Do Solar Panels Make Real Estate Selling More Difficult

Indeed, with the world becoming keen on reducing carbon emissions the housing market might have to restructure its selling process. Shalom Lamm, a realtor, believes that solar energy is then the next big thing for housing. Millions of people have homes powered by solar panels and won’t settle for anything less. 

When buyers look for modern homes, they are looking for something that isn’t damaging to the earth. A lot of homes in Iceland use geothermal energy to support the homes. It’s very plausible that soon, the United States will also be fully powered by renewable energy since major companies like Google and Amazon are planning to be zero net carbon in the next twenty years.Homes use so much gas and electricity that the housing market is starting to look for a way to represent energy efficiency in sales. By telling prospective buyers certain reusable qualities the home possesses, they might be more persuaded to purchase. Shalom Lamm says there is so much room for the housing market to grow however, there is also room for failure if realtors don’t market properly.