iOS 7 What is New?

After years of continuous development and updates, Apple comes with its most advanced and functional mobile operating system in the entire world — the new iOS 7. Although the iOS 5 and iOS 6 represented some of the greatest developments from Apple; the new iOS 7 promises a higher number of features and options, which make it the most valuable foundation for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Compared to the other operating systems developed by Apple, iOS 7 constitutes a great change in terms of features, availability, functionality and appearance, as it makes the iPhone 5 the best possible smartphone in existence. The iOS 7 combines some the old features of iOS 6 with some new and novel ones, which make using Apple devices more pleasant and entertaining. IOS 7 supports numerous Apple devices, including fifth-generation iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4, 4S, Sand 5S, and this new operating system is easier-to-use compared to previous versions.

iOS 7 provides Apple device users a new and improved appearance, which is totally different from the other operating systems developed previously. The design concept is more visually bright and attractive and it does not include the common textures anymore – a more muted 2d look is apparent. However, you can easily observe the basic design items and techniques present in this new operating system, including the faux-glass reflections on icons and many surfaces covered in green. The icons of the applications have also changed and appear visually different, as most of the old icons were replaced with new ones, creating an engaging and very functional design for Apple devices.

There are many iOS 6 applications which were completely replaced, while some of them remained for the new iOS 7. But whether they were replaced or not, the iOS 7 offers all the applications a better look and a more modern design, which does not include beveled color contrasts as the older Apple operating systems do. The main point regarding  iOS 7 applications is that they have similar functionality and they work the same way as iOS 6 did. Even though there is a very observable similarity between these two operating systems, most iPhone and iPad users were delighted by the new look of the iOS 7 icons and applications.

The Application Store of the new iOS 7 and the old iOS 6 are pretty much alike, but iOS 7 is better organized and the applications are actually updated by themselves. As we mentioned before, the iOS 7 is based more on simplicity and less on initial visual luxury (perhaps), so the overall aspect of the Application Store is a little more simple, but still extremely professional, as well. This make it easier for users to use Apple devices which include the iOS 7. There are many features which were improved at a great deal in case of the iOS 7, as most of them got a more simple and effective design, which offers more advantages and ease of usage. Compared to other smartphones, Apple iOS 7 devices include a ‘Search’ box in the calendar, along with numerous other additional features which make using it more efficient.

Most of the ‘most used’ applications are now a slide away, on the home screen a slide upwards with the finger reveals the main apps such as the sleep mode, plane mode, bluetooth and more.

The maps application has changed with the new iOS 7 and completely different from the iOS 6. First of all, apart from having a better overall design, the directions do not look like road signs anymore and they have a very simple and good-looking aspect: no luxurious text, no complicated directions, only simple and very effective design for users. But there is also a very important details regarding the iOS 7 developed by Apple: it provides certain indications and directions and it can identify any location on the map accurately within a few seconds.

When it comes to the external functions of iOS 7, the users can enjoy very high quality photos and smart groupings of photos, which allow them to see all their shots in ‘Years’, ‘Collections’ and ‘Moments’, three groupings that improve the overall performance of iOS 7 and the user experience, as well. Additionally, there are many new music features included, which allow the users to create playlists based on their mood, listen to radio, and add all the songs they like to their personal collection, along with a very good-looking Game Center with a great number of opportunities and options.

iOS 7 provides security and safety for all the Apple device users, which include built-in security and they help the overall performance of the device, keeping it safe from any spyware or harmful external factors. According to the Apple developers, iOS 7 is meant to take care of your privacy and therefore the data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod is constantly protected. The most appropriate example in this regard are some of the applications: if another device requests data (such as the location) of your device, it is necessary to receive your permission first. Most smartphones do not provide this useful feature to the users and this is why their privacy is always endangered.

If we refer to the battery life of the new iOS 7, we can easily say that it does not include really any performance  enhancements and it is rather similar to the iOS 6. Although it was supposed to involve some improvements, the battery of the iOS 7 is actually less durable compared to the iOS 6 and thereby this operating system has a few inconveniences, as well. Analyzing completely all these aspects and taking into account all the features and updates, we can say that iOS 7 represents a great improvement from Apple, because it offers a better user experience and people are able to store all their activities using a few taps on the device screen. The public opinion regarding this aspect is very positive and the iOS 7 is becoming more and more popular by the day, as the advantages of using this operating system are many and the satisfaction users obtained is higher than ever before.

iPhone 6 Most Requested Features

People may have different suggestions on what they wish to see Apple do with a new iOS or iPhone. There are several responses from users and after taking out some of them there is still a list of worthwhile features. Below is the top 10 list of the iPhone 6 requested features from the iDevice users.

