirely.

Tossing unused or expired items takes time we never seem to have so this is the perfect occasion. The deep cleaning goes as deep as washing your trash can for every inch of your home to be spotlessly clean. A deep clean is the time when you clean windows and windowsills along with waxing floors. It is the time for your castle to shine in all its splendor. The better you do your job, the easier it will be to maintain the magic.


There is no single way to maintain a healthy home. But, one of the proven ways is to keep it clean. Having a consistently clean house brings many benefits, from protecting residents from germs to making them happier. Moreover, deep cleaning your home will last longer than a simple weekly clean-up, requiring little maintenance to keep the house impeccable throughout the year.