Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Crafts

Crafting is a great way to be creative, have fun, and make great gifts for loved one’s while being eco-friendly. When people craft they typically go buy pieces of plastic and other things that they won’t end up needing again. Adding to the massive amounts of plastics in our oceans and landscapes. The best way to craft is sustainable, according to wellness expert Helen Lee Schifter. Crafting sustainably is cheaper, better for the environment, and is the best way to create something that is completely unique. Stick around to find out some great eco-friendly crafts that anyone can make! It’s important when crafting eco-friendly to remember that nothing is off-limits! Feel free to get creative with leftover items that you might and thrown away. Re-painting Old picture frames is a great way to take something old that you might have thrown away, and totally re-vamp it! That being said, anything can be re-painted and it becomes a completely new item. Pick a fun color or two and paint your old frames for a pop of color in your home or a gift for a loved one.

Speaking of using leftovers, most people throw away their candles once they reach a certain point. Instead, save old candles. Once there are a few old candles sitting around then they can be melted down. Start by melting the remaining wax by lighting what is left of the wick and combine the remaining wax so that they can be made into a new candle. Feel free to use an old mason jar that can easily be painted or use a set of teacups for some cute new matching candles. Sometimes we get attached to clothing. There may be a shirt that a person loves and has worn to the point of it tearing apart. Instead of tossing the shirt, make it into a DIY bangle bracelet! For this craft, a simple wooden bangle is needed. A person can easily purchase this from an eco -friendly store. Take the bracelet and tear or cut strips off of the item of clothing and wrap it around the bangle bracelet. Put a small dollop of super glue at the last point where the clothing wraps around the bangle and enjoy! A perfect, sustainable fashion accessory.

If sewing sounds appealing, then a zero-waste DIY tote bag is a perfect craft idea! All that is needed is either a sewing machine or simply a thread and a needle. Then search for all of the old clothing in the house that will no longer be worn by anybody. Simply cut squares or rectangles from the old clothing and sew them together for a cute, one of a kind tote bag! This craft is great for the environment as the tote bags can then be used as grocery bags instead of using the plastic bags provided by the store. Helen Lee Schifter believes protecting our environment is incredibly important right now. With these simply eco-friendly crafts, everyone can have fun and be sustainable!