How to Create a Flowchart for Your Business

How to Create a Flowchart for Your Business

Business flowcharts can be a helpful tool to have for any company or business. It can help one depict the various aspects of their business and what each area will do. By creating a flowchart, one can easily show how one task relates to another and where there might be trouble spots that could cause errors in the future.

Jonathan Osler is an expert in process design and business transformation. Jonathan has created flowcharts for many different types of businesses, both large and small. By using Jonathan’s simple steps to create a flowchart, one can better their company’s efficiency. In order to create a flowchart, one can follow Jonathan Osler’s simple steps that he has outlined below.

Step 1: Define the Process

By defining what one is creating a flowchart for, he says that it will be much easier. If one has an idea of what this process is in its entirety, then they can break it down into its individual parts. He explains that identifying individual steps allows individuals to create the flowchart in pieces instead of all at once.

Step 2: Document where each step goes on the chart

After defining how the process should look, Osler recommends drawing out where each step should go on the sheet of paper or computer document. It is best to draw these boxes out before writing anything inside them, so there is no confusion about which goes where. Each box represents an individual task that must be completed in order to move on to the next step. Jonathan also suggests that one should number these boxes in order of how they are processed for simplicity.

Step 3: Write out each step inside the correct box

After creating the layout, he recommends writing what each step is within each separate box. If necessary, he assures his readers that it isn’t a bad idea to label parts of steps if it will make completing them easier or more efficient. Osler explains that this is where the flowchart really becomes useful because it displays all the tasks that complete an action and their relation to other actions directly beneath them. One should start with an initial input and then progress through every piece needed to complete that input.

Step 4: Test the flowchart

Once one has an entirely written out flowchart, Osler recommends testing it to ensure accuracy and efficiency. To test the chart, perform every single task together as if one were doing it for real. Once completed, check through the flowchart to ensure each step flowed correctly without any problems occurring along the way. In conclusion, Jonathan Osler explains that creating an exemplary flowchart takes only four steps. If there is an issue with one of the steps, such as skipping or getting lost somewhere in the process, then go back into that specific box and rewrite what needs to be changed so it makes more sense and continues smoothly from there. By following these four simple steps with patience and diligence, one will create a useful and practical flowchart for their business.

Business Social Media Strategies

Business Social Media Strategies

Is investing in digital marketing strategies worth the time and effort? Social media use is one of the most effective marketing approaches. It promotes website traffic, brand awareness, and increased sales.

Marketing a brand on social media requires a strategy. It’s not only about posting pictures or videos of products or content for the sake of posting. Shalom Lamm believes marketing a business is one way to attract, connect and establish loyalty and trust with the audience.

This article contains the social media strategies that are effective for business.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are powerful masters of social media marketing. They help build business trust due to their solid online reputation with many interested followers.

Most customers depend on influencers for product recommendations and buying decisions. For this reason, always consider using micro-influencers with genuine engagement with their followers for business marketing.

Create Live Videos

Going live on social media creates a deeper connection with followers. Videos enable one to chat, inspire, get direct feedback, share memorable moments and update potential customers. It also shows them that the company isn’t only about the money.

Content Creation

Social platforms offer a platform to share news and information about a brand. High-quality, engaging content promotes optimum effectiveness. Content can be in videos, pictures, or writing. According to Shalom Lamm catchy content influences customer decision on products.

It ensures customers find information about a product. Research shows that about 54% of social media users utilize social sites in product research. It is also essential to have a theme and schedule for posting content for its effectiveness.

Establish Business Profile in the Relevant Platform

Create a profile where customers can locate and find information on the products—research the social platform that most potential customers use. Then create a profile on that site. For example, if one sells professional services, linked in is the best choice for profile creation.

Organize Campaigns on Channels

Many businesses now use cross channels campaigns for client engagement. One needs to come up with a unique drive to stand out from the other companies. A drive that followers can relate to. One way to do this is by telling a story that connects to the audience. Then use videos, pictures, and hashtags that are campaign-related and share on different platforms.

Also, create a landing page that links back messages and provides more information to the audience about the campaign.

Create a Community

Create a community platform to interact directly with the audience. One can do this by creating a group on a relevant platform. Interact with the audience through asking and answering questions, liking posts, sharing important news, both business-related and non-related. Through such groups, a business can gather feedback from the audience about the brand.

