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  • The Toughest Law Schools in the U.S.

    The Toughest Law Schools in the U.S. Law school represents a big challenge for many new students. Each year, thousands of students apply to get into prestigious universities too. That means the competition will be stiff and students should understand that fact as well. Diego Ruiz Duran is a professional lawyer in Mexico who can

  • What Students Study Before Law School

    What Students Study Before Law School With opposing beliefs on what to major in before attending law school, Judge Napolitano, strongly feels students should major in either political science, or history. Other schools of thought suggest an unexpected major could make a law school application stand out from the rest. Some high school students already

  • 3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer

    Defense Attorney Diego Ruiz Duran Notes 3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer Hiring a good lawyer is an essential move when an individual is faced with a legal case for a USA crime that requires expert guidance. When one finds themself needing to avail of the services of a quality lawyer, it is

  • The Future of Law and Order

    Many factors determine the future of law and order. Some change from one time to another as society changes, while others are rooted in culture, age, and demographics. As each year goes by, we look at crime trends and examine what can better protect our communities. Diego Ruiz Duran, a successful defense attorney in Mexico,

  • Where Should You Go for a Career in Law?

    ” A good attorney knows the law. A great attorney knows the judge.” In some circles a joke like this one would have people rolling in their seats with laughter. There is no professional career that is as maligned as that of a lawyer. Even during Shakespeare’s time they were seen as deceitful and corrupt.

  • The Pros and Cons of Having a Career in Law  

    If one is considering law as a profession, one must be well aware of what being a lawyer entails. The profession is known to have great benefits but one must ponder both the benefits and the challenges of becoming an attorney at law, one can simply ask Diego Ruiz Duran. Duran, a defense attorney, can

  • John Branca Harvard Interview and Common Contract Terms

    Very few people on earth enjoy looking through long, complicated contracts, especially not most entertainers. Entertainers would rather be on stage or working on their next great idea. At the same time, it’s incredibly important to have a thorough understanding of a contract before you potentially sign your life away. An entertainment lawyer can help with this,

  • How to Proceed Once Arrested For a Crime

    Arrests can be immensely stressful especially if you have not been arrested in the past. There are various types of arrests from when a warrant is served to when a person is arrested for DUI on the side of the road. The important thing that you need to educate yourself on is your rights. The

  • Top 5 Law Schools in the U.S.

    Andrew Napolitano believes a student’s success should be developed through the best education. When it comes to law schools, aspiring lawyers look for the best education to start their foundation in their career. According to the US News, the top five law schools are, Yale University , Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, and the

  • Getting Proof That a Semi-Truck Was Responsible for an Accident

    Semi-trucks are involved in thousands of accidents with passenger vehicles each year. These accidents are responsible for causing severe injuries to other drivers, as well as many fatalities. According to statistics from 2012, there are an average of 11 deaths each day from accidents with big trucks. Hire an 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney To Help