5 Reasons to Consider A Career in Law Enforcement

If you’re looking for the perfect career for you, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.  From negotiating your salary, to the hours you work, to determining whether you actually like the job at hand or not, all of these things should play a role in making your choice.

For many people, one of the most important aspects of choosing the perfect job is making a difference in the world. If you’re someone who resonates with the idea of making a difference, then you may just want to consider a job in law enforcement. Here are some of the biggest perks of being a police officer that may just convince you to give it a try.

They Make a Positive Impact

Despite all of the false stereotypes that follow police officers, the truth is that overall, they make an enormously positive impact on society.  This is why associations like the National Police Association exist— to educate people on the good that police officers do.  They play a crucial role in maintaining the peace and ensuring public safety.  Above all, they make us feel safe. In the absence of law enforcement, anything could happen anywhere at any time. Having the peace of mind of knowing that a police officer is nearby with the tools to keep you safe is incredibly reassuring.

Great Salary

Law enforcement careers often come with promising salaries and handsome benefits. Not to mention, if at some point you decide to switch careers from being a police officer, law enforcement career comes with so many transferable skills, that you’ll have a wide variety of careers to choose from as you continue your path.

Engagement in the Community

Fewer careers have the opportunity to get involved with their communities like police officers do. They work closely with all sorts of members of the community thanks to outreach programs and events. This can be incredibly rewarding since they bridge the gap between law enforcement and their community, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration.

A Sense of Pride

Joining the force is something extremely satisfying and something to be proud of. After all, you are a hero every day when you wake up, and every day when you go home. Putting your life on the line is one of the most honorable things you can do, so if you’re looking for a job that you can be proud of, then a career in law enforcement may just be perfect for you.

A Diverse Atmosphere

If you’re one of those people that can’t imagine sitting in a cubicle every day, then you may just love a day in the life of a police officer. They work in a wide variety of environments and scenarios, which means they hardly have a chance to get bored. Not only can this help avoid feeling stale in your career, but it also offers plenty of opportunities for personal growth and learning.  After all, what could be more interesting than working in a dynamic environment where no day is the same as the last?

What to Look for in a Family Attorney: Essential Qualities and Characteristics

When facing a family legal issue, finding the right lawyer is critical. You want someone who can provide expert legal advice, guide you through the process, and represent your interests in court. One example of a family lawyer you might want to try is Dennis Durkin. However, it’s important to look for certain qualities in any family lawyer you consider. Here are some examples:

Experience – One of the most important qualities to look for in a family lawyer is experience. You want someone who has been practicing family law for many years and has handled cases similar to yours. Dennis Durkin, for example, has over 20 years of experience in family law and has represented clients in a wide range of cases, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division.

Trustworthiness – Trust is essential when working with a family lawyer. You want to work with someone who is honest, ethical, and who will have your best interests at heart. A trustworthy lawyer like Dennis Durkin will give you straightforward advice, never make false promises, and always act in your best interests.

Communication – Communication is key when working with any lawyer. You want someone who will keep you informed throughout the legal process and be available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Dennis Durkin is known for his excellent communication skills. He will keep you up-to-date on the status of your case and promptly respond to your calls and emails.

Empathy – Going through a family legal issue can be a stressful and emotional time. You want to work with a lawyer who will listen to your concerns and provide support when you need it. A lawyer like Dennis Durkin is known for his empathy and compassion. He will take the time to understand your situation, listen to your story, and work with you to find the best possible outcome for your case.

Legal Knowledge – Family law can be complex, so you want to work with a lawyer who has a deep understanding of the law and the legal process. Dennis Durkin stays up-to-date on the latest legal developments and strategies, and has a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes for his clients.

Attention to Detail – In family law cases, attention to detail is crucial. You want a lawyer who will pay close attention to the details of your case and ensure that everything is done correctly. Dennis Durkin is known for his attention to detail and his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure his clients’ success.

Professionalism – Professionalism is another important quality to look for in a family lawyer. You want someone who will represent you in court in a professional manner and who will act with the utmost professionalism in all aspects of your case. A lawyer like Dennis Durkin is highly professional and is respected by his peers and clients alike.

Responsiveness – When you have a question or concern about your case, you want to work with a lawyer who will be responsive and available to help. A lawyer like Dennis Durkin is known for his responsiveness and his willingness to go the extra mile to help his clients achieve their goals.

