Top 5 Law Schools in the U.S.

Andrew Napolitano believes a student’s success should be developed through the best education. When it comes to law schools, aspiring lawyers look for the best education to start their foundation in their career. According to the US News, the top five law schools are, Yale University , Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Chicago. With these schools, law students can learn from the best professors, mentors, and peers to become the best lawyers that they can be.

Looking at schools such as Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago, is a realization that all of the schools have one thing in common. All of these colleges look for the best interest of the students. All of these colleges have programs that allow students to gain experience in the courtroom. Also, these schools allow students to join programs and organizations that can give students a jump start to their careers.

When he researched the top five law schools, there was a realization that law students need the best education to learn and explore their horizons as a law student. So many law students do have their share of adversities and encounters, however, at the end of the day, law students realize that it’s worth learning from the best schools, because that’s where the best lawyers show. This is where the potential of making a difference and solving injustice.

If there is one issue that the best law schools have, it is the stereotypes. There are stereotypes that the best law schools are difficult. Looking at the schools, Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago, it is true that these schools can challenge students to their highest potential, yet, it gives law students that push to become better. It gives students that push to see what the world needs. The world needs lawyers, who can step up and present what they’ve learned in the best schools. The stereotypes of Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago might be true, however, it’s what law students need to become better, and have higher standards.

The world needs more lawyers to continue to understand the law, or even change the law if it brings injustice to the world. Going to law schools allows law students to explore themselves in their careers, and to experience real life cases so they can be prepared in the courthouse and the courtroom. This is what he believes in when it comes to students attending law schools.

He points out the fact that law students deserve the best schools, so they can have the foundation of their successful careers. Being a successful lawyer comes with determination, knowledge, and leadership skills. These aspects of becoming a successful lawyer can be developed in the top ranking schools, and students can emerge their skills in the best law schools. With the best law schools, it comes with the best lawyers and the best politicians.