Social media users number continues to rise every day, making social media the perfect platform to market brands. Without a marketing strategy, a business may not get the optimum results. Hence businesses should establish plans relevant to the audience and those that will work for a long time.

Reasons to Study Business Management  

Studying business management and its benefits

Getting involved in operating a business is an exciting phenomenon for many people that have wished to do so. Though it requires some level of expertise, managing a business is a beneficial career path. Beneficial in a sense where it’s provided that one succeeds based on the operations of the business. Before getting involved in starting a business or taking part in a managerial role in a business, one must seek knowledge. One needs to obtain the essential knowledge that’s needed to successfully operate a business smoothly.

This article covers the reasoning why it’s beneficial to take up studying the concept of managing a business. That way, one will obtain the essential knowledge to know what they’re doing.

It’s worth noting that because of the growth of the internet over the years, studying online has become convenient. That also includes studying business management, as it’s well known that one can enroll in a business managing degree on the internet. If using the internet to take up such studies is more convenient, then it’s important to remember that it’s always an option.

It’s also worth noting that a vast number of colleges offer business management studies. This is especially useful considering the availability of business management studies is for ordinary people. Alexander Djerassi believes that studying business management is also beneficial for those who aren’t even looking to start a business of their own.

Having a degree in business management is a good experience to promote on a working resume. That itself would go a long way in finding a good job. Because with having a degree in business management and putting it on a resume, many employers may take that person more seriously as a valuable asset.

Studying for a degree that can lead a person into a good-paying job is worth the trouble. This is why one must ensure there’s a plan moving forward when studying for a business management degree. The point of studying such a concept is in the hope that it’ll lead to bigger things. The bigger things especially revolved around getting involved in certain businesses.

An ideal scenario while enrolling for business management studies is by seeking out other individuals who know a lot about the business management subject. The internet can be a reliable tool in this situation. It allows individuals to search up for countless reliable people that know all the essential information on how to succeed in the business world.

As there are many reasons why one should take the opportunity to commit to studying business management, Alexander Djerassi also seems to think so. For those who may not know, Alexander Djerassi is an entrepreneur who’s involved with many important ventures. With that said, someone like him agrees because he’s been working before in management-type jobs. He understands what it’s like and the importance of studying business management.

In conclusion, this article intends to excite readers on potentially going the path of studying business management. With determination, there’s a lot of business management that can get a person.

Politics of Business

The politics of business has become more complicated in today’s climate. More corporations are using their money to lobby government policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels. Most corporations will have to remove their conservative ideals and align themselves with the left-wing to pass legislation. Alexander Djerassi has seen the best and worst of politics in business. A corporation with an overtly liberal stance on social issues such as gay marriage will be challenged by its employees. It might lose business because of its stance on social issues.

Negative politics can be highly destructive for a business. When a company tries to serve both the employee and owner, it creates hostility and resentment. This hostility is not healthy for a business and helps no one. Positive politics can help maintain productivity and help build a healthy work environment. Positive politics can also help a business owner retain his employees.

The first principle of business is that a business must serve the customer. It is illogical to think that a business can do business with its employees if it does not approve of social conscience or socially conscious employees. Many companies have replaced their advertising with “green” advertising. This type of advertising promotes environmental responsibility for the company while simultaneously increasing the bottom line. The values of socially conscious employees can help both the owner and the employee.

The second principle of business is never to forget who owns the business and to leave the politics to the customers. When a company becomes too involved with the politics of the community, it loses its unique branding. It seems like the corporation is part of all the problems in the world rather than an entrepreneur who is solving his problems. It is illogical to think that a business should seek to protect itself from government regulation if it can easily accomplish through voluntary action what it could quickly achieve without regulation. A business owner who is skilled in politics can use that skill to help his business succeed. A business owner should also be careful in what he speaks about concerning politics.

The third principle of business is that if a business serves the public, then that business will be successful. In other words, a business needs to appeal to the general public to stay successful. By carefully catering to the public, a business can increase customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. A business that successfully appeals to the public always receives positive word-of-mouth advertising that helps it grow.

The fourth principle of business is that people are afraid of the loss of their freedom. The owner can hire people who will act as agents of the business. The owner also has the power to refuse to work with people who have certain behaviors that interfere with the freedom of others. A business that is run in this manner will continue functioning even when the owner is not there. Alexander Djerassi understands that if a job has policies against business politics, individuals will still use it.

How Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Can Help You Reassemble Your Business

Economic crises are no surprises in the corporate world. Bankruptcy is the buzzword in such times. But, deciding an accurate form of action to deal with such difficult scenarios is up to the management of the company.

The United States Bankruptcy Code has a provision of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which is said to be a breather in such catastrophic situations. Also known as “debtor-in-possession” because it permits you to carry on with the usual activities of the business while allowing you to preserve your assets and rearrange your debts, liabilities, and equity in the balance sheet.

Let us have a deeper look at the chapter 11 bankruptcy lawsuit.

Special Features of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 

This is one of the best exit plans for companies in crisis. Its special features are listed below:

  • The company gets enough time to reassemble its machinery and equal distribution of its equity estates,
  • The automatic stay provides blanket protection to the debtor from any litigations, 
  • The creditors lose their individual collection rights,
  • No separate trustee is appointed by the court; the owner can still work as usual.
  • Creditors have a better chance to receive payments in such cases, as compared to the liquidation case.

Eligibility criteria 

A reorganization bankruptcy is mostly for companies that do not qualify for chapter 7 or chapter 13. It is taken up by those whose assets do not touch the ceiling for the above-mentioned chapters. Following are eligible candidates for it:

  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Joint ventures
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership businesses
  • Individual businesses
  • Limited liability companies (LLC)

Process of filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy

There are two important segments of this case. The debtor is the one who applies to the consumer courts for bankruptcy, and the creditor is the one who is liable for returns. 

The process of filing the lawsuit is as follows:

  1. Firstly, the debtor files the petition voluntarily about the financial state of the company in court.
  2. Then, after investigation, the petition is considered by the jurisdiction.
  3. The debtor is assigned a period of exclusivity of 120 days to propose a plan of restructuring the business.
  4. In the next 180 days, the debtor is asked to convince the creditors for confirmation of the plan.
  5. If all the creditors and the court approves the plan as per the bankruptcy code, it’s declared confirmed for further proceedings.
  6. In case of objection or rejection of the plan, other options of liquidation via chapter 7 are looked up for. The creditors can also try to reach no bankruptcy laws to reevaluate the debts.
  7. A disclosure statement is then released after a voting mandate is received from each creditor.
  8. Next in the line is implementing the plan and repaying all the creditors of the money or assets.
  9. Voidable preferences can also be filed by the debtor in case of disputes.

During the whole process, case filing fees and administrative fees are charged by the debtor.  In case of non-submission of the amount, the case is dismissed.

The bankruptcy cases can extend from month to year in court. The debtors must assure restitution in the suggested time frame.

Sustainability in Business

Shalom Lamm, the New York Real Estate Mogul and CEO of Operation Benjamin, the non-profit organization that locates Jewish Soldiers buried in American military ceremonies throughout the world and gets them identified with their correct Jewish Heritage believes in sustainability in business.

As Lamm has said many times, running a business of any kind, including a non-profit is like running a marathon. If you go flat all out. you will soon falter and give up the ghost long before hitting the finish line.

According to Harvard Business school, there are two main issues that sustainability addresses:

  • The effect the business organization has on the environment.
  • The effect the business organization has on the overall society.

Harvard suggests that a company at least concentrate on one of the two goals, although naturally, to place attention on both are ideal.

According to professor Knut Haanaes of IMD Business School Lausanne, Switzerland, nearly 62 percent of executives consider sustainability to be a necessary strategy to be competitive today, and another 22 percent consider it to be of vital importance in the future.

Professor Haanes says that expectations about corporate sustainability have never been higher.

Where in the past corporations could get away with pretty much operating however they wanted in foreign countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, China, and Indonesia for example, nowadays with such countries fully cognizant of how water pollution and factory waste are affecting the overall health of the country, the cat is sort of out of the bag so to speak.

No longer can factories and businesses act as if there were two separate worlds, the corporate headquarters, shiny and bright in the United States, or Western Companies like Germany, and their dirty, polluting, low-wage factories overseas.

However, as Professor Haanes has said, while most executives of companies consider sustainability to be important, a significant share, upwards of 75 percent, do not really have sustainability as an inclusive part of their business model. However, plenty of people are noticing.

