Why Should You Buy High-Retention YouTube Video Views?

In point of fact, the retention rate is known as one of the undervalued criteria of YouTube videos. Retention rate as defined by YouTube, it is the complete measure of how thriving your videos keep their audience. Actually, it is very significant as it tells YouTube how interesting and relevant your videos are. 

Having that said, when purchasing views, make sure to buy YouTube video views that have high-retention rates. On the other hand, when you purchase views from cheap service providers most of the time you will see they are selling views which only invest an insignificant amount of time viewing your content. Keep in mind always that having a low-retention view is like having viewers open your videos and leave immediately. 

Low-Retention Rate YouTube Views: How to Avoid Them? 

One of the easiest yet best ways that you can do to avoid YouTube views that only have low-retention rates is to go over various reviews and find out what previous clients have said regarding the retention rate of the views. If most of the comments or feedback are negative, obviously, it is a sign of red flag. 

What’s more, you can