Tips for Staying Organized at Home

Helen Lee Schifter can provide a few tips to help people stay organized at home. These tips are not referring to a filing cabinet or maintaining a structured method of keeping track of things such as children’s classes, homeschooling, personal life, chores, or anything like that. Rather, these tips are focused on keeping one’s house clean on a daily basis.

One is much less likely to get distracted when his or her house is clean and straight.

Stay on Task

The more neat and clean the house is, the more one will want to stay on task to keep it that way. The first step in keeping one’s home clean is to really buckle down and make sure that it is, in fact, clean. However, with multiple kids, this task is often a monumental undertaking. It may take me two hours to get it into some semblance of order, and it could take one another two hours to get it picked up and straightened up, but it is the effort will largely be worth it.

Do it yourself

Also, the best way to keep organized at home, is for one to do it himself or herself. First, one should knock out the very basics: empty the dishwasher and take the dirty dishes to the sink. Next, fold the clothes that are not folded and put them away in drawers; wipe down the counters; wipe off the toilets; wipe down the sinks and bathroom door handles; when the floor is wet, mop it; when the children go outside to play, make sure to pull the cushions off of the couch and put them in the living room. 

These tips should not be misconstrued into thinking that one has to have superpowers. Rather, taking small, simple steps and actually wanting to have a clean home and a happy home are sufficient.

Organize the Garage

An organized garage means it will be easier to put the cars away for the winter. There are other less obvious ways to keep an organized house and they do not require cleaning. Some of the least obvious ways are also the easiest. These are ways to keep things organized in the homes that involve no cleaning at all, other than picking up and putting things away.

For example, turn the light off and on. Try to keep the rooms in the home that are commonly used dark at night. It’s a great way to keep them organized and make the rooms a haven that people can escape to. It’s also helpful in making sure there are not too many items left out. Turn off all the lights and keep things neat. If there is a lot of clutter, the light can always be turned back on after the room is cleaned.

Keep Furniture in Sight

Moreover, another helpful tip is to turn the tables toward the door. Try to keep the furniture where people can see it at all times. It will make it easier to put things away. If there are lots of little things laying around that are out of place, try to make sure the stuff on top of it can be seen. If that’s not possible, try to clean it off at least once a week.

All these tips are simple ways to effectively and efficiently stay organized at home.