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  • Drakengard 3

    Square Enix just announced a surprising news, Drakengard 3 is coming to the west in 2014. The Drakengard series has attracted a lot of fans both in the East and West side of the world. It’s been awhile since Drakengard 2, hearing this great news on having a new game in the series is indeed

  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

    Assassin’s Creed has always been a popular franchise. Now, with its latest game just around the corner, Ubisoft is ready to let the fans of the franchise explore a new world. Indeed, this will be a “new” experience because the new game focuses on pirates and exploring the sea. This new game is called Assassin’s

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    We all know that the Grand Theft Auto Series has been one of those franchises who “revolutionized” gaming. From Grand theft Auto San Andreas to Grand Theft Auto 4, Rockstar  has never failed to impress the crowd with its game elements and presentation. The Grand Theft Auto series focuses on open world or sand box

  • ios7

    iOS 7 What is New?

    After years of continuous development and updates, Apple comes with its most advanced and functional mobile operating system in the entire world — the new iOS 7. Although the iOS 5 and iOS 6 represented some of the greatest developments from Apple; the new iOS 7 promises a higher number of features and options, which

  • molecular gastronomy

    Implications of the Modernist Cuisine Movement

    The modernist cuisine movement started in the turn of the 21st century. It was first coined as molecular gastronomy in 1992 by the late Oxford Physicist Nicholas Kurti. It is a sub-discipline of food science, which seeks to learn more about the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients through investigations, explanations and finding practical usage.

  • The Hottest Places on Earth

    When people start planning about their holiday escapades, all that runs through their minds is a series of the most exotic, refreshing and cool sceneries on earth. After the following review of the hottest places on earth you might be prompted to venture into finding out how the people of these places manage to put

  • Wait till You see These Buildings…

    In recent times, even architects have realized the importance of space-conscious and environment friendly designs and initiatives. When it comes to futuristic buildings, the structure alone does not tell the whole story. Such buildings are not only visually appealing, but also offer some key solutions to problems that lie ahead. In the last few years,

  • stem cells

    Stem Cell Research Pioneering Tissue Replacement and New Organs

    Stem cells are basically undifferentiated biological cells which are capable of differentiating into specialized cells and division through mitosis—to produce multiple new stem cells. They act as power packed repair systems for our body and are used for replenishing damaged adult tissues. Read on for valuable insights into how stem cell research is being used

  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Most Requested Features

    People may have different suggestions on what they wish to see Apple do with a new iOS or iPhone. There are several responses from users and after taking out some of them there is still a list of worthwhile features. Below is the top 10 list of the iPhone 6 requested features from the iDevice

  • Razer Shows Off New Battlefield 4 Accessories

    Razer showed its Battlefield 4 accessories to the public. Battlefield 4 will be out this coming October and a lot of people are excited in playing the game. We all know that the Battlefield series has been very widely received. Battlefield 3 itself was praised by many fans who love the franchise. Now, with Battlefield