Samsung Biologics, Eli Lilly Partner for Delivery of COVID-19 Treatments

As COVID-19 continues to impact the world and cause a number of serious concerns for at-risk populations, countries all over the world are trying to figure out how to stop the spread. There has been a race to the finish line for biopharmaceutical companies to develop treatments.

In a recent announcement, Eli Lilly presented their antibody treatment that was authorized by the FDA for emergency use in high-risk patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis. The news included a partnership with Samsung Biologics that enabled Lilly to get the necessary drug and increase its production for major worldwide distribution.

The Lilly antibody treatment was approved for seniors over 65 who fall in the at-risk category or anyone over the age of 12 with serious underlying conditions that are considered high-risk. Once the patient is given a diagnosis, Lilly’s drug can be administered for mild-to-moderate cases. Trials have shown the need for hospitalization or emergency room visits is greatly reduced with the use of the new treatment.

Eli Lilly plans to produce around one million doses this year and it projects even greater production demand in 2021, expecting the numbers to skyrocket. In order to produce the new drug and keep up with demand, Lilly turned to contract manufacturers, most notably Samsung Biologics who was able to expedite the tech transfer in an effort to reduce the timeline. Within just five months, Samsung was able to manufacture and deliver the supplies needed for the drug.

Samsung Biologics CEO Tae Han Kim noted, “We are very pleased to deliver this product to our client Lilly in record-breaking speed to aid in the war against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

Eli Lilly Chairman and CEO David Ricks stated, “This agreement with Samsung supplements Lilly’s own internal manufacturing capacity and greatly expands our ability to deliver Lilly antibody therapies to patients around the world.”

About Samsung Biologics

Samsung Biologics was started in 2011 with Dr. Kim as the founding CEO. The award-winning biopharmaceutical manufacturer has experienced incredible growth in the past nine years, becoming a global CDMO leader. Under the guidance of Dr. Kim, the company has strengthened its capabilities: achieving the largest single-site capacity with construction commencing for a fourth “super-plant” that will nearly double the already impressive capacity.

About Eli Lilly and Co.

The Indiana-based healthcare leader Eli Lilly has been working to produce high-level research and medical solutions for over 140 years. Across the globe, Lilly employees work to discover and bring life-changing medicines to those who need them, improve the understanding and management of disease, and give back to communities through philanthropy and volunteerism. The company has over 35,000 employees on staff spanning 55 countries, and have products marketed for over 120 countries.