1. Style

Top of the most iPhone 6 requested features is that this new iPhone should not be just a simple refresh of the old iPhone. It requires a new panache, a new style and to be anything but a new slab of black and alloy rimmed glass. A new drastic design is not likely. Flexible, transparent and Roll out screens, bendable batteries and new materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar are not simple technologies to include in a handset at the moment.

2. A variety of designs and collectibles

Users wish for individuality and Apple might be able to provide a variety of 50collectors editions’ with social or corporate branding and new covers. In no doubt, we all can slip over it an Iron Man cover, but what about Gucci or Versace with pearls and diamonds. Apple needs to start a customization program like the Motorola’s new X phone which allows clubs and corporates and to arrange small tradition runs. It needs to get back Objet d’art status.

3. Podcast App Redesign

Some people say that since the separation of the Podcast feature from the Music app, the entire experience has been rather dismal. Among the major issues some of the people say is that they feel that if Podcasts and Music were together it could have made the experience simpler. Also, this dedicated app takes a long time to load and to download.

4. Full Video Games

One of the most iPhone 6 requested features is that Apple should upgrade the next iDevices version to be strong enough to enable full video games such as Borderlands 2 or World of War craft. With Windows 8 tablets like Razer Edge and the Surface Pro making a push for the tablet-sized gaming, Apple ought to bite into this subject by making a number of deals with gaming companies so as to code variety of games for iDevices.

5. Screen size

4″ isn’t sufficient — 5″, 1080p is better. The bezel’s width— the surround of the screen depends on technology. Similar to Samsung, Apple is supposed to use active-matrix organic light emitting diode IAMOLED] that considers the thinnest bezel – e.g. a larger screen in a smaller body. Retina is good but is seen more like a marketing gimmick but not a standard like 1080p.

6. Offline Maps

The Drive apps that are in Nokia’s Lumia series are so great. Being able to download map information for offline use is incredibly helpful and ought to be a standard feature in all mobile phones, particularly the iPhone

7. Technology

Users don’t want to know whatever is under the bonnet. They just want to identify it works and, per se, it will need Bluetooth 4, NFC, USB and the usual collection of sensors. A file system to enable store external information would be good.

8. Auto-Airplane Mode

At times you even fail to realize you are in a bad cellular zone until your battery is about dry off. If the iPhone 6 can not receive a constant and stable connection subsequently it automatically should turn off features. If there is no cell tower in the place and roaming is turned off.

9. Lightning connector

There is just a single good thing to say regarding the proprietary connector — it does plugs in both ways. Its users’ are yearning for a normal micro USB connector which will transfer and charge data all at once. It would be simpler to make a lightning converter for people who own a legacy iPad or iPhone 5. The most requested features include a mini HDMI connector as well, for video out and maybe video in.

10. Less crippled apps

Customers have been critical at the level of crippled, free apps which are simply there to nag you to purchase the full version. Suggestion range from removing all the trial versions and allowing 1 month use of the full app before it’s disabled, initial app credit as part of the iPhone 6 purchase price to allow try before buying, a full apps credit subsequently uninstalled within 2 months, and a credit of 50% within 4 months. The aforementioned is a variety of analysts, and user, conjecture as to what features would make the new iPhone the phone it should be to knock off Samsung.

Razer Shows Off New Battlefield 4 Accessories

Razer showed its Battlefield 4 accessories to the public. Battlefield 4 will be out this coming October and a lot of people are excited in playing the game. We all know that the Battlefield series has been very widely received. Battlefield 3 itself was praised by many fans who love the franchise. Now, with Battlefield 4 just around the corner, the fans are highly excited and with this new accessories exclusively for the game, they will have a great experience. The accessories helps the player feel more comfortable each time they play the game. The aesthetic design and overall feel of these accessories will be boasting of quality. From the gaming mouse to the gaming headset, players will have a nice feel of “accuracy” with bonus of overall comfort.