First, the countries are noticing. Social activists throughout the world have pointed out, in particular, the low wages in factories and the often brutal 12 to 14 hour per day, 6 days a week work conditions.

Meanwhile, governments are increasingly putting on pressure for Western factories to eliminate waste and pollution in their lands.

Finally, consumers, even in the West, are strong believers in sustainability. Studies show that consumers are willing to pay as much as 5 percent more, for environmentally friendly products, and are 37 percent more likely to go out of their way to purchase products that are environmentally friendly. It may take another two decades or so before the full sustainability in business impact makes sustainability a norm, but the days of reckoning are coming.

Shalom Lamm is confident in the idea that business execs in the near future will often be hired for their ability to meld their business plans with the ability to have less effect on the environment and to bring up the wages of those in less developed countries.

Money-Saving Tips for Your Business

In order to save money, a business has only two options: to trim expenses or increase profits.

1. Common Business Expenses

Business expenses are necessary costs that need to incur for the business to operate. Not all expenses a company incurs are tax-deductible. Expenses that you can deduct are those that the IRS considers to be both “ordinary and necessary”.

Some expenses also need to be capitalized which is usually an expensive asset that a business invests in to generate revenue, but is also one that will depreciate over a number of years like a piece of equipment. Correctly identifying and classifying expenses allows a business to assess their profits accurately.

Here are some common business expenses that may be partially or fully tax-deductible.

If you operate your small business from home, you may be eligible to deduct partial expenses from your rent, mortgage interest, property taxes, business phone line (if separate from home line), security system and maintenance costs.

We can also classify expenses as:

Although you cannot deduct personal expenses, you can deduct the business part if the expense is used for both personal and business reasons.

2. Ways To Increase Your Business Profits

For a business to continue operating in the future, it needs to be profitable. Here are a few ways you can improve your profitability.

Increase the price of your offerings

If you have a loyal customer base whose trust you earned with the quality of your offerings, they shouldn’t mind if you increase your prices every once in a while.

Achieve greater efficiency

Cutting steps in operations or reengineering them altogether can make them more efficient. The goal is to eliminate tasks that don’t add value to the final product or your bottom line.

Look for ways to improve your offering

Consumers like companies who listen and go the extra mile. A constantly evolving offering will help you shorten your sales cycle, strengthen brand loyalty, and perhaps, even allow you to increase pricing. Don’t allow your product to get outdated. Make the buying process easier and simple.

Feed your winners; starve your losers.

The Growth-Share matrix states that your efforts need to be directed at your profitable customers so you can ‘milk’ the cash cows to feed your stars and R&D efforts that should become cash cows in the future. Cutting your efforts on losers (dogs) will save you valuable resources that you can use to reward your most profitable customers.

3. Simply Money-Saving Tips for Your Business

Saving money is always easier said than done but by no means is it impossible.

Think of ways to reduce your basic costs

When setting up your utilities look for a provider with a competitive rate like Gas South.

Go green

Going green saves green. The more energy-efficient your space is, the lower utility costs you’re going to have. Moreover, green investments could make you eligible for tax credits and deductions, further benefiting your bottom line.

Embrace technology

Software makes bookkeeping, accounting and presentations a breeze.

Cut down on everything you can

The rule of thumb is: when in doubt, go without. You can apply it to any purchase as well as unnecessary meetings. Just do a rough calculation based on the number of people and their average hourly salary, and you’ll be surprised how much money you throw away.


With so many price comparison websites, it’s so easy to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Negotiate with suppliers and always ask for discounts.

Takeaway – Saving money as a small business can be tricky, especially if you are just starting. However, it’s more about the mindset than actual figures. Remember, every action counts and helps your business on its way to better financial health.

The Significant Importance Of Organization: Featuring -Diego Ruiz Duran

It goes without saying that in order to be a successful employee, the organization is key. The more people that organize themselves, the more their work ethic will be portrayed. When a person is highly motivated, like lawyer Diego Ruiz Duran, it’s easy to see that the flow of work is constant. The more work a person does, the better they are at managing client relations. Duran states that throughout his career, he has always done his best to be organized because things start to fall apart without it. 

The more a person pushes themselves to be more aspiring and disciplined, the more positive outcomes occur. According to Milenio, Duran also believes that there is an easy way to help those who are struggling with sorting themselves or their work out. The first step is critical thinking. A indic ucla has to make time to become organized. It doesn’t work if the person does not set time aside to invest in their organizational practices. 