Finding the right family lawyer is crucial when facing a family legal issue. You want someone who has the experience, legal knowledge, and personal qualities necessary to help you navigate the legal system and achieve your goals. Dennis Durkin is an excellent example of a family lawyer who embodies all of these qualities. However, it’s important to look for these qualities in any family lawyer you consider, so that you can be sure you are working with the best possible advocate for your case.

The Toughest Law Schools in the U.S.

The Toughest Law Schools in the U.S.

Law school represents a big challenge for many new students. Each year, thousands of students apply to get into prestigious universities too. That means the competition will be stiff and students should understand that fact as well. Diego Ruiz Duran is a professional lawyer in Mexico who can offer some advice to people. He obtained his law degree from Oxford University, proving that he can commit to his schooling. The Toughest Law Schools in the U.S. have been widely debated among many people. Some publications actually make the project worthwhile for the new students. They can shed some light on what to expect with the top law schools of the day too.

Admissions Criteria:

The criteria will amaze many of the people who apply. They might not expect the standards to be so high for them. That could change perspectives on the part of the students applying today. The criteria will be helpful for those who want to apply. That will help them gauge the way that they should consider the schools. The schools could range greatly in terms of their admission criteria. Law schools at Harvard and Northwestern will of course have the highest standards. But even Florida State Law and Stanford Law will be quite rigorous in how they view their own applicants.

Scholarship Requirements:

Students often have to show that they are prepared academically. They should build a resume which shows that they have scholastic aptitude. The students ought to do well in their undergraduate studies to succeed. That is a top priority and will be made a criteria as well. The law schools are always competitive, with many good applicants not making the cut. The students will need to update their resume to reflect their recent accomplishments. The effort will pay off when the people make progress. That is why the students should seek guidance and make a deal worthwhile as well.

Read The Expert Opinions:

Diego Ruiz Duran is one person with a track record of success. His legal practice in Mexico has really taken off in the past few years. He attributes that to his ongoing success and his background too. His educational training has helped him succeed in the legal field. That is why he is a well respected name in the legal market. The people really get behind his vision and that has benefited his clients too. Other people have made a name for themselves using that tactic in time. Trust their opinions and see what is happening for the people. The project will work if people want it to move ahead.

Pay The Costs:

It can cost a lot to get into law school. That is just the start of a long line of fees too. The people want to go to a school that will count for them. They don’t want to miss out on the educational options ahead of them. But timely payments are important for the students. All payments help keep the law schools open.

What Students Study Before Law School

What Students Study Before Law School

With opposing beliefs on what to major in before attending law school, Judge Napolitano, strongly feels students should major in either political science, or history. Other schools of thought suggest an unexpected major could make a law school application stand out from the rest. Some high school students already know they want to study law, and could plan their entry to law school years before ever stepping foot on a college campus. However, regardless of knowing what is at the end of the road or not, everybody who attends law school must follow the same first year curriculum before deciding their concentration. First year law students must study civil procedure, contracts, criminal law, property, torts as well as a number of other predetermined courses. Judge Napolitano suggests prioritizing your school work, because law school will be time consuming. Make sure to study for the LSAT, a standardized test designed for law school entry. Get plenty of rest before the actual exam, and it is a great idea for practice questing, paired up with practice timed exams. Scoring high on the LSAT will be beneficial to any law school applicant. Keep focus on grade point average, that is another important optic in standing out. Other tips on how we improve our skills, and chances of being accepted in law school is to practice public speaking, and writing. Another way is to gain hands-on experience. Also, it might be a good idea to look into other career paths. That being said, does not mean becoming a lawyer is far fetched, just make sure to cover all options available. True, while in college, there are no must enroll in classes for law school, anything can basically be ‘pre-law’. All that must be done is successfully completing college and getting a bachelor’s degree. Requirements are basically having a high grade point average, scoring well on the LSAT, which study groups are available for that. Unlike pre-med, where students must take required prerequisites in order to get into medical school, law students are not held to these same standards. It is a good idea however, to find internships, or even clerk for a judge, or possibly research while in law school, even find a local judge in the community to do work for. Time management is key to achieving a jurisprudence doctor, or JD degree. Knowing that law school is the ultimate goal, and attainable, be prepared for a lot of reading. Hours of it. Start saving now, because not only is law school expensive, so are the law textbooks. It is prestigious, and anything worth having is worth working hard for. Goals are great to have, and attending law school is a great goal to have in mind too. Study hard and practice time management, while getting involved in the community, go ahead and save some change while at it because attending law school will cost a lot of money. Practice makes perfect, so remember to practice every chance available in order to score well on the LSAT.

