3 Tips For Holding An Event Amid Covid-19 Restrictions

The last year of Covid-19 restrictions has made life challenging for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons people have struggled is because it’s been unsafe for people to meet together in groups. 

Whether you’ve been missing meetings as groups within your community, going to conferences and conventions, or attending other gatherings, some of these things are slowly becoming more possible now. But to ensure that you and all others at your event will be safe during this time, there are still some precautions you may want to take.

To help you see how you can still hold an event even now, here are three tips for holding an event amid Covid-19 restrictions. 

Make Things Virtual

As has been the case over the past year, many events that were once held in person can now be held virtually just as easily. In fact, in some situations, virtual events are even more convenient.

According to Dana Wilkie, a contributor to SHRM.org, people tend to be much happier going to a virtual event as opposed to having an expected event being cancelled. And because virtual events can be much cheaper for someone to put on, you may want to consider spending more money on gifts for your participants or other extras that can make a virtual event a little more special than just listening to or speaking with others. 

Take Your Event Outdoors

If you’re still wanting to have people meet in person for your event, one option you might want to consider is holding your event outdoors.

The CDC says that having an event outdoors with proper ventilation can reduce the risk of that event for your attendees. To get this kind of ventilation while also not being completely outside, many people have opted for custom temporary structures that can be created for the exact specifications you need. These types of structures can have a roof to offer protection from the elements while also eliminating traditional walls so that ventilation is at a maximum. 

Keep Your Numbers Small

For those wanting to meet with people in a semblance of normalcy for your event, Claire Hoffman, a contributor to BizBash.com shares that the best thing you can do is to keep your numbers low when it comes to your attendees. Even if you were planning on having a lot of people attend your event, trimming down your guest list and offering a virtual option to those who won’t be attending in person will help to keep everyone a little safer and reduce the chance of possible transmissions. 

If you’re wanting to hold an event in the current pandemic, consider using the tips mentioned above to reduce risk and keep everyone safe.