Next, the person must self-reflect on what it is they want to accomplish. Many like Druan believe that without a common goal, not much will be waived. If a person is a lawyer for example, it is important to keep the clients data highly sorted. The most critical step would be figuring out the mission for each client. Does the client need more paperwork? DOes the client need more representations? What does the client need from me? These are all good questions to ask oneself when self reflecting. The additional benefit to self-reflection is the peace that comes with it/ This should not cause additional anxiety or strain on a person. In fact, it should be the opposite. This allows a person to inhale and exhale at a controlled pace. When a person is doing so, it’s easier for the mind to dissect what needs to happen next in order to have the most successful outcome. 

Then, in order to reach an optimal organization, it is time to sort. Durna enjoys living things away in an organized fashion because it permits him from losing and data on a person. The more he adds to a client’s folder the stronger case he will have in court. As a lawyer, there are many documents being passed back and forth between the client and the representative. Having A clear course of communication is extremely valuable to both parties. It’s also recommended that these files are either stored on a hard drive or a private server. When it comes to many difficult cases, people question whether the client is truthful or not. Sometimes, there have been cases where hacking has to be prevented in order to protect the client’s best interest. That is why having a backup or private drive is extremely important. Yes, losing this would be a catastrophe, which is why remaining organized is very important.

As previously started, communication is key in any work setting. There should be a very translucent and open communication between clients according to what Durna has started on SourceFed. It definitely takes time to get used to how the clients comminuates and how fast the response. Mankind sure the client is aware that time matters, and is very beneficial to both people involved. This could include email, texting, or online messaging. The more comminuation a person has with a client the more organized they will be. 

Lastly, after all these steps are complete, Duranbelive a person is ready for a double-check. Having a notebook and checklists every day with tasks to complete is extremely beneficial to a person. This keeps goals set per day and helps people track what other entities might have to be added to the list. A lot of people recommended having a sustainable way of doing so which is purchasing a whiteboard, This allows people to cross and write new tasks on a designed board that can be easy for the whole office to see. The more organized an individual is, the more their team will get out of their day. Duran says that if a person is not organized they can lose a lot of business, This is due to the lack of communication, self-reflection, motivation, and sorting. The more that is contributed to a certain task the more the client will get out of their contract. Also, Duran says that being organized can lead to a network or people. If a client is successful and satisfied with the results of your partnership, they will likely recommend a person to you in the future. This is a wonderful way to grow business and success in many other sectors and industries. 

Tips on Staying Motivated

In order to motivate yourself to keep working diligently and productively, one must understand a few concepts. In the world, businesses do not typically hand out free money or products. This is a reason to stay motivated. By working hard, saving, and even investing, one can live a luxurious life. If that’s not a dream for someone, then maybe having enough funds to donate to nonprofits, like Shalom Lamm, is more acceptable. 

With motivation comes a lot of success. By making sure timelines and goals are met, a person can remain on track. There are so many steps and characteristics to remain motivated. For example, by setting goals, one can really strive for success. Also, sharing ideas and insights about how to pursue projects better is a great way to get the team motivated. There are a great number of people who watch those film motivational videos. On YouTube, it’s as easy as searching “how to remain motivated”. Shalom Lamm remains motivated by talking with his executives about team building activities and also the best ways to have a positive attitude.

How to Market Your Business Better

In order to be successful in marketing your business, there are few things to check over. First, the business has to be reliable. In other words, stick to a schedule. If you run a coffee shop and choose hours that tend to fluctuate, customers will take their business somewhere else. Entrepreneurs such as Shalom Lamm, express that a new business has to prove themselves to a customer. 

Next, build friendships with the clients. Especially as restaurants and bakeries, where consumers learn to love and cherish your food. Networking is a great way to market any business. The same goes for someone working in retail or finance. People talk and reviews are very easy to find online. Making sure they are beneficial to the company is a way to market the business. On the other hand, by doing some advertising the business may get more traffic. It’s very rare for a business to do advertising and then have no peak in sales. That being said, doing the steps listed above whilst advertising can ensure customer satisfaction and increase traffic in-store. Shalom Lamm makes a good point and although marketing business it’s easy, it’s necessary for any business to flourish.