Where Should You Go for a Career in Law?

” A good attorney knows the law. A great attorney knows the judge.” In some circles a joke like this one would have people rolling in their seats with laughter. There is no professional career that is as maligned as that of a lawyer. Even during Shakespeare’s time they were seen as deceitful and corrupt. A lawyer is often portrayed as a person with little or no integrity who always demands and gets his pound of flesh. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being a lawyer is an intellectually stimulating and rewarding job. Lawyers like Atticus Finch, Perry Mason, and Jack McCoy help us see another side of the law and the life of a lawyer. These three popular attorneys show how driven a lawyer can be. We see how focused they are on the truth and how hard they work for a righteous cause. They are the reason why so many young people continue to make the law their career of choice. In the heart of every lawyer beats a public servant who will go out of his way to correct the wrongs of society, defend the downtrodden while doing what he can to make this world a better place.

Alexander Djerassi is one such lawyer and his impressive resume proves that he is on his way to changing, if not the world, his community. Djerassi is an entrepreneur and expert in U. S. foreign policy in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. This magna cum laude graduate from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs holds a degree in law from Yale Law School. Djerassi has a passion for public service. As a dedicated public servant he has effectively used his training and his love for community to pull people together regardless of their differences. His enthusiasm, his vision, and his support have encouraged many college students and graduates to pursue a career in law.

There are many kinds of lawyers: tax, divorce, criminal, corporate but it is having a capable and decent lawyer like Alexander Djerassi that makes a difference. Whether he’s drafting public policies, helping with the merger of two giant corporations, or helping an innocent man go free, having a lawyer who cares goes a long way.

So what is it like being a lawyer in 2021? Even though The coronavirus pandemic has created an economic crisis in almost every industry, a McKinsey Report has found that law firms endured the hardship of the crisis better than most. A state-by-state study done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Projections Central reported that the four states providing the best opportunities for lawyers are Alabama, Wyoming, Arizona, and North Carolina. Population growth has helped these four out perform other states in the country creating an excellent job market for a career in law.

Lawyers might be fodder for jokes on late night television, but lawyers still have their finger on the pulse of the nation. You still need a good lawyer to do almost anything.