Planning your Post-Covid Holiday: 5 Cool Holiday Concepts for 2021

Let’s face it, 2020 is certainly a year to forget and with the Covid vaccine being rolled out, we can all look forward to getting back to normal, which we kind of took for granted before the pandemic. In anticipation, you should already be looking at potential holiday venues and make a booking to avoid the rush, and with that in mind, here are a few cool holiday ideas to consider for 2021.

  1. Camping in the UK – Perhaps you should not sell your Defender, at least not until next winter and then you can make the best use of it by taking a camping holiday. Camping has shot up in popularity in the past decade, which is reflected in the number of campsites you find in all parts of the country. You won’t find a cheaper way to spend a week on the South coast and if you plan your trip now, you can reserve your campsite slot and get ready for a really memorable holiday. If you don’t have a suitable vehicle, a Land Rover dealer would be the place to go, where they have a range of new and used 4X4 vehicles that are built for expeditions. Such an investment can be enjoyed again and again, as you and your family get to know various parts of the United Kingdom. You could also take up fishing, which is a very soothing pastime and you get some trout for dinner too, with some fine fly fishing in the Lake District and other parts of the land.
  2. African Safari – Once the pandemic is over, people will be booking their annual holiday for 2021 and Namibia is an ideal destination for a safari. You can book a luxury safari with your own English-speaking guide and you can tailor the experience to suit. Namibia has some stunning beaches, as well as National Parks where you can watch the Big 5 in their natural habitat, and you can book online, while the tour operator will help with visas. Spend a few hours online researching Namibia and other African nations before you choose a destination.
  3. Yacht Charter in Thailand – Why not form a group with some friends and charter a luxury yacht in Phuket? Spending a few weeks sailing the gorgeous Andaman Sea is an idyllic holiday, especially if you are into snorkelling, and as you are the client, you get to decide where you go and how long you stay, plus the vessel will be stocked with the provisions of your choosing. You can fly to Phuket direct from a UK airport, which minimises your travelling time, leaving you more time to sip your favourite cocktail in a tropical paradise setting. The Phi Phi Islands must be seen to be believed and chartering your own yacht is by far the best way to spend time in this tropical paradise. For some nightlife, ask the skipper to moor in Phuket Harbour and you and your group can dance the night away before retiring on your luxury yacht. The skipper and indeed the whole crew, are there to make your experience a great one and if any request is possible, consider it done.
  4. Hire a Caravan and Enjoy Mainland Europe – While the UK might no longer a member country of the EU, you can still travel around mainland Europe without a problem. You can use your Defender to tow a hired caravan that is fully equipped for extended expeditions. For the majority of people, their first camping expedition is the beginning of a long love affair for this kind of holiday experience, as it really does give you freedom and independence. Use the Internet to plan your route and much like the UK, there are campsites everywhere in mainland Europe and when you head south, the weather is perfect.
  5. The Sheer Beauty of Southern Ireland – If you’ve never been to Ireland, a unique experience awaits, with countryside like you’ve never seen and the people are warm and friendly. Spend a couple of weeks in a cottage by the sea and enjoy walks in the forest and the natural beaches, plus you get to see the local wildlife and, of course, the livestock. Spend the evenings in a cosy inn, where the old locals tell stories of the old days and you can immerse yourself in the experience.

The above are just a few ideas to help you plan your 2021 holiday and whatever you choose, book early to avoid disappointment, as millions will be searching for their ideal holiday to celebrate the end of the lockdown.

Of course, you will need to check with the WHO about Covid-19 status, and if the all clear is given, then you can book your 2021 holiday with some confidence. We are all so looking forward to travelling again and with a vaccine on the way, that should be happening soon.