Are People Only Looking for Sustainable Housing?

As housing marketers and realtors become more aware of people’s wants, they have to adapt. In recent years,more and more buyers are searching for sustainable housing because of the climate change crisis. Solar panels are a large investment, according to Shalom Lamm, but they are very beneficial to the envoirnemtn. 

The technology many are searching for can be found by professional realtors. Most houses in the United States still have gas power or unsustainable ways of maintenance. It can be very costy to the individual, either way, they choose to buy. Yet, many younger generation couples are only taking out mortgages where they see green energy. With the climate crisis, renewable energy sources are making millions in profits because their energy is soon to become a primary source. Housing markets reflect the economy heavily, so only professionals like Shalom Lamm will fully understand what will happen as everyone turns carbon free.