What to Look Forward to Post Pandemic

People’s lives have changed since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019. The pandemic has introduced new ways of doing things, and people are forced to practice social distancing, sanitizing and washing of hands frequently. Many countries across the globe have also been interrupted by learners told to stay at home. Other institutions have introduced learners to online training through cloud platforms like zoom. There is an increase in internet use, and people are discovering new ways of using internet platforms. This has also led to the introduction of other online gaming platforms and social media entities that provide entertainment to people during lockdowns.

With the advent of all these and people losing employment, a better tomorrow is what people are yearning for. There is the introduction of different types of coronavirus vaccines that have been developed by countries globally. Many see the light at the end of the tunnel because things are poised to return to normalcy soon. A question that lingers in many people, including Andrew Napolitano is, what will the post COVID-19 era look like?

People are anticipating doing many things that they have missed during the lockdown periods. Many people will probably go for more pampering sessions. This will include going for therapeutic sessions like visiting salons, barbershops, having dreadlocks done and general body massage and relaxations. Others are looking at going for outdoor activities like visiting the beaches and having some good family time.

People have had their meals served in the house, and it’s been a repeated habit that seems to be boring. Many will opt for eating out with the pandemic mitigated to have that favorable dish you have missed. Those who love clubbing will opt to have a night out to get fun that they have been missing all this while. Sporting events have been suspended due to the pandemic, and many people are yearning to go and watch that sporting activity they love. Many people will opt to take a vacation and travel to witness the changes in the world. If you missed a vacation due to the pandemic, you will likely book your next flight once the lockdowns are removed and the pandemic subsides.

Post pandemic, we shall probably see many healthcare workers taking a break off work because they have been overburden. We are likely to see some healthcare centers reduce operations to a minimum to stabilize the systems under stress due to the pandemic.

Andrew Napolitano is a veteran law scholar.. He is one of the youngest lifetime tenure judges to sit in the Supreme Court in New Jersey. Napolitano has also invested in agriculture and has a farm where he produces maple syrup. After the pandemic is over, he probably will visit a shooting range and partake in the sport. Post pandemic era will see many people taking into different sports fields to do what they love most.