Here’s some info:

“Razer showed off its upcoming range of branded Battlefield 4 accessories, which will launch alongside the game when it ships on October 29th. The lineup includes a branded version of its Taipan gaming mouse priced at $89.99, the BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard at $149.99, the Destructor 2 mouse mat at $39.99, as well as an iPhone 5 case for $19.99 and a messenger bag designed for 14-inch notebooks priced at $79.99. While not shown this week, Razer will also release a new BlackShark gaming headset, an analog headset that will cost $139.99.” -IGN

Nonetheless, if you’re into these than better save up or find a job. Battlefield 4 is indeed a very hyped up game. Shooter games have indeed evolved and improved, not only graphically but also in gameplay. Fans of the genre will certainly be looking forward to this. If you have a gaming PC rig and if your video card holds up, then try this game, especially if you love shooting games. For fans, buy these accessories and get ready for some pure and awesome gaming.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Announces Retirement

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is retiring his position within the next 12 months. It is clear that Microsoft did a “180” with its policies because of low pre order sales of Xbox one. I say this because it’s clear that was the reason because Microsoft didn’t care for their fans even on E3 they still were arrogant with all there “demonic” policies. Last month, we saw the departure of Don Mattrick’s departure from Microsoft and indeed he deserved to be fired. I believe that the purpose of him leaving was for Zynga was just a cover up. Clearly, he blew it all off. Anyways, let’s get back Steve Ballmer was with Microsoft for many years. Ballmer has been with Microsoft since 1980, and was the first business manager hired by Bill Gates in the company’s fledgling years. He was named CEO in 2000 and helped to usher in the Xbox era when the company entered the games console business in 2001. So it is rather fishy as to why he suddenly needs to retire. I believe it has something to do with the Xbox One’s “new policy”. Microsoft has no choice but to reverse their policy if they don’t want to lose the battle with Sony. Steve Ballmer also quoted some words.

“We have embarked on a new strategy with a new organization and we have an amazing Senior Leadership Team. My original thoughts on timing would have had my retirement happen in the middle of our company’s transformation to a devices and services company. We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction.” -Steve Ballmer

This may or may not be a cover up but who knows. Based on my opinion, it’s the logical way to do. He’s fired because of the old policies of the Xbox one that he and Don Mattrick tired to push through. All these retirement fiasco is just a cover up based on my opinion. Microsoft is laying out their workers even top executives because they know if they won’t do something with the “leadership” of  the Xbox, then they will surely fail. They already lost a lot of cash because of their arrogance and know they are trying to pick up the pieces. Sony is by far the best choice if you’re into console gaming. Sure, Sony loves money too, but aren’t we all. I rather buy from a company that would listen to me or to its fans than a company who doesn’t care about its fan base and simply want to milk out more money from the fans’ pockets. Microsoft did that, they want to milk more money and they didn’t even listen to their loyal fans. Even loyal fans today are switching over to the Playstation 4. Now, Microsoft wants to do things right. Hopefully, they do.



Sony is Developing 300GB Disc Storage Capacity

It seems that Sony isn’t satisfied with a 50gb disc storage. A normal Dual layered Blu Ray disc has a storage data of 50gb. Normally, triple A games have 15gb to 20gb as of today, so a 300gb disc storage clearly has a lot of “space” into it, but as we all know as technology advances each year, we will certainly need a higher disc storage. While it’s clear that Sony is developing this, it’s target is for professional use as of now. Sony also is working with Panasonic in developing this new technology. Having a large disc space is indeed helpful for those who are into video editing, data storage, photos and the like. Professionals with those mentioned will appreciate the extra space. Although there are one or two terabyte hard disks out there, a 300gb disc space will be helpful.

“So, how could this new technology appeal to gamers? Well, that’s not immediately clear. Sony could very well release the new discs under a Blu-ray moniker, or attempt to make the discs compatible with the PlayStation 4. Realistically, the discs would likely prove cost prohibitive and unnecessary for storing game data.” -IGN

Soon enough games will improve. With the Playstation 4 and Xbox one just around the corner, its lifespan will indeed experience new technology. So as technology progresses, so do games and once that happens we may need more data stored in the disc based games. Isn’t it exciting that as we go into the future, games would be able to be more realistically visualized. The power of the Playstation 4 is undeniable, so it’s safe to say that Sony will indeed make a 300gb disc based game that’s compatible with the Playstation 4. Overall, this is a great idea. Imagine all information and data restored on a 300gb disc. Even if information is stored with 100gb gives you superb quality, what more if it’s 300gb worth of data, now that’s pure quality.

