The Impact Traditions Can Have

The history of the human species makes it very easy to see that traditions are very culturally appropriated and continue through generations. Traditions can vary between food preparations, prayers, clothing, and even dances. The many beautiful ways different cultures build traditions is why Shalom Lamm, a historian, enjoys reading about them.

We all have our own family traditions that impact us in one way or another. Changing locations for a Thanksgiving Dinner is untraditional to some and can lead to debacles between family members. By someone breaking a marriage tradition, family’s could be torn apart or even separated. There are so many impacts traditions have on our day to day lives.Most traditions affect us in positive ways. Celebrating holidays like Hanukkah or Christmas give families so much joy. Traditions give us opportunities to grow family relations and even create new ones. By transitioning and teaching younger member about different practices, they will continue developing traditions as they grows older. Shalom Lamm highly recommends that following traditions rooted deep in one’s own personal heritage. So much can be uncovered by doing research into traditional practices.