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Why Be Sustainable

There are currently millions of reasons why individuals should be sustainable. With climate change being a serious issue, we must do everything we can to support the planet, not destroy it. Fashion icons such as Helen Schifter use sustainable fashion and products to help lessen her carbon footprint. Ice is seriously melting and if the world gets any hotter, we will all eventually be underwater. 

Investing in sustainable fashion, products, cleaning items, and other things that can be reused is critical. The earth is predicted to be one-point-five degrees Celsius warmer in the next twenty years. The next generation of people will have a much harder life and a much harder time fixing the problem if something isn’t immediately done.Sustainability isn’t as hard as it looks. By going green billions of carbon footprints can be erased and the next generations would have a much healthier future. Being kind to the planet is no joke. Companies are doing their best to produce clean products and use the least amount of fossil fuels as possible. That being said, everyone has to collaborate in order to make a substantial difference in the earth’s climate. Like Helen Schifter, starting by changing daily tasks and making them sustainable is step one to living a greener future.

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