5 Tips For Raising Confident Children

Many parents focus on their children’s education and careers as their primary concern.  Although these are important factors in kids’ lives, so is their self-worth.  The more confidence that children have, the more likely they are to have healthy relationships throughout their lives and succeed in their ambitions.  Insecurities can hold them back in all areas and even lead to getting into trouble with the law.

Here are some of the best ways to set your children up for success by helping them feel confident.

Be a Great Example

Remember, kids are tiny sponges.  If you want your children to be a certain way, the best way to ensure it happens is to be that way yourself.  Show your children how to be confident in their own day-to-day actions.  If you struggle with confidence, then try faking it!

Setting a great example helps your kids model their own behaviors off your own.  Focus on the positive, recognize your talents, and tackle life’s challenges in stride.  They’re watching.

Focus on Their Strengths

An old-fashioned way of parenting is focusing on everything your child is doing wrong rather than right.  Although recognizing areas that you could grow in can be helpful, their downfalls aren’t the only thing you should focus on.

Recognize where they excel and encourage them to do more of what they are good at. Encourage them to keep trying even if they have room for improvement.

Encourage Failure

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle with insecurity is because they feel that failure isn’t acceptable.  The truth is that failure can often be one of your greatest tools in becoming the best version of yourself.  Encourage your kids to fail and explain that trial and error is the best way to get ahead in life.

People who are too afraid to fail take fewer risks in life.  Kids should know that failure doesn’t mean the end of everything but rather an opportunity to dust ourselves off and try again.

Words of Praise

People of all ages benefit from words of praise and encouragement.  Tell your child regularly that you love and appreciate them.  Praise is one of the best things that you can do to remind them that they’re worthy.

Encourage Goal Setting

Goals are one of the most helpful things that you can do to help your children achieve what they want in life.  Help your child develop a list of things they’d like to achieve and remind them to take note of how much progress they’re making.  

Checking in with your progress and measuring your success is a critical part of achieving your goals.  You’ll be doing them a world of good by preparing them for turning dreams into actions.