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  • The Power Local Reviews Have on Your Revenue

    Online marketing is nothing new. As a business owner, you know what a beneficial asset social media and email campaigns are to your bottom line. Do you know that local reviews can hold just as much if not more power?  It’s true, and the numbers are there to prove it. Harnessing this marketing tool used

  • Every Single Architecture Student Should Know This

    If you are interested in studying architecture, it is always best to be prepared. You will be faced with quite a long path until you will be able to be a successful architect. Any higher education architect will tell you how difficult everything was. With this in mind, as an aspiring architecture student, here are

  • Why Sexual harassment Training is Essential in the Workplace

    The issue of sexual harassment has slowly made its way into the forefront of social conversations over the past few decades, with the #MeToo movement bringing the realities of this creepy occurrence to life in the forefront of the media. As states pass new legislation to protect workers and make training mandatory, companies across the

  • Quantified Commerce – The Indian Ecommerce Pioneers

    Quantified Commerce is an online marketing agency that combines creativity and data analysis to produce results. In the past, advertisers published eye catching adverts, then prayed for customers to see them. Quantified Commerce also creates attention grabbing adverts, but uses analytics to ensure that they are found. With a track record of over ten years,

  • Why Should You Buy High-Retention YouTube Video Views?

    In point of fact, the retention rate is known as one of the undervalued criteria of YouTube videos. Retention rate as defined by YouTube, it is the complete measure of how thriving your videos keep their audience. Actually, it is very significant as it tells YouTube how interesting and relevant your videos are.  Having that

  • How Brand Tracking can help any size business

    When we discuss brand tracking, we’re looking at how a brand is comparing to other brands in certain categories. At first glance, this may seem like something that can only help big brands that have national or international reach. However, brand tracking can help all sizes of businesses, in this article we will be taking

  • How EHR Systems Reduce Practice Costs

    Electronic health records (EHR or EMR) provide a host of benefits for health practices. The upfront costs of an EHR may deter some practices, but incorporating an electronic system will offer incredible savings in the long run. Here are just a few ways transferring to an EHR will reduce costs for your practice: 1. Increase

  • Buy Your CMM Machine Smartly: Used and From a Dealer

    For decades North American factories were imperiled due to competition from countries with cheaper labour and fewer regulations. Automated production lines provided North American factories a way to fight back, and the equipment that was perhaps most responsible for making this possible was the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Today, CMM machines are automating quality control