Simple Ways to Go Green

As the people are adjusting to going green, it’s important to do little things around the house that will help the overall process. For example, Rachel Harow, has been teaching her kids to not use as much water. For drinking purposes, her husband has installed them a Brita filter that attaches to the sink. That way, it’s easy for the kids to get unlimited water and disregards the use of plastic. Another way to get rid of unnecessary plastic is by using reusable water bottles. If the kids are ever at school or need to carry water with them, it prompts them not to use plastic and is more beneficial for the environment. 

Next, bringing reusable mugs or thermoses to places like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can help eliminate the use of plastic as well. Given that the coronavirus is still a common threat to people, maybe ask before giving a reusable cup to a franchise. However, once things go back to normal, it’s highly recommended. Furthermore, it’s very easy to save money and the planet by conserving water and reducing intake. By showering two minutes less than your average shower time, a person can really help save the earth. Gallons of water gets wasted by over flushing or over showering. If kids prefer to play in the water, have them take a bath so that the amount of time spent in the bathroom isn’t affecting water intake. In addition, planting outside is very important for sustainability. Rachel Harow enjoys planting strawberries for her children. This is a great activity for the whole family and can reduce plastic and waste. Pesticides that can be found in almost all store-bought fruit and vegetables are also not going to be harming the earth in any way.