The Financial District in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is an amazing place to visit and explore. Many natives have grown up to become some of the most influential people in the world. For example, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Walt Disney, Harrison Ford, Ken Kurson, and John Cusack have all been raised on deep-dish pizza. One of the most affluent areas of Chicago in the Loop, also known as, the financial district.

Corporations stretch the 35-block area and many are now finding home in The Loop. The reasoning for that name is because back in the 19th century, the Chicago Union elevated Railway looped around this district. Thus, the name will stand strong today and the beautiful views of Lake Michigan never disappoint.  There are so many fun places to attend when in the financial district. At the Money Museum, there is a revolving spare filled with a million dollars. Touring the Burnham Library is also a great place to stay indoor if it rains. Most buildings allow for visitors so getting some great photo ops is never a problem. Documenting a financial district tour is a great way to remember facts learned throughout the day. Ken Kurson enjoys blogging about his travels and recommends it to anyone he knows!