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  • Union Black

    As my departure date for London approached, well-meaning friends and family bombarded me with advice. Living as a minority in any country is never easy, but I would be living as a minority times two. Not only would I be an American in England, but a black-American. The next six months would take living out

  • refugee-ciarorefugee-ciaro

    Seeking Asylum

    Refugees in Cairo, Egypt Tesfai lives in a cramped apartment with his wife and four of his children. His other children are scattered: two are imprisoned in his home country of Eritrea, two are somewhere in Sudan (the last he heard) and another is in Israel. Tesfai’s hair has turned white with worry and his

  • Devdasi girl

    A Tradition Misunderstood

    Taking a beautiful country road from Dharwad, Karnataka, I reach the small temple village of Saundatti in South India. It is in this village that the devdasi tradition, one of the most criticized forms of prostitution in India, is still practiced. Best defined as “temple prostitutes,” devdasis are women who dedicate their lives to the temple deity. They are

  • venice

    Top 10 places to Visit

    Some of The Top 10 places to Visit Anyone who enjoys traveling will always strive to visit exotic places and take beautiful pictures of such sites. Everyone though, defines beauty and exotic differently. But the truth is, there are numerous places that stand out, even though it takes time, research, money and lots of energy

  • Surma Lip Plates

    [intro]Living in the mountains, southwest Ethiopia, approximately 0.8km on 45 square km, is a tribe of approximately 2500 nomads who are called the Surma. They are related to the Maasai and the Nubians of Kenya and Tanzania. The Mursi are most likely found in the Omo-Valley neighboring the Surma. These tribes are mostly pastoralists. They

  • Want To Watch the World Cup 2014?

    The FIFA World Cup 2014 is expected to be one of the best football tournaments of all time and will kick off on June 12 and end on July 13, 2014. Everyone seems to be excited and quite nervous as Brazil hosts one of the best sporting events on the planet. Every team knows that

  • Biohacking: It’s A Science/Art That let’s You Hack Your Way To Awesomeness

    Humanity has already made substantial advancement in testing, understanding and managing their own biology. Today, the minds behind medical science and technology believe that the very first immortal human being has been born already. That’s right, immortal human being–with indefinite lifespan. Last year 2013, it was possible to get your personal genetic makeup sequence analyzed

  • Google logo

    Has Google Peaked?

    Technologically and Financially, Google is Rolling Along. 2013 was a banner year among banner years for Google. In terms of stock price, it had a roughly 50 percent increase. For long-term investors, this is a good sign of even better things to come. However, for day-traders, it might also be a time to cash in.

  • Killzone Shadowfall

    One of  the Playstation 4’s launch games is Killzone Shadowfall. This game is a first person shooter, this is one of Sony’s famous franchises. However, unlike its predecessors this is a new type of Killzone. Visually, the game is stunning. The game is more of a technical tester to the power of the Playstation 4.

  • Playstation 4 has Finally Arrived

    Playstation 4 has finally hit stores. Launched in November 15, 2013, Playstation 4 was able to hit stores in the United States, and after a few weeks worldwide. It had one million units sold in just 24 hours. This just shows that Sony was indeed number one in the gaming community. Playstation fans rejoice, as