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Educators Teaching Finance in Elementary School

Although many educators believe that teaching students the importance of finance is too much for them to handle, some disagree. When children are developing, their brains are basically equivalent to sponges. Learning different languages is easy for them. So why not teach them to finance too? Ken Kurson is a financial professional who has written thousands of articles about his knowledge in media and on the economy. He has taught many young professionals how to be financially stable. Why not kids too?

Of course, children aren’t going to pick up financial literacy overnight, but having a seminar once a week or even once a month can help them be more financially independent as they grow older. This allows them to gain a higher knowledge of concepts that usually aren’t taught until college.  If children develop these skills in elementary schools maybe the economy would be better equipped. When the financially literate students are placed into the real world, they will make better financial decisions. Thus, leading to a healthier economy and even government. It may seem like a dream come true but it can be a reality. Ken Kurson doubts that this will ever happen because children have enough to worry about as it is. There may be lots of controversy on the subject, but it’s worth the debate.

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