Quantified Commerce – The Indian Ecommerce Pioneers

Quantified Commerce is an online marketing agency that combines creativity and data analysis to produce results. In the past, advertisers published eye catching adverts, then prayed for customers to see them. Quantified Commerce also creates attention grabbing adverts, but uses analytics to ensure that they are found. With a track record of over ten years, the company boasts a wide range of expertise to set up effective ecommerce portals for global clients. 

Lots of businesses still promote their products using conventional television ads, however over eighty percent of television viewers fast forward through these, while watching their favorite shows. With television ads, advertisers are forced to show their ads to many people who are uninterested in their products. On the other hand, video adverts on social networks like Facebook can be shown exclusively to a business’s intended audience. Obviously, adverts on Facebook have to be done correctly, otherwise they won’t go viral. Advertisers can’t depend on sound, because the vast majority of online video ads play mute. Also, people have short attention spans online, so the best footage has to play within the first few seconds of the ad. Quantified Commerce specializes in producing adverts that meet this criteria, which results in profitable advertising campaigns that cost far less than television commercials.

By 2022, the digital economy in India will be worth approximately $1 trillion per year. Over two thirds of Indians reside in rural regions, and increasing numbers of these people are using the Internet. 184 million people are estimated to be online away from the cities. Quantified Commerce uses an ecommerce model to offer these Indians discount prices, without compromising on variety or quality. As an ecommerce company, Quantified Commerce can avoid the usual overheads that brick and mortar businesses have to pay, such as retail staff and checkout counters, and pass these savings onto the customer. Many stores in small Indian cities offer a poor selection of products, however — thanks to the Internet — customers in these cities now have an almost unlimited choice. 


The two founders of Quantified Commerce are Agam Berry and Ryan Andreas. In 2010, Agam Berry gained his BTech from Punjab University, and got his first break into the world of business selling remnant ad inventory using analytics. These days, he calls on his expert knowledge of the figures to guide Quantified Commerce on what to promote and to whom. Ryan Andreas was just a teenager when he started his entrepreneurial ventures, so he is wise beyond his years in this field. He read business at the Orfalea Business College at California Polytechnic State University, which gave him a strong insight into the fundamental principles of running an organization. 
If you would like further information about the work Quantified Commerce does, or wish to contact them to discuss your ecommerce requirements, you can visit their website. In addition, you can connect with them on their social media channels, where they publish their latest thoughts about the dynamic digital marketing sector.