GeForce GTX Titan

We all know that video cards upgrade its technology after a few years or even months. If you are an avid pc gamer, then you will surely understand my statement. There are a lot of powerful video cards throughout the years, but the Geforce GTX Titan is one of the most popular and powerful video cards of today. Plus, it has an insane price tag. So if you’re a PC elitist then you will surely want to grab one if you have the chance. Video cards are indeed very important not only in gaming but in video rendering as well. If your profession is about videos or even photos then a powerful video card is imperative. Games are always the main highlight and a very “powerful” video card would mean everything for a PC gamer. The Geforce GTX Titan is every gamer’s dream and if you’re blessed enough to have one then good for you. A lot of people are commenting about the success of high end video cards today.

“The technology that powers the world’s fastest
supercomputer is now redefining the PC
gaming experience.”

Gaming rigs are popular today. There are even events that are all about showcasing computer rigs and their video cards. These social events are important and at the same time fun. PC gamers meet in these events, and they are able to share their gaming experiences. The Geforce GTX Titan is very popular during these events as well. This video card is very powerful. If you have one of these than for sure, you will be noticed. It also has a slick design to it.

Here’s some information about it:


“The GTX TITAN’s innovative vapor chamber technology uses water to transfer heat away through the process of evaporation. An extended fin-stack allows maximum area to transfer heat out of the system and keep it running cool. Together, they give you extreme gaming performance without extreme temperatures. Its streamlined airflow design keeps GTX TITAN whisper-quiet for a more immersive gaming experience. The fan’s precise control software also minimizes disruptions by gradually increasing its speed. With acoustics like this, you’re always in stealth mode.”

Now you can play the most graphics-intensive games at max settings and the highest frame rates. Every title, every time. Count on GeForce GTX TITAN to deliver the ultimate gaming experience
through exclusive NVIDIA technologies like TXAA™ antialiasing, PhysX® and GPU Boost 2.0 for a new level of customization and advanced controls. The GTX TITAN is beautiful inside and out. It’s meticulously crafted from the highest materials to give you a truly unique device with unprecedented performance. Made from high quality cast aluminum and a liquid magnesium alloy, its design evokes the spirit of a supercomputer and the enormous
capability within: a blistering-fast Kepler GPU and astonishing graphics horsepower to deliver the ultimate PC gaming experience.

Overall, if you love PC gaming and if you have extra cash, then go for this video card. There are a lot of good video cards out there but this “beast” is really very interesting and powerful. Technology is indeed very fascinating and it gets better everyday. Having a good video card is really important if you are into gaming and video redering, like I said. Invest on a powerful video card and you’ll be able to experience technology at its best.


X-Reality Pro Technology

Enter a new world with Sony’s new X-Reality Pro Technology. Watch your HDTV with full color vibrancy. X-Reality pro adds an extra  dimension of image clarity to everything you watch. The weakest signals are naturally enhanced for more enjoyable viewing. You’ll instantly see the difference with faces and skin tone. The hairs and even follicles are very noticeable. Freckles and other facial details are ever so improved and enhanced that you’ll really notice the difference. Sony is well known for making high quality HDTV’s so this new technology is expected.

Cut out blur and fuzz with X-Reality PRO

“Warmer sunsets, brighter eyes, more thrilling action – X-Reality PRO takes anything from regular TV to web videos and brings it closer to Full HD picture quality. It’s an instant upgrade to whatever you watch. Wherever possible, X-Reality PRO takes low-resolution images and enhances them to create a high-resolution picture. You’ll see a big difference in 3D movies: the movement just flows, for smooth and comfortable viewing.”


There’s no blur, just crisp, lifelike images. See more distinct reds and yellows in a sunset shot. X-Reality PRO improves texture and detail by reducing noise and image interference – there’s no overlapping of colours. Haziness and random dots that can sometimes appear in low-light scenes will vanish instantly. So nothing takes you out of the moment. Improvements are always welcome as technology progresses. X-reality pro takes us to another level and makes our living room a true high quality visual experience. The colors are really vibrant and you will certainly notice it.

Gaming in X-Reality Pro is a visual treat and it lets you experience pure quality images, hence games become more fun to play. Experience full immersion of your game as you play. Your eyes will surely notice all the difference. X-Reality Pro is indeed one of the best “engines” that Sony created for HDTV’s.  Nothing beats Sony’s color quality in their HDTV’s. This is the result of many years or even many decades of hard work and research. This new technology enhances the overall experience and is indeed welcome for people who love television as well as those who love watching movies and who play games. Sony is really stepping up a notch every year and their improvements are very outstanding.

