Are We Living Inside a Holographic Universe?

The universe and its entirety is astronomically endless and infinite. This reality, we often experience is it real in essence? Some people think we exist in different dimensions. Or probably the thing we call reality isn’t reality at all, only a dream.  Other people also think that we exist in an illusion or even a dream, according to scientists in the 20th century, some well learned men believed as such. Today, some scientists hypothesize that we are inside a box of energy. Everything is non-existent in a Holographic Universe, these are just but dreams not mere reality. The universe is a consciousness more like a hologram. The reality that we know now is a mere illusion within that hologram. A hologram is composed of and also linked through a grid or a web and is based on patterns. It has its beginnings and it also has an end. If the grid of the hologram is destroyed then it will mark the end. Some common examples of this in modern society is the movie The Matrix.

There’s what you call the “Holographic principle”, the idea is that the universe that has gravity could create certain dimension patterns. Quantum field theory has been used for many years as a mathematical tool in certain curved spaces. This new principle suggests that the holographic principle is possible in flat spaces. Many scholars want to challenge the theory, saying that mathematical descriptions of the universe are quite complex. There are results obtained by scientists at TU Wien in Vienna, suggesting that the holographic principle can be possible only in a flat space-time.

Our world is not run by artificial intelligence or by a supercomputer like in sci-fi movies. But these scientific fiction films bear a striking resemblance to digital simulations, according to Jim Elvidge. He has a lot of experience in this field and has worked on cutting-edge technology for decades. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, he has multiple patents in digital signal processing. He also published papers about “remote sensing” and other related topics. His theory suggests that we may “live” or we may be “living” in a computer program. And that most things we touch are empty spaces, thus our senses deceive us.

A number of scientists believe and regard nature as a computer like binary code. The Laws of nature is a perfect example for that. We must be very observant with our surroundings. Nature is indeed mysterious and powerful. Just like the laws governing the universe, nothing can stop its function. A group of physicists provided some of the clearest evidence that it could be just a projection. However, theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena proposes that the model of the Universe in which gravity arises is thin and can be interpreted by using vibrating strings, done correctly by well established physics. These mathematically interpreted “strings” which consists of nine dimensions will be the “Hologram” of which its functions are properly out in a simpler, flatter cosmos where there is no gravity. This means that one can create a hologram by these measures. Overall, it’s just a theory of one mind, there are lots of possibilities.

The universe may become a giant brain, more likely so with a computer that mimics reality. The results of fundamental laws may govern growth or provide the brain functions that can exercise wave patterns and ideas that can possibly create a dimension or hologram. The growth of social networks is like the expansion of one universe or galaxy.  Computer simulation destroyed the early universe into the tiniest possible units. More like, the quanta of space-time is more miniscule than subatomic particles. Nothing travels faster than light, so if somebody hits a baseball from the world, the ripple effects of that event will never be able to get or reach a distant part of the galaxy in a reasonable amount of time. This mean that those two regions of space and time aren’t casually related.

People believe or may not believe the Holographic Universe theory but there’s no harm on having an open mind. There are a lot of modern scientists who are looking for answers, and some of them have their own theories, of which these theories in some essence do make sense. So again, it is up for you to decide. Do we really live in reality or is this just a simulation of the universe? Only time will tell.

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