Commendable Acts Earn Good Karma

It doesn’t cost anything to be a good person. Showing kindness in any way that we can is a commendable act. Yes, it’s obvious that hardships come in all shapes and sizes but it’s important to stay above the negativity in any way possible. Shalom Lamm enjoys being a kind person and does this by giving back to his community. It’s hard to find people who have the truest intentions nowadays. 

In order to have good things happen to you, one must put positivity out into the universe. If someone purposely hurts the feelings of a friend, something worse might happen in return. Almost like a boomerang. Although the result of a bad deed might not occur for even years, it’s still out in the universe. Being a benefactor for nonprofits is a great way to help boost one’s morality. Or, by doing acts of kindness that require extra care or attention. Having the right motives and intentions is the only critical part of being a better person.Reflecting on past mistakes can make individuals melancholy, but it’s important in the development process. By gaining a sense of responsibility for past actions and an understanding point of view on how those actions affected others, can help develop a kinder heart. Doing actions that better oneself will ultimately lead to the betterment of others. With situations like these, a domino effect is very popular and leads to a brighter future for many. Although it’s not always easy, Shalom Lamm recommends that anyone willing to even try participating in kinder acts is on the right track.