X-Reality Pro technology is the way to go. If you want to experience lifelike images and vibrant vivid colors, then this won’t disappoint you. Quality is always important and indeed Sony did it again. There are a lot of people who want to have an HDTV that presents color as realistic as possible. Good thing, X-reality pro is able to do that just for you. The importance of viewing quality has never been so high. Whether you are watching movies, or playing games or even watching sports, then X-Reality Pro will certainly will give you the best experience your eyes can handle.

Kinect 2

Microsoft’s new Xbox console is just around the corner and it also introduces its new Kinect, the Kinect 2. Everybody’s rage was manifested during Microsoft’s presentation last May 2013. Sure, the Kinect 2’s presentation was cool but a lot of gamers were disappointed because all Microsoft did was  “TV television, TV television, TV, Sports”. This really angered the hardcore gamers because it seems like Microsoft really does not care of its loyal customers and hardcore fans of the Xbox console. However, this does not goes to say that the Kinect 2 is a piece of trash. In fact, it is a high end technology after all.

The new Kinect is no longer using Structured Light to measure depth but instead uses Time of Flight. Therefore I’m assuming it’s most probably not based on technology from PrimeSense anymore, and therefore won’t be compatible with OpenNI. Note that there are other sensors using TOF (Time of Flight) currently on the market by SoftKinetic although it’s unsure if they are related at all to the new Kinect. The Kinect 2 responds better than its predecessor. Obviusly, the successor has improved features but we need to evaluate whether this new technology enhances or degenerates the overall experience. First off, the Kinect 2 is able to detect a person’s heartbeat. It shows an infrared image on the person’s whole body. The coordination between the player and the Kinect 2 is also outstanding.

The Kinect 2 is able to precisely detect the person’s movements. Another feature is the improved voice command. You can simply command your Xbox One to turn Off or On with a single voice command. Kinect 2 is very helpful in all aspects of the voice command. Kinect 2 can also detect a person’s heartbeat, now that’s really cool. It could also do skeleton tracking. Kinect 2 has indeed improved a lot than its predecessor but we will know soon enough. The Xbox one is going to be released soon, and it comes with the Kinect 2. So most people will be able to judge the Xbox One’s new feature.

There are a lot of people who hate the Xbox One today, but we hope that Microsoft will improve their relationship with loyal customers soon. The highly improved technology of the Kinect 2 will leave a lot of casual gamers and non gamers astonished but the hardcore gamers will surely shrug it to the side. Nonetheless, Kinect 2 is a wonderful piece of technology that Microsoft created. We will be expecting more of this in the future. The video gaming world has really evolved into something great that even non gamers become gamers themselves, all thanks to technology.

The “Red” Camera

red camera

Many Film makers today are going from traditional film cameras to the new Red camera. Since most film makers ditched analog filming and embraced digital, the Red camera has always been a popular choice. The analog-to-digital transition that is occurring in industries around the world is largely responsible for the huge change. The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company located in Irvine, California, was founded in 1999 by Jim Jannard, who had no experience in the movie business. However, he’s an entrepreneur and he owns the famous Oakley glasses. Ted Schilowitz, who was Red’s first employee and serves as a spokesman for the 400-person company, says Jannard originally became intrigued by the idea of a digital camera that would be a no-compromise alternative for feature-movie makers.

“That interest in cameras, says Schilowitz, was a logical extension of Jannard’s Oakley business, which also sold prescription glasses and protective goggles for athletes. “Jim is obsessed with the way the world sees things,” Schilowitz says.”

The path Red took was slightly different. Digital movie cameras were already on the market when the Red team began their work, but Jannard wanted his first model to leapfrog past all current digital cameras and exceed the strictest performance specs, even for film. That required several years of engineering, and they really put all their efforts in making the best possible digital camera ever made, mostly related to the semiconductor chip that is the heart of any digital camera and converts photons into electrons. The Red team came up with a chip that was the same physical size as a frame of 35-mm film, the Hollywood standard, and produced an image that was virtually indistinguishable, albeit digital. When Jannard and his team noticed that digital cameras are now trending in the industry, they really worked hard in building this “new trend” into the filming business.

The first Red camera was introduced in 2007, and it attracted movie makers like Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh. Since then, other directors have also used Red cameras for their film work. Movies that were shot with the camera are The Soical Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean and Spiderman. The Red camera boasts indeed of high quality, although it’s a bit pricey, the prices range from $45,000 and $60,000, perhaps a quarter as much as a new film camera, well, if anyone’s still making it. The body of the Red camera is not much bigger than a professional-sized still camera. A fully configured Red system, with lenses, dollies, and the rest, can be as imposing as a traditional film camera. Digital cameras can also capture more images per second than a standard film, enhancing the image quality. Peter Jackson, who is directing The Hobbit, has said the effect is “like the back of the cinema has had a hole cut out of it where the screen is, and you are actually looking into the real world.” This makes the Red camera a good choice for other film makers, due to its quality in imagery.

