How to Proceed Once Arrested For a Crime

Arrests can be immensely stressful especially if you have not been arrested in the past. There are various types of arrests from when a warrant is served to when a person is arrested for DUI on the side of the road. The important thing that you need to educate yourself on is your rights. The last thing you want to do is give an officer probable cause to search you or your person. 

Use Your Phone Call From Jail Wisely

Going to jail means that you are either going to be released or have to put up bail. Calling a bail bondsmen can be an option if you do not want to call a family member due to wanting to keep the arrest a secret. Calling a family member or friend that trusts you to pay them back is important. Posting bail can get you out of jail within a day unless you have no bail due to violating probation or parole. 

The last thing that you want is to be arrested without anyone knowing and having used your phone call. Getting in touch with the right person is imperative as they can contact your job and cancel other plans if necessary. 

Ask For Your Attorney 

There are going to be questions at the scene of the arrest with officers hoping to obtain valuable statements as evidence. Do not say anything but rather state that you do not feel comfortable talking further without legal representation. You want to enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense law firm. Criminal lawyers Raleigh or lawyers in Charlotte can be found through personal referral or online research. 

Your attorney might have a strategy but they need to obtain all of the evidence the state has gathered against you. Once they have the evidence, they could drop the charges if certain pieces of evidence are just circumstantial. You could receive a plea deal or decide to go to trial. Make sure your attorney has extensive trial experience as your freedom could be at stake. 

Start Taking Steps To Get Help If Necessary

There could be a chance that you are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse problems. These issues frequently lead to legal trouble which can be a wake-up call that an addiction has gotten out of control. Going to sobriety meetings or enlisting in a program for substance abuse could already be a part of your sentence. Being proactive about this could be a huge help in court when sentencing comes around. There are diversion programs for those arrested for drugs the first time that can actually have the charge wiped from your criminal record. 

An arrest does not mean that you are going to be convicted for the crime. The prosecutor might not even file charges with the state if there is not sufficient proof. Police officers can make mistakes when arresting you or misinterpret the law at times. Getting the right attorney cannot be underestimated as they understand the law and its application to real-life situations.