Why Children Should Have Diaries

Self-expression is something that all people have to go through. By developing a sense of establishment for oneself and other children can grow into more distinguished people. Writing is a great way to express oneself . Children should utilize their writing skills to create diaries or stories that help them conquer certain emotions. Ken Kurson, a dad and journalist, encourages his children to express themselves through literature.

Diaries are very personal and shouldn’t be read by parents. However, if a child is in therapy, sometimes the diaries help gage a better perception of where the child’s head is at. Children are ultra-sensitive and produce content straight from the heart. By doing this they can reveal struggles they’ve been through and how they overcome it. Everyone seems to forget that adults were children once too. Some of the most famous writers have developed extremely throughout stories about childhood traumas and other events that they consider life-changing. By starting at a young age, children can develop techniques and parts of literature that some adults don’t even access. Ken Kurson loves introducing his kids to the Magnificent world of writing and reading, and you should too!