3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer

Defense Attorney Diego Ruiz Duran Notes 3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a good lawyer is an essential move when an individual is faced with a legal case for a USA crime that requires expert guidance. When one finds themself needing to avail of the services of a quality lawyer, it is important to understand some key points. Respected defense attorney Diego Ruiz Duran has some tips that will help. These are three things to know before hiring a lawyer that will help in the decision-making process. Knowing these things can make a big difference when it comes to finding legal representation that can effectively address a case.

1. What Is the Lawyer’s Legal Experience

One of the most important things to know before hiring a lawyer is the extent of their legal experience. This includes asking the lawyer how long they have been practicing law. It should also include looking into their legal records. This will provide excellent insight into the lawyer’s overall success rate in the legal cases that they take on. Experience matters when it comes to the topic of lawyers and that is why this is such an important thing to know when looking to hire one.

2. What Type of Law Does the Lawyer Focus On

The next thing that is important to know before hiring a lawyer is the type of law that they focus on. Many attorney’s practices focus primarily on specific areas of the law. It is a good idea to find a lawyer that focuses on the legal area that the case in question falls under. It is also good to ask the attorney how much of their legal practice is focused on this specific area. It is good to inquire about how many similar cases the lawyer has taken on in the past.

3. Get a Detailed Breakdown of How the Attorney Fees Will Work

Diego Ruiz Duran believes that having a detailed understanding of how a lawyer’s legal fees will work is also an essential thing to know before hiring one. No one wants to suddenly find out that they are getting charged fees that were unexpected. Within this question, it is important to get answers regarding billing as well as what the fees and costs are for legal representation. Beyond this, it is beneficial to ask about how much of the case will be handled by legal assistants or paralegals, if any.

Knowing these three things before hiring a lawyer can really help one to make the right choice in this key decision. It is one of those decisions where making the right choice can have a dramatic impact when it comes to getting a desirable outcome to a legal case. For this reason, it is recommended for those looking for a lawyer that an individual comes up with a list of potential lawyers to hire. This list can then be narrowed down until a final decision is made that will be the best choice for representation in the case in question.

The Future of Law and Order

Many factors determine the future of law and order. Some change from one time to another as society changes, while others are rooted in culture, age, and demographics. As each year goes by, we look at crime trends and examine what can better protect our communities. Diego Ruiz Duran, a successful defense attorney in Mexico, hopes the future of law and order is peaceful and happy.

The biggest driver of crime is a tightening of gun laws across the country. After more than a dozen mass shooting incidents over the past several years, it is clear that it is easier to pick a victim now rather than later. As recently as ten or fifteen years ago, it was easier to pass a background check if a person had a gun. Now that the National Instant Background Check System or NICS has been replaced with the FBI’s NGI, criminals use cover names and false identification to obtain firearms.

Crime is on the rise in all cities and counties across the country. One key to stopping this is to focus on reducing overall crime. This reduction can be accomplished by preventing senseless crimes like street crimes and drug crimes. It can also mean more effective enforcement of existing laws and stiffer penalties for crimes that occur off of the street.

Community Policing involves engaging the community and working with the police force in several ways. For example, a neighborhood watch program will intercede when criminal activity occurs outside the home. Neighbors will report suspicious activities, and they will actively patrol their neighborhood in hopes of catching criminals. They will help to keep the streets safe, and they will report it to the police. This information gives the police an advantage when searching for perpetrators of violent crimes that often occur during daytime hours.

Another aspect of Community Policing deals with victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is becoming more common, and some of the victims are young girls and women. A task force that includes both police officers and volunteers from the community can be instrumental in bringing charges against those who prey on these innocent young women. The team can also help ensure that safety concerns are addressed to help make the streets safer for these women.

Although The Profit and Loss Rule suggests that profits and losses should separate the most successful businesses from those that are not, there is no reason why the LOS should not also be enforced when it comes to law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers protect the public and help to keep order. That is priceless and should not be allowed to go to waste. However, it is the decrease in other types of crime that is disturbing. Thefts, burglaries, and assaults are all up, leading to more distrust of law enforcement officers.

A robust and influential organization is needed to carry out its mission. In this case, the FBI is very apparent in keeping its promise to protect the American people. The organization has successfully stopped many high-profile bank heists and even helped apprehend perpetrators of the September 11th attacks.

