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  • Holographic universe

    Are We Living Inside a Holographic Universe?

    The universe and its entirety is astronomically endless and infinite. This reality, we often experience is it real in essence? Some people think we exist in different dimensions. Or probably the thing we call reality isn’t reality at all, only a dream.  Other people also think that we exist in an illusion or even a

  • Wooly Mammoth

    Are Scientists About to Bring the Wooly Mammoth Back to Life?

    The Mammoth Walks Again [intro]We all know of mammoths. We have all seen pictures (or shall we call them paintings) of Wooly Mammoths being hunted by our distant caveman ancestors. And we have all thought – this looks exactly like an elephant, but for the fur! The last mammoth died thousands of years ago. Now

  • Did This Super Predator Of The Deep Eat This 9FT Great White Shark?!

    Researchers in Australia tagged a great white shark for 9 months then something mysterious happened. It was eaten alive by some unknown species and dragged to the deepest depths of the ocean. Was it a mythical deep sea monster, maybe the mythical Kraken, or a giant killer squid? What about Megalodon, the prehistoric giant shark?