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Business Social Media Strategies

Business Social Media Strategies

Is investing in digital marketing strategies worth the time and effort? Social media use is one of the most effective marketing approaches. It promotes website traffic, brand awareness, and increased sales.

Marketing a brand on social media requires a strategy. It’s not only about posting pictures or videos of products or content for the sake of posting. Shalom Lamm believes marketing a business is one way to attract, connect and establish loyalty and trust with the audience.

This article contains the social media strategies that are effective for business.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are powerful masters of social media marketing. They help build business trust due to their solid online reputation with many interested followers.

Most customers depend on influencers for product recommendations and buying decisions. For this reason, always consider using micro-influencers with genuine engagement with their followers for business marketing.

Create Live Videos

Going live on social media creates a deeper connection with followers. Videos enable one to chat, inspire, get direct feedback, share memorable moments and update potential customers. It also shows them that the company isn’t only about the money.

Content Creation

Social platforms offer a platform to share news and information about a brand. High-quality, engaging content promotes optimum effectiveness. Content can be in videos, pictures, or writing. According to Shalom Lamm catchy content influences customer decision on products.

It ensures customers find information about a product. Research shows that about 54% of social media users utilize social sites in product research. It is also essential to have a theme and schedule for posting content for its effectiveness.

Establish Business Profile in the Relevant Platform

Create a profile where customers can locate and find information on the products—research the social platform that most potential customers use. Then create a profile on that site. For example, if one sells professional services, linked in is the best choice for profile creation.

Organize Campaigns on Channels

Many businesses now use cross channels campaigns for client engagement. One needs to come up with a unique drive to stand out from the other companies. A drive that followers can relate to. One way to do this is by telling a story that connects to the audience. Then use videos, pictures, and hashtags that are campaign-related and share on different platforms.

Also, create a landing page that links back messages and provides more information to the audience about the campaign.

Create a Community

Create a community platform to interact directly with the audience. One can do this by creating a group on a relevant platform. Interact with the audience through asking and answering questions, liking posts, sharing important news, both business-related and non-related. Through such groups, a business can gather feedback from the audience about the brand.

Social media users number continues to rise every day, making social media the perfect platform to market brands. Without a marketing strategy, a business may not get the optimum results. Hence businesses should establish plans relevant to the audience and those that will work for a long time.

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