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  • Smartphone Security: Are You Following the Most Important Security Rules?

    Only a few years ago, cell phone security was one of the last things on people’s minds. However, today, keeping your cellphone’s data safe is just as important as securing the data on your desktop or laptop computer. In fact, given that most people carry out tasks such as their banking directly from their cell

  • 3 Things You May Not Know About Crypto Drilling

    It’s barely been a decade since the launch of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, but the virtual currency arena is promising a significant transfiguration in the financial markets if it continues enjoying the wide adaptation it has been experiencing across the globe as well as iron out some of the issues both investors and users are

  • The top 3 uses for an LED grow light

    Technology has advanced and today we have LED grow light which has gained a lot of popularity. Many people are using LED grow light to grow different plants indoor. Growers are bale to optimize the kind of light that the plant receives as they are able to produce a certain wavelength required for the optimum

  • The New Car Wash and Gas Pump All-in-One

    When a vehicle needs fuel, most Americans turn to convenience stores to fill up. While some large stores like Walmart and Costco have gotten into the fuel business, 85% of Americans still use roadside convenience store to stop and fill up. For those stores that also offer car wash services, car wash and gas pump

  • Are Newer Cars Safer?

    With new vehicles rolling out on an annual basis, manufacturers are continually making changes for the better. One might ask, however, do these changes really make a difference? Well, for starters, up until the mid-1960’s, seatbelts and padded dashboards were considered innovative. Compared to today’s safety systems that are all the rage, have the changes

  • Five Reasons Why Data Backup is Here to Stay

    Data backup has evolved tremendously with the development of new technology every year. Solutions like Ottomatik have made data backup slightly for all business owners, big and small, leaving them with no choice other than backup data. While some technological solutions come and go, data backup is here to stay, and here is why: Advanced

  • What You Need to Know About Web Hosting

    Web hosting makes it possible for the Internet to exist in the form we know today. Thanks to its capabilities, numerous servers located around the globe are hosting and transmitting data to other devices, IP addresses and in-betweens to create what you see on the screen when you open a webpage. Web hosting is a

  • New Advancements Allow Owners to “Feel” Prosthetic Limbs

    Many without prosthetic limbs fail to realize how difficult it can be to efficiently use a manufactured appendage. Where most of us simply take an action without much thought, utilizing a prosthetic limb requires watching and carefully moving it based on visual stimuli alone. Currently, about 20% of patients reject their prosthetic limbs. Experts suspect

  • How You Can Avoid Getting Counterfeit Electronic Components Online

    Whenever shopping for anything online, you are at risk for getting inauthentic merchandise. That is unless you shop directly from authorized retailers and resellers. With that being said, even on a marketplace like Amazon, you run the risk of getting inauthentic electronics or components if you don’t do your due diligence. Below, we will be

  • Gantry Systems: The Workhorse of Modern Industry

    Like almost every aspect of life, the way we work and build things for our own convenience and necessity has evolved throughout the years. Thanks to science and technology, the simple tools and beasts of burden that we relied upon in the past have now been replaced with advanced, reliable, and more precise gadgetry and