Issues In a Relationship That Should Act As Warning Signs

Relationships have truly been put to the test during the pandemic with mass lockdowns. There are people that have seen their significant other more this year than ever before. Remote work can make it feel impossible to escape the home and find that true work-life balance. Issues in relationships were truly emphasized due to spending so much time together. The fact that alcohol consumption skyrocketed is no surprise as people tend to drink when bored. The following are issues in a relationship that should act as warning signs it is time to end it for good. 

Infidelity Whether It Is Emotion or Physical 

Physical infidelity has become different as some people cannot leave their homes due to autoimmune compromised issues. People that live with those that are older might not want to risk bringing back the virus into their home. Emotional cheating can occur with the number of dating apps that can easily be joined and started for free. 

Physical cheating has also changed with dating apps as not all people meet out at a bar. There are a number of ways to track the location of a partner via a car’s GPS or location on an app like Snapchat. Partners should always be able to explain where they have been unless keeping a secret for a family member/friend. 

Substance Abusive With Your Significant Other 

A telltale sign that a relationship is unhealthy is when there is substance abuse occurring. People that drink daily together enable each other while another person might see this as abnormal. Substance abuse issues really came up over the last year or so. People had nothing else to do as they would normally blow off steam by going in public. There are those that couldn’t leave their homes due to being exposed to the virus or testing positive themselves. You might have to enlist the help of a Raleigh criminal attorney if arrested for possession of DUI.

Arrests Stemming From Your Relationship

Arrests stemming from a relationship of any kind is a relationship you need to evaluate. Domestic violence charges can be given to both parties depending on state law if there is mutual combat. An arrest could be due to substance abuse which is discussed above. There is no reason not to hire a criminal defense attorney regardless of the charges. The last thing that anyone wants is time incarcerated especially during this time. Jail time is much different now with quarantines and health checks happening frequently.  

Constant Fighting or Bickering Over Small Issues

Constant fighting is not normal and can be something that creates resentment over time. There are couples that fight a lot but it is more important to communicate issues with each other. Bottling up emotions is immensely unhealthy and usually will come out in a larger fight down the road. Bickering over small issues is something you need to start getting over. There should be mutual respect where you can communicate clearly with one another honestly.

Above are warning signs that your relationship is unhealthy and might be better off ending. Take time to evaluate your relationship to see if any of these issues could occur in the future.