Glam Your Creativity and Design Your Photo Book Your Way

Nothing jogs your creativity like photobooks. From designing to choosing the ultimate cover to suit your story, you can be sure to have fun. However, having an exquisite design for your story can be a daunting task if you do not know how to design a photo book.

MixBook’s custom templates give you the freedom to create unique and minimalist designs that give you control over your finished piece. Choose a design that will inspire your folks to keep turning pages without distracting them from the main story.

How to design a photo book

Have a purpose

What is your story? Having a story to tell gives you a purpose in mind and the purpose will guide you throughout the creation process. For instance, if your photo book is a portfolio, your main aim will be to showcase your best shots for an ultimate impact.

Think of having these technically excellent images placed each on a single page with accompanying text if possible, to enhance your story. Not only will your book look distinguished, but it will also be safe to handle.

However, if the book is a collection of your holiday photos, you would consider making it more playful. You want to show your audience the places you visited and the various cultures you came across. Unlike a portfolio, you will include various layouts.

Sort out your photos

To make it easy for you to layout your photos, only select the images you would like to use in your story. Having more than a thousand photos for a hundred-paged photo book will slow down your selection process.

Avoid using duplicates and photos that are off-focus or poorly composed. However, if you have a dud (unsatisfactory shot) with a special meaning, you can lower its opacity and have it on a background.

Though there is no perfect number of images to use to tell a story, a few of your best photos will make your book look outstanding and professional.

Photo arrangement

Sequencing your photos does not have to be ultimate. However, your arrangement will depend on your story. While you might wish to have a chronological order in a holiday tradition to show where and how you spent each holiday, you can group your best of the best collections by color, theme, or texture.

While sequencing your photos, you will realize that while some photos are perfect standing on their own, others might look better when you pair them up, especially if they boast the same theme or color.

Avoid overwhelming your photos.

Your photos will vividly tell your story and must therefore remain the focal point. Deviate from the temptation of distracting your audience by overwhelming the shots with several frames, fonts, and backgrounds. However, if you must use a distraction, make sure it enhances your story.

Font type

Using texts will jog your mind to the dates and names, and the captions will help your viewer relate to your story. Therefore, use a style that is appropriate to your story and audience.

Additionally, it would be best if you also used a font type that reflects your design. For instance, you can use handwriting on your baby’s initial yearbook.

Creating a photo book is fun and there is no ultimate way of creating one. However, if you want your story to look great and impeccable, connect it right from the cover to the inside pages.