If the FBI is going to continue to lead the way, it will have to bring in tools and tactics from other branches of the Government. In essence, The Future of Law and Order is not about protecting the criminal but about protecting the American people from criminals. Law enforcement officers already have enough to do and should not be burdened unnecessarily. Diego Ruiz Duran also hopes criminals are arrested humanely and justifiably.

Where Should You Go for a Career in Law?

” A good attorney knows the law. A great attorney knows the judge.” In some circles a joke like this one would have people rolling in their seats with laughter. There is no professional career that is as maligned as that of a lawyer. Even during Shakespeare’s time they were seen as deceitful and corrupt. A lawyer is often portrayed as a person with little or no integrity who always demands and gets his pound of flesh. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being a lawyer is an intellectually stimulating and rewarding job. Lawyers like Atticus Finch, Perry Mason, and Jack McCoy help us see another side of the law and the life of a lawyer. These three popular attorneys show how driven a lawyer can be. We see how focused they are on the truth and how hard they work for a righteous cause. They are the reason why so many young people continue to make the law their career of choice. In the heart of every lawyer beats a public servant who will go out of his way to correct the wrongs of society, defend the downtrodden while doing what he can to make this world a better place.

Alexander Djerassi is one such lawyer and his impressive resume proves that he is on his way to changing, if not the world, his community. Djerassi is an entrepreneur and expert in U. S. foreign policy in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. This magna cum laude graduate from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs holds a degree in law from Yale Law School. Djerassi has a passion for public service. As a dedicated public servant he has effectively used his training and his love for community to pull people together regardless of their differences. His enthusiasm, his vision, and his support have encouraged many college students and graduates to pursue a career in law.

There are many kinds of lawyers: tax, divorce, criminal, corporate but it is having a capable and decent lawyer like Alexander Djerassi that makes a difference. Whether he’s drafting public policies, helping with the merger of two giant corporations, or helping an innocent man go free, having a lawyer who cares goes a long way.

So what is it like being a lawyer in 2021? Even though The coronavirus pandemic has created an economic crisis in almost every industry, a McKinsey Report has found that law firms endured the hardship of the crisis better than most. A state-by-state study done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Projections Central reported that the four states providing the best opportunities for lawyers are Alabama, Wyoming, Arizona, and North Carolina. Population growth has helped these four out perform other states in the country creating an excellent job market for a career in law.

Lawyers might be fodder for jokes on late night television, but lawyers still have their finger on the pulse of the nation. You still need a good lawyer to do almost anything.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Career in Law  

If one is considering law as a profession, one must be well aware of what being a lawyer entails. The profession is known to have great benefits but one must ponder both the benefits and the challenges of becoming an attorney at law, one can simply ask Diego Ruiz Duran. Duran, a defense attorney, can shed much light on the everyday benefits and the everyday challenges of practicing law. Simply using and sharing one’s knowledge of the law must be rewarding all of it’s own especially when providing quality legal counsel. This profession not only involves giving great advice and counsel but an attorney, often actually called counselor, interprets laws and regulations for their clients be it for businesses or individuals. In addition, this profession requires preparing necessary papers and documents, collecting evidence, analyzing possible end results and presentations; not to mention, appearing in court before judges, utilizing logical reasoning all the while having to be persuasive as their abilities to be analytical are of the utmost importance. Now, one can see there is much required in this profession. Therefore, it is rightfully rewarded but as mentioned before, it has its challenges. Let’s look a little further at a few of the pros and cons of this rewarding career.


First, there is a variety of career options as one can be selective from a long list of possibilities such as being a criminal prosecutor, defense attorney, tax attorney, real estate attorney or even a corporate attorney among many more positions that one can be fulfilled and passionate about. In addition, one can actually choose if starting their own business or working for a law firm would be their chosen path for some of the positions mentioned.

Second, this particular profession can result in a very lucrative career. The knowledge and skills make for the ability to gross very generous earnings. In addition, one may find satisfaction and the use of their intellectual abilities to be just as rewarding and lucrative along with having flexible schedules to meet one’s personal needs such as working from home and having a quality work-life balance. From the actual money to the non monetary benefits, all make for a very lucrative career.

Third, many more than most consider the profession to be prestigious. The prestige stems from the impressive education that is needed to get the notable degrees, honors and certifications.


First, high-stressful cases and situations come with this career. It is easy to have constant high level demands and endless deadlines. The emotional toll can be devastating for some.

