SmileDirectClub’s Newest Hire Dr. Riddhi Gangolli Increases Dental Industry Awareness of Teledentistry

Dr. Riddhi Gangolli educates dental professionals on SmileDirectClub’s market-defining telehealth platform.

It’s been three months since the world-leading oral care company SmileDirectClub (SDC) appointed veteran dental professional Dr. Riddhi Gangolli as the company’s senior director of professional education and key opinion leader strategy. Since joining SDC, Dr. Gangolli has begun to educate industry professionals on the leading telehealth platform, bolster SDC’s direct-to-office model, and expand the SmileDirectClub Partner Network.

As a company, we are committed to working closely with the dental community as we continue in our mission to make affordable oral care accessible to everyone,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, chief clinical officer of SmileDirectClub. “We are pleased to welcome Dr. Gangolli to the SmileDirectClub team to continue to build strong relationships with licensed dentists and orthodontists so that they can provide safe, affordable care to more patients. Riddhi will be instrumental in helping us to further partner with the dental community and grow the understanding, acceptance, and use of teledentistry.”

SmileDirectClub’s Partner Network

SmileDirectClub appointed Dr. Gangolli shortly after launching its direct-to-office SmileDirectClub Partner Network and signing the contract for its first partnership with Smile Brands. This partnership enables each of Smile Brands’ 450 dental offices to offer clear aligner therapy across 18 states. Consumers throughout the United States now have easy access to SDC clear aligner therapy, via dentist office chair, as well as SmileShops and doctor-prescribed remote impression kits. These kits are particularly popular at the moment due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and the desire to get started safely at home

Only around 30 percent of general practitioners offer clear aligner therapy – meaning that 70 percent don’t offer any form of orthodontics, despite the fact that clear aligner therapy offers a safe and effective alternative to braces . However, SmileDirectClub’s Partner Network now allows dental offices around the country to offer SDC’s cutting-edge clear aligner therapy, providing an easily accessible solution for those requiring affordable orthodontia. 

When a customer signs up for SmileDirectClub, they are assigned to a  state licensed dentist or orthodontist, who reviews and approves their treatment plan before prescribing clear aligner therapy.  SmileDirectClub then ships the aligners all at once directly to the customer and their treating doctor monitors patient progress using its pioneering teledentistry platform.

Benefits of the SmileDirectClub Partner Network

SmileDirectClub offers a multitude of benefits to its partners. These dental practices gain instant access to SDC’s marketing and brand tools and aren’t tied to any membership fees. Plus, with full access to SDC’s patient network referral system and seamless integration into any dental office workflow, many affiliated dental practices are now experiencing major growth in website traffic and conversion rates thanks to the Partner Network. 

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About Dr. Riddhi Gangolli

Dr. Riddhi Gangolli earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth in Maharashtra, India. She then completed a Master of Science in biomaterials and biomimetics at New York University and doctorate in bioengineering at Temple University in Pennsylvania. Dr. Gangolli is the previous director of clinical marketing for Straumann Group in Switzerland. She has also served as an innovation research and development scientist for Glidewell Dental in Irvine, California, and practiced dentistry in Mumbai. 

Dr. Gangolli’s research publications include:

  • “The physicochemical characterization and in vivo response of micro/nanoporous bioactive ceramic particulate bone graft materials,” Materials Science and Engineering (2014).
  • “Modification of Xenogeneic Graft Materials for Improved Release of P-15 Peptides in a Calvarium Defect Model,” Journal of Craniofacial Surgery (2014).
  • “Evaluation of bone response to various anorganic bovine bone xenografts: an experimental calvaria defect study,” International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (2013).

In her new role, Gangolli leads SmileDirectClub’s industry outreach and liaises with both clinicians and researchers to inform them of the latest innovations in SDC’s teledentistry platform. 

About SmileDirectClub 

Despite COVID-19, SmileDirectClub has achieved impressive sales throughout 2020 and has shipped over 200,000 clear aligners to dental patients around the world. SDC has also supported hospitals and other medical organizations throughout this difficult time by manufacturing more than 50,000 face shields to improve infection control in the U.S.

While SmileDirectClub’s original clear aligners allow patients to straighten their teeth within four to six months, SDC also prescribes aligners that can be worn at night only. These aligners take longer to straighten patients’ teeth but allow them to stick to a nighttime-only routine. Meanwhile, the daytime aligners require 22-hour wear, allowing users to remove their aligners during mealtimes, when drinking, and when brushing. Both solutions are available for $1,950. SDC also offers an $89 SmilePay™ monthly payment plan.

On top of this, SmileDirectClub stocks a host of dental accessories to improve oral care even further. Customers can save up to 20 percent on SDC premium toothbrushes, select a protective case for aligners, invest in a Smile Spa™ to minimize bacteria on aligners and other dental equipment, and pick up bonus essentials, such as compact water flossers and whitening toothpaste.

SmileDirectClub Inc. (Nasdaq: SDC) (“SmileDirectClub”) is an oral care company and creator of the first medtech platform for teeth straightening, now also offered directly via dentist and orthodontists’ offices. Through our cutting-edge teledentistry technology and vertically integrated model with all aligner products made in the United States, we are revolutionizing the oral care industry, from clear aligner therapy to our affordable, premium oral care product line. SmileDirectClub’s mission is to democratize access to a smile that each and every person loves by making it affordable and convenient for everyone. SmileDirectClub is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and operates in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Spain. For more information, please visit