Red camera is truly a good camera for filming. This evolution will certainly expand more in the future. It’s really amazing that technology consistently evolves as time progresses. Many people will venture into science and technology, the Red camera is a perfect example of the evolution of the digital cameras.

“Schilowitz says, “It was never our goal to kill film. Instead, we wanted to evolve it.”


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is an action adventure third person shooter platform game. Although this game was released way back in 2009, its gameplay structure and movie like qualities still beat other games of today. Naughty Dog is indeed one of the best developers in the whole world. They are a company that really knows how to use their crafts. Their level of detail in the game is remarkable and the platforming set pieces are eye candy and fun to do. Another factor of what makes this game perfect, is that it doesn’t just take place on a single island and instead, it changes locales a handful of times over the course of the adventure. You’ll really feel that you’re exploring the whole world. Plus, the game’s voice acting is top notch. It’s definitely one of Naughty dog’s strengths. Nathan Drake has always been a likable character, as well as Victor Sullivan, Nathan’s fatherly figure and mentor in treasure hunting. The story is also great and direct to the point.

It’s not hard to tell that the graphics are amazing. Naughty Dog squeezed every ounce of power of the Playstation 3. If you compare this game with other games graphically, other games would look inferior to it graphically. My point is that, the game is polished especially in the graphics department. Naughty Dog intended to maximize the utilization of the Cell’s SPU (PS3 engine). They also use Havoc Engine Physics for the game. Uncharted 2: Among thieves, received universal critical acclaim, earning numerous “Game of the Year” awards in 2009. Hard work and dedication by the whole team sure paid off. The game is really beautiful and engaging, from the moving train to the breaking rocks, you’ll really have fun with this game. This game was the first to utilize the motion movement in gaming. An example of that is when Nate moves around and advances on a moving train. Sequences and set pieces like this raised the bar in quality for gaming. The Indiana Jones type of story and treasure hunt gameplay are fantastic. Plus, the animation of Nathan Drake towards his surroundings are spot on. If Nathan is injured, he’ll really “walk” injured, you’ll feel the “rhythm” of the animation transforming into realistic movements. Many people love this game, the game has a GameRankings score of 96.38% and a GameStats score of  9.6/10 and also received a Metacritic score of 96 out of 100, making it the most critically acclaimed game in the year 2009.

Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe said:

“No other video game has ever done a better job of capturing the style and rhythm of the movies. The action sequences in Uncharted 2 look as if they were shot by a team of cinematographers, then edited into a coherent and thrilling narrative. The game’s storyline is trite, but a first-rate cast of voice-over actors carry it off with flair.”

I definitely agree on all of that, especially the voice acting part. Nolan North as Nathan’s voice nailed it. We all know that Nolan North has a lot of  voice work in the video game industry but he really did a great job voicing Nathan Drake. He made the character alive with his voice and everybody loves it. The rest of the team did great as well in the voice acting department.

There are a lot of words to say and my words won’t be able to express how much the game is a masterpiece. Truly, one of the best games ever made. Uncharted 2 will not disappoint. Some fans even say, “the graphics, oh my gosh, for the graphics”. This will make you indeed would want to buy the game alone, good thing Uncharted 2 doesn’t come with graphics alone, but it also comes with fun gameplay. If you have a Playstation 3, for sure you already have played this game, if not, then maybe something’s wrong with you. All praises to the team of Naughty Dog for bringing us a wonderful and great experience. This game won countless awards and it’s no surprise that they did. If you haven’t played the game yet or if you don’t have a Playstation 3, go get one it’s cheap or borrow the game from a friend. It’s really worth it. It makes me wonder that Sony always has better exclusives compared to Microsoft. I don’t even think Microsoft has that much exclusives, I believe they have only two major hit exclusives, like Halo and Gears of War, but that’s for another story. PS3 has a lot of great exclusives and I’m glad that the Uncharted Series was made for the platform as I believe that only a powerful system could handle such an epic game, and that’s the Playstation 3. Check this game out and have a great experience. Uncharted 3 is also out, but I wanted to review this one first, as this made a huge impact throughout the years. Enjoy playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and discover new and refreshing experience in gaming.