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  • Establishing an Online Presence to Boost Your Professional Career

    If you are planning on having a career in today’s digitally driven world, you are going to have to spend some time working on your online profile. Consider the last time that you were curious about a person or a business. You probably went straight to your favorite search engine before combing through the results.

  • 4 Career Fields Requiring Continuing Education

    Finding work you love in a field you enjoy can enhance the quality of your life overall. When you enjoy going to your job each day, everything looks and feels better. Some jobs and industries require ongoing courses to keep professionals current on laws and regulations and specific industry trends such as salary issues. Jobs

  • Benefits of Point of Sale Software

    Running a retail business may be challenging but rewarding at the same time. With a dedicated team of employees, marketing strategies and the right type of business software, a retailer can look forward to a successful venture. A POS or Point of Sale software helps to automate many of the transaction processing at the cash

  • 5 surprising items that are cheaper than printer ink

    There is no denying that one of the most frequent expenses a business faces is topping up their printers with ink. When you work out how much printer ink costs per litre, you may be shocked by just how expensive it really is. It is important to factor in these costs so that you can

  • 5 Lessons That iAdvance Now Career Taught Me – Eddie Hamid

    As the president of iAdvance Now, Eddie Hamid has seen a lot of things. Just like any business owner, there has been good and bad growing over the years. Right now, his company is in a good place, offering cash advances for small businesses to reach new levels and even sharing tips to become successful

  • 5 Tech Devices That Give You a Greener Home

    Many people associate an eco-friendly lifestyle with decreased technology usage. Others believe that living off the grid is the only way to truly live an environmentally-sound life. While there’s nothing wrong with limiting your use of technology or living off the grid, it’s not necessary to do either to protect and respect the environment. In

  • Are Salvage Title Trucks Worth It Buying at Auction?

    Buying a salvage title can seem like a gamble. You could end up with a great vehicle that runs well and pay pennies on the dollar for it, or you could end up with a vehicle that needs much more work than you anticipated.  Buying a salvage truck is much less of a gamble compared