Sustainability in Business

Shalom Lamm, the New York Real Estate Mogul and CEO of Operation Benjamin, the non-profit organization that locates Jewish Soldiers buried in American military ceremonies throughout the world and gets them identified with their correct Jewish Heritage believes in sustainability in business.

As Lamm has said many times, running a business of any kind, including a non-profit is like running a marathon. If you go flat all out. you will soon falter and give up the ghost long before hitting the finish line.

According to Harvard Business school, there are two main issues that sustainability addresses:

  • The effect the business organization has on the environment.
  • The effect the business organization has on the overall society.

Harvard suggests that a company at least concentrate on one of the two goals, although naturally, to place attention on both are ideal.

According to professor Knut Haanaes of IMD Business School Lausanne, Switzerland, nearly 62 percent of executives consider sustainability to be a necessary strategy to be competitive today, and another 22 percent consider it to be of vital importance in the future.

Professor Haanes says that expectations about corporate sustainability have never been higher.

Where in the past corporations could get away with pretty much operating however they wanted in foreign countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, China, and Indonesia for example, nowadays with such countries fully cognizant of how water pollution and factory waste are affecting the overall health of the country, the cat is sort of out of the bag so to speak.

No longer can factories and businesses act as if there were two separate worlds, the corporate headquarters, shiny and bright in the United States, or Western Companies like Germany, and their dirty, polluting, low-wage factories overseas.

However, as Professor Haanes has said, while most executives of companies consider sustainability to be important, a significant share, upwards of 75 percent, do not really have sustainability as an inclusive part of their business model. However, plenty of people are noticing.

First, the countries are noticing. Social activists throughout the world have pointed out, in particular, the low wages in factories and the often brutal 12 to 14 hour per day, 6 days a week work conditions.

Meanwhile, governments are increasingly putting on pressure for Western factories to eliminate waste and pollution in their lands.

Finally, consumers, even in the West, are strong believers in sustainability. Studies show that consumers are willing to pay as much as 5 percent more, for environmentally friendly products, and are 37 percent more likely to go out of their way to purchase products that are environmentally friendly. It may take another two decades or so before the full sustainability in business impact makes sustainability a norm, but the days of reckoning are coming.

Shalom Lamm is confident in the idea that business execs in the near future will often be hired for their ability to meld their business plans with the ability to have less effect on the environment and to bring up the wages of those in less developed countries.

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Crafts

Crafting is a great way to be creative, have fun, and make great gifts for loved one’s while being eco-friendly. When people craft they typically go buy pieces of plastic and other things that they won’t end up needing again. Adding to the massive amounts of plastics in our oceans and landscapes. The best way to craft is sustainable, according to wellness expert Helen Lee Schifter. Crafting sustainably is cheaper, better for the environment, and is the best way to create something that is completely unique. Stick around to find out some great eco-friendly crafts that anyone can make! It’s important when crafting eco-friendly to remember that nothing is off-limits! Feel free to get creative with leftover items that you might and thrown away. Re-painting Old picture frames is a great way to take something old that you might have thrown away, and totally re-vamp it! That being said, anything can be re-painted and it becomes a completely new item. Pick a fun color or two and paint your old frames for a pop of color in your home or a gift for a loved one.

Speaking of using leftovers, most people throw away their candles once they reach a certain point. Instead, save old candles. Once there are a few old candles sitting around then they can be melted down. Start by melting the remaining wax by lighting what is left of the wick and combine the remaining wax so that they can be made into a new candle. Feel free to use an old mason jar that can easily be painted or use a set of teacups for some cute new matching candles. Sometimes we get attached to clothing. There may be a shirt that a person loves and has worn to the point of it tearing apart. Instead of tossing the shirt, make it into a DIY bangle bracelet! For this craft, a simple wooden bangle is needed. A person can easily purchase this from an eco -friendly store. Take the bracelet and tear or cut strips off of the item of clothing and wrap it around the bangle bracelet. Put a small dollop of super glue at the last point where the clothing wraps around the bangle and enjoy! A perfect, sustainable fashion accessory.

