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The Media Plays a Critical Role

Sean Tissue

Media analysts like Ken Kurson have always been passionate about the value that the media plays in our vibrant democracy. The checks and balances that it ensures as a system is pivotal in order to ensure our lawmakers and elected officials are held in check.

Indeed the importance that the media plays cannot possibly be overstated. When one looks at the Coronavirus health pandemic for instance, it’s been critically important for the media to be providing consistent and regular updates to the public about the ways in which the pandemic has evolved and developed over time.

Some of this information has indeed proven to be life-saving. Information that public health officials are providing concerning social distancing and other important safety protocol has to be communicated en masse in a responsible fashion. It is indeed the case that some members of the media have comported themselves in a responsible fashion in ensuring this important duty is carried out. It’s therefore no wonder that Ken Kurson and many of his peers have always been adamant about the value and important role the media plays.

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