What Happens When You Win a Lemon Law Case?

Buying a new or used car only to find out it has a substantial defect is frustrating enough, but the Lemon Law process can be equally as stressful and daunting. Having skilled legal aid like this Lemon Law attorney in California makes a world of difference, but the court process still takes time.

After you’ve mailed the appropriate documents, gathered the required evidence, and made your case in court with the help of an attorney, it’s time for the judge’s final decision. You wait a few days tops, and the good news arrives. You’ve won! So, what happens next?

Attorney Bills

Thankfully, this is one worry you can take right off your plate. Attorneys aren’t cheap, but the manufacturer or dealer has to pay their fees under Lemon Law. It’s part of your compensation and reimbursement.

Car Costs

Like attorney fees, you’re entitled to compensation on anything related to your lemon as well. That includes monthly payments, taxes, as well as license and registration. Repair costs, towing, and even rental charges can be sought as part of your reimbursement as well. Since none of this was your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay a dime.

Keep in mind that different states have varying rules on Lemon Law. You attorney will help you seek the maximum amount of compensation and reimbursement possible. No matter how many times you were in the shop or how much you already paid on the car, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to take care of the costs.

Your Car

So, what happens to your lemon and how will you get around now? Under Lemon Law, the manufacturer must either repay you in full for your purchase or replace the car with one of equal value. That usually means you’re getting the same model minus the substantial defect, correcting the issue and leaving you with the vehicle you wanted in the first place.

If they can’t give you the same model, sometimes due to a recall, then you’ll receive a vehicle of equal value and equal type. If you bought a sedan, for instance, you’ll get a sedan instead of an SUV or pickup. This is a rare scenario, however.

In a lot of cases, you’ll get the cash back that you paid for the car in the first place. That includes any money you’ve spent on a lease or payments, taxes, fees, and any other cost associated with the vehicle. Options and add-ons count, too.

You can then use that money to purchase any vehicle you would like. Some people even opt for a cheaper car and use part of their settlement on other things. A nice vacation might pair perfectly with your recent court win, after all.

The News

In most cases, you won’t be contacted by the news for a Lemon Law case. There have been times, however, when a manufacturer’s reaction to the case prompts the press to reach out. Tesla is one such manufacturer that found themselves in hot water for their counter-attack defense back in 2014. Hopefully, however, you didn’t have to go through that kind of nightmare and can now drive in peace.