Business Social Media Strategies

Business Social Media Strategies

Is investing in digital marketing strategies worth the time and effort? Social media use is one of the most effective marketing approaches. It promotes website traffic, brand awareness, and increased sales.

Marketing a brand on social media requires a strategy. It’s not only about posting pictures or videos of products or content for the sake of posting. Shalom Lamm believes marketing a business is one way to attract, connect and establish loyalty and trust with the audience.

This article contains the social media strategies that are effective for business.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are powerful masters of social media marketing. They help build business trust due to their solid online reputation with many interested followers.

Most customers depend on influencers for product recommendations and buying decisions. For this reason, always consider using micro-influencers with genuine engagement with their followers for business marketing.

Create Live Videos

Going live on social media creates a deeper connection with followers. Videos enable one to chat, inspire, get direct feedback, share memorable moments and update potential customers. It also shows them that the company isn’t only about the money.

Content Creation

Social platforms offer a platform to share news and information about a brand. High-quality, engaging content promotes optimum effectiveness. Content can be in videos, pictures, or writing. According to Shalom Lamm catchy content influences customer decision on products.

It ensures customers find information about a product. Research shows that about 54% of social media users utilize social sites in product research. It is also essential to have a theme and schedule for posting content for its effectiveness.

Establish Business Profile in the Relevant Platform

Create a profile where customers can locate and find information on the products—research the social platform that most potential customers use. Then create a profile on that site. For example, if one sells professional services, linked in is the best choice for profile creation.

Organize Campaigns on Channels

Many businesses now use cross channels campaigns for client engagement. One needs to come up with a unique drive to stand out from the other companies. A drive that followers can relate to. One way to do this is by telling a story that connects to the audience. Then use videos, pictures, and hashtags that are campaign-related and share on different platforms.

Also, create a landing page that links back messages and provides more information to the audience about the campaign.

Create a Community

Create a community platform to interact directly with the audience. One can do this by creating a group on a relevant platform. Interact with the audience through asking and answering questions, liking posts, sharing important news, both business-related and non-related. Through such groups, a business can gather feedback from the audience about the brand.

Social media users number continues to rise every day, making social media the perfect platform to market brands. Without a marketing strategy, a business may not get the optimum results. Hence businesses should establish plans relevant to the audience and those that will work for a long time.

Does Social Media Violate Our Privacy?

Of the many current topics of national concern is personal safety on social media platforms. Social media is used for many purposes, such as marketing, politicking, family connections, and opinion sharing. There are more ways social media is used, yet this provides a good sample of some of the main uses of social media. The giants in the industry such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are now part of this nation’s culture and daily utilization. Do users of these platforms understand what personal data is gathered by social media and do users understand what the personal data is used for? 

Legal expert and former New Jersey Supreme Court justice, Judge Napolitano, has written and spoken about the complete lack of personal privacy on social media. He has written how social media is used to obtain data on where someone is from or where a person is located at the moment. For example, Napolitano informs readers concerning the National Security Agency, or NSA, a federal agency of 60,000, which monitors every text, email, and cell phone call within, entering or leaving the United States. This domestic capture of personal information is not generally known yet it continues on a daily basis. In this same line of thought, social media platforms collect an enormous amount of information on Americans. Every post, every tweet, every picture posted, and everything searched for on the internet is collected by social media companies. This data is then used in many different ways. The most transparent and recognizable use of personal data is in marketing and advertising. Social platform companies take what users talk about, post, or search for and use that data to send focused, targeted, individual advertisements to users. This data is especially pertinent since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

Users shop more online, post their most recent purchases online, and ask online friends for shopping advice, thus giving social media platforms additional data to send advertisements based on the user’s purchases. Additional use of personal data is regarding the business of politics. Social media platforms share and sell user’s data with polling companies and political organizations to perform statistical analysis on voters. Demographic data is like gold to political planners and strategists. Political campaigns then use the data to focus political messages to voters most likely to agree with a particular point of view. Judge Napolitano believes all personal data is now a commodity to be bought and sold and then be analyzed by anyone with the money to purchase the data. Of course, there also exists the ever-present danger of hackers breaking into a database of social media users. Hackers want users’ information not for marketing or analysis. Hackers use the user information in attempts to obtain financial data, which they can use to steal users’ money and assets. This is the reason for user awareness when using social media. Everything that is posted is analyzed to determine how the data can be used and turned into a commodity.

The Power of Social Media

The concept of social media was once something that wasn’t thought about by many people. However, in these current events, social media has grown exponentially to the point where a vast number of people are relying on it on a global basis. Specifically, people worldwide are heavily relying on social media for communication purposes, as to whether or not people are fond of social media, it’s a convenient way to communicate with individuals globally.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, for example, enjoy a great amount of success from the number of users that use its services, to which even notable figures around the world like politicians use social media. Someone like former United States president, Donald Trump, was heavily known for his use of Twitter as he heavily relied on posting statuses through his profile for the American people to get his message.

Shalom Lamm believes there are numerous reasons to where social media has provided benefits for everyday people. However, this article also intends to educate the reader of the heavy price that comes with being involved with social media. Social media has become an important part of a vast number of people to a great extent, which is why there’s been great harm that came towards many people as a result of the use of social media.

The moderate use of social media is arguably fine, but too much use of it could expose one to the ugly side of what the internet has to offer. It’s important for those who are frequent users of the internet to understand that the internet has somewhat of a “no holds barred” environment, where certain things that are considered gravely immoral can be exposed.

There’s been research on internet users developing stress from using social media, as when one uses such platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they’re more likely to be exposed to being mistreated by other internet users. Considering the internet, in general, gives a platform for people to act a certain way where there are fewer concerns of repercussions, other social users suffer because of that.

The real estate developer discussed the notion that social media has become an integral part of the younger generation, which is noticeable considering the popularity of social media outlets like TikTok, which is known for appealing to younger people. Lamm realizes the young people are social, which could make sense regarding why social media is popular among that very demographic. Lamm also thought that being too much involved with social media isn’t suitable for one’s health, as to his point of view, there’s an argument to be made.

Considering how people’s lives are vastly consumed by using social media to communicate with other people, being exposed to the bad side of the internet, specifically interacting with intolerable internet users, being exposed to such mistreatment can take a toll on a person mentally. With all said and done, the use of social media, like most forms of activities, requires moderation.