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Chicago V. New York City

Chicago has an infinite number of fun activities to do and so many natives that grew up and changed the world. Some include Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, Michelle Obama, Ken Kurson, and Hillary Clinton. So many political figures and talented musicians grew up on the beauties the windy city had to offer. Having the midwestern charm is something New Yorkers could never do. Rather than giving a cold shoulder, natives of Chicago are just more willing to strike up a conversation and smile. 

New York City is the most popular city in the world. That being said, their food there is undeniably rich with flavor and history. It’s also crazy expensive. Compared to Chicago, New York City is luxurious. Something many misinterpret is how hard it is to be a homeowner in New York. Renting usually ends up costing more money than home-owning, to begin with, and for a fraction of the space.  New York City tends to be slightly more filthy then Chicago. There is always trash piled up on the sidewalks and there is definitely a certain smell the streets poses. However, both cities have lots of pride. Usually, whoever lives in either city loves it, and calls it their home. Ken Kurson has had the opportunity to see what living in both cities was like first hand and he will always choose Chicago over New York. Home is home for people. There are so many memories associated with our upbringing which is why it’s hard to decide which city is better in a non-biased fashion.

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