The Power of Social Media

The concept of social media was once something that wasn’t thought about by many people. However, in these current events, social media has grown exponentially to the point where a vast number of people are relying on it on a global basis. Specifically, people worldwide are heavily relying on social media for communication purposes, as to whether or not people are fond of social media, it’s a convenient way to communicate with individuals globally.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, for example, enjoy a great amount of success from the number of users that use its services, to which even notable figures around the world like politicians use social media. Someone like former United States president, Donald Trump, was heavily known for his use of Twitter as he heavily relied on posting statuses through his profile for the American people to get his message.

Shalom Lamm believes there are numerous reasons to where social media has provided benefits for everyday people. However, this article also intends to educate the reader of the heavy price that comes with being involved with social media. Social media has become an important part of a vast number of people to a great extent, which is why there’s been great harm that came towards many people as a result of the use of social media.

The moderate use of social media is arguably fine, but too much use of it could expose one to the ugly side of what the internet has to offer. It’s important for those who are frequent users of the internet to understand that the internet has somewhat of a “no holds barred” environment, where certain things that are considered gravely immoral can be exposed.

There’s been research on internet users developing stress from using social media, as when one uses such platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they’re more likely to be exposed to being mistreated by other internet users. Considering the internet, in general, gives a platform for people to act a certain way where there are fewer concerns of repercussions, other social users suffer because of that.

The real estate developer discussed the notion that social media has become an integral part of the younger generation, which is noticeable considering the popularity of social media outlets like TikTok, which is known for appealing to younger people. Lamm realizes the young people are social, which could make sense regarding why social media is popular among that very demographic. Lamm also thought that being too much involved with social media isn’t suitable for one’s health, as to his point of view, there’s an argument to be made.

Considering how people’s lives are vastly consumed by using social media to communicate with other people, being exposed to the bad side of the internet, specifically interacting with intolerable internet users, being exposed to such mistreatment can take a toll on a person mentally. With all said and done, the use of social media, like most forms of activities, requires moderation.