4 Things Every Woman Should Do After 50

If you’ve just joined the 50s club, congratulations! Fifty is a lot like forty, but with the benefit of 10 years extra wisdom and maybe a little extra cash in the bank. With kids growing (or grown) up and mortgages nearly paid off, it’s finally time to focus on YOU.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 4 things every woman should do after 50. 

1. Change Your Beauty Routine

As we grow and mature, so does our skin. While this Empire Medical Training article reminds us that botox can be a quick way to revitalize your skin, if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, revamping your skincare stash is a must. 

The skincare and makeup products you loved in your 30s and 40s may no longer be suitable for your changing complexion. Dry and dull skin is a common sign of aging and can increase the appearance of wrinkles. Combat this with a mild cleanser that won’t strip the natural oils from your face and a complementary night cream containing hyaluronic acid to rehydrate your skin.

2. Join a Gym

Even if you’ve never worked out in your life, it’s not too late to start. Joining a gym is a fantastic way to both stay in shape and form new connections (particularly for ladies who have retired from the workforce). Studies have shown that exercising in your 50s can considerably lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, fight chronic illness and improve cognitive function.

If you’re new to the gym scene or have taken a significant break, be sure to start slowly and consult your physician. Doctors generally recommend beginning with light aerobic exercise, like walking, swimming or dancing. Yoga is also a low-impact option that boasts stacks of health benefits. Experiment with exercises to develop a routine you enjoy.

3. Consolidate Your Debts

Now you’ve taken care of your physical health, it’s time to focus on your financial well-being before retirement. One easy way to improve your financial health is to consolidate your debts. 

Speak to a financial advisor about whether you’d benefit from rolling your loans into one or whether you’re eligible for a better rate. Where possible, make extra payments on high-interest loans to get them under control while you’re still earning. If feasible, also start putting aside small amounts each pay into a contingency fund, for unexpected expenses down the line.

4. Try a Dating App 

With divorce rates rising for the over 50s, you may find yourself newly single in your fifth decade. If you’re back on the market, step away from old fashioned dating techniques and stale websites and try your hand at a dating app. While the older crowd does use Tinder, there are also some fantastic apps out there exclusively for over 50s, such as Silver Singles and OurTime. These apps tend to be less focused on quick hookups and more on finding a good fit long-term, with an emphasis on personality matching.

You’ve spent your whole life looking after others. Now is your time to take care of your needs. Take a step in the right direction by following the above 4 tips today!