If sewing sounds appealing, then a zero-waste DIY tote bag is a perfect craft idea! All that is needed is either a sewing machine or simply a thread and a needle. Then search for all of the old clothing in the house that will no longer be worn by anybody. Simply cut squares or rectangles from the old clothing and sew them together for a cute, one of a kind tote bag! This craft is great for the environment as the tote bags can then be used as grocery bags instead of using the plastic bags provided by the store. Helen Lee Schifter believes protecting our environment is incredibly important right now. With these simply eco-friendly crafts, everyone can have fun and be sustainable!            

How One Can Make Some Holiday Decor The Simple and Sustainable Way

Making holiday decorations does not have to be difficult(especially when one is hard up for money). There are many ideas one can use(during the holidays) and keep the sustainability going into the new year. There is no reason for people to not practice sustainability this year, according to Helen Schifter

1)The Tiny Tannenbaums

All one does is clip some greens into floral foam. Place the display(using egg cups) onto a silver tray. It will create a mini little forest in the house. One can also add some lights to the display. It adds sustainability and looks fabulous for the holidays.

2)A Pretty Platter

This is a fun one for those who enjoy crafting. All one does is take an unused silver tray and fill it with some silver ball and other ornaments. Why not add in some green ivy and evergreen(for those who really like to get into crafting). Set it on a table and it looks wonderful.

3)All The Trimmings

This one is going to involve some poinsettias. All one does is cut the poinsettias into miniatures. Place them into a glass and burn the ends. That will keep everything intact for a few days. The best part is that some of this can actually be used for recycling later.

4)Some No-Muss, No-Fuss Festivity, and Fun

Take some plain glass vases and fill them with some evergreen. How much one uses depends on the one doing the crafting. One can use the glass for recycling later if one decides not to keep the glass in the house after the holidays.

5)A Brass Ring Wreath

All one has to do is get some wreaths through Sugar and Charm. One can branch the wreaths out on the wood across one’s fireplace.

6)Black Pepper Tablecloth

This one for those who have a fuss tablecloth that just will not behave. All one does is use some black butcher paper to replace it. One can decorate the red napkin any way one feels inclined to. The best part is one can ditch the cloth once the holidays are over.

7)Candle Jars

One takes some candle jars that are lying around the house. Place some orange slices inside to add more infusion of the holiday spirit. One can also add some sea green coloring and red to bring more to the holiday spirit. One can set the jars on the wood fireplace or table.

8)Some Coffee Filter Garland

This is for the ones who really like coffee. All one does is take some coffee filters not being used and start having some fun. One can also use tissue paper if needed. One can find a way to make this garland at the Country Living site.One does not have to spend a lot of money to bring in the holiday spirit. All one needs is the spirit inside already and a knack for doing home crafts. Crafting is very fun and making it sustainable is extremely important to people like Helen Schifter

Are People Only Looking for Sustainable Housing?

As housing marketers and realtors become more aware of people’s wants, they have to adapt. In recent years,more and more buyers are searching for sustainable housing because of the climate change crisis. Solar panels are a large investment, according to Shalom Lamm, but they are very beneficial to the envoirnemtn. 

The technology many are searching for can be found by professional realtors. Most houses in the United States still have gas power or unsustainable ways of maintenance. It can be very costy to the individual, either way, they choose to buy. Yet, many younger generation couples are only taking out mortgages where they see green energy. With the climate crisis, renewable energy sources are making millions in profits because their energy is soon to become a primary source. Housing markets reflect the economy heavily, so only professionals like Shalom Lamm will fully understand what will happen as everyone turns carbon free.

Why Be Sustainable

There are currently millions of reasons why individuals should be sustainable. With climate change being a serious issue, we must do everything we can to support the planet, not destroy it. Fashion icons such as Helen Schifter use sustainable fashion and products to help lessen her carbon footprint. Ice is seriously melting and if the world gets any hotter, we will all eventually be underwater. 

Investing in sustainable fashion, products, cleaning items, and other things that can be reused is critical. The earth is predicted to be one-point-five degrees Celsius warmer in the next twenty years. The next generation of people will have a much harder life and a much harder time fixing the problem if something isn’t immediately done.Sustainability isn’t as hard as it looks. By going green billions of carbon footprints can be erased and the next generations would have a much healthier future. Being kind to the planet is no joke. Companies are doing their best to produce clean products and use the least amount of fossil fuels as possible. That being said, everyone has to collaborate in order to make a substantial difference in the earth’s climate. Like Helen Schifter, starting by changing daily tasks and making them sustainable is step one to living a greener future.

Infographic Provided by Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, Inc.