Red Flags of a Loveless Marriage, According to the Relationship Experts at Relish

All relationships experience rough patches that can stretch months and years. If you are in the middle of a rough patch, it can feel like there is no end in sight, so this is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your needs within the marriage. In many instances, more than a perspective is required so it is important to look for red flags. The following is a list of several important red flags to look for in a loveless marriage. When reviewing each of these points, do so with an objective and honest lens. This will be a difficult task, but it is easier than staying in a relationship in which neither of you is happy.

Cannot Remember the Last Date Night

Dry spells of a month occur because you are on a tight budget, cannot find a babysitter, have a packed calendar, are exhausted, or are going through a home renovation, to name a few. However, simultaneous dry spells are beyond what is acceptable.

Constantly Criticizing

Nagging your partner to fold the laundry or get a haircut is one thing but attacking their sense of self is another. If nitpicking has become involuntary, you must distance because you are criticizing too much.

Have Sex Less than Once Per Month

While you will not experience the same sex as the beginning of the relationship, abstaining completely brings the relationship to a halt. Sex is a physical expression of love so if it has moved to the back burner for too long, you must reprioritize intimacy.

Preoccupied with Other’s Issues

A great replacement for your issues is reviewing and criticizing the problems of others.

Pulling Away from Friends and Family

If you have canceled more than a single dinner last-minute because you do not want to face them then this is a red flag. If you are afraid of not liking the person in the mirror, then this a problem that cannot be ignored.

Unable to Fill the Silence

If you realize that together time passes in silence and nobody attempts to fill the conversation, there is a problem. A flowing dialogue will not occur every time you are together, but the opposite is unhealthy.

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