Second, long hours go hand in hand with the stress. Even with a flexible schedule, there will be times when sleep will be considered a luxury. It is easy to do 60 to 90 hours weekly when very important cases are on the table.
Third, that impressive education can be very expensive monetarily and time wise. Although typically worth it, it usually takes time to pay the debt of that education. Overall, Diego Ruiz Duran enjoys his profession, despite some of the hardships that come with it.

John Branca Harvard Interview and Common Contract Terms

Very few people on earth enjoy looking through long, complicated contracts, especially not most entertainers. Entertainers would rather be on stage or working on their next great idea. At the same time, it’s incredibly important to have a thorough understanding of a contract before you potentially sign your life away. An entertainment lawyer can help with this, but it is still helpful to know some common terms that may appear in your contract. 

1. Exclusivity

Also known as a talent holding deal, exclusivity in a contract means that you agree not to perform similar services for another agency while you are under contract. Many contracts for actors have geographical restrictions. For example, you may not be able to shoot a television show in Los Angeles while also acting in a movie in New York at the same time. 

This can also apply to musicians who may sign a contract to regularly perform at a venue or open for another musician on tour. Pay close attention to exclusivity terms in your contract, and tread carefully to avoid violating these terms. Violations can lead to a termination of your contract, and it may make it more difficult for you to get work in the future. 

2. Merchandising

If you are acting in a hit new TV show or lending your voice talents to a video game, you may see a merchandising clause in your contract. This means that your face may appear on T-shirts, or your voice might be used in action figures and the like. Merchandising can be a tricky addendum to a contract, so if you spot this anywhere in your contract, it’s important to consult a lawyer. 

3. Back-End Payment

Back-end payments are sometimes slipped into contracts inconspicuously, and it can leave entertainers disappointed and struggling financially. Back-end payments mean that you will be paid after your work is done instead of upfront. This benefits an agency, of course, but it won’t help you in most cases. 

4. Term of Agreement

This refers to how long you are bound to this contract and agree to these terms. Some terms of agreement are as little as a day, while others may be months or years. Take time to understand and think over the term of the agreement in your contract, and make sure that it works for you before proceeding. 

Contracts are sometimes made complex on purpose to trip up entertainers, which is why it’s almost always a good idea to have an entertainment attorney take a look before you sign it. 

How to Proceed Once Arrested For a Crime

Arrests can be immensely stressful especially if you have not been arrested in the past. There are various types of arrests from when a warrant is served to when a person is arrested for DUI on the side of the road. The important thing that you need to educate yourself on is your rights. The last thing you want to do is give an officer probable cause to search you or your person. 

Use Your Phone Call From Jail Wisely

Going to jail means that you are either going to be released or have to put up bail. Calling a bail bondsmen can be an option if you do not want to call a family member due to wanting to keep the arrest a secret. Calling a family member or friend that trusts you to pay them back is important. Posting bail can get you out of jail within a day unless you have no bail due to violating probation or parole. 

The last thing that you want is to be arrested without anyone knowing and having used your phone call. Getting in touch with the right person is imperative as they can contact your job and cancel other plans if necessary. 

Ask For Your Attorney 

There are going to be questions at the scene of the arrest with officers hoping to obtain valuable statements as evidence. Do not say anything but rather state that you do not feel comfortable talking further without legal representation. You want to enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense law firm. Criminal lawyers Raleigh or lawyers in Charlotte can be found through personal referral or online research. 

Your attorney might have a strategy but they need to obtain all of the evidence the state has gathered against you. Once they have the evidence, they could drop the charges if certain pieces of evidence are just circumstantial. You could receive a plea deal or decide to go to trial. Make sure your attorney has extensive trial experience as your freedom could be at stake. 

Start Taking Steps To Get Help If Necessary

There could be a chance that you are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse problems. These issues frequently lead to legal trouble which can be a wake-up call that an addiction has gotten out of control. Going to sobriety meetings or enlisting in a program for substance abuse could already be a part of your sentence. Being proactive about this could be a huge help in court when sentencing comes around. There are diversion programs for those arrested for drugs the first time that can actually have the charge wiped from your criminal record. 

An arrest does not mean that you are going to be convicted for the crime. The prosecutor might not even file charges with the state if there is not sufficient proof. Police officers can make mistakes when arresting you or misinterpret the law at times. Getting the right attorney cannot be underestimated as they understand the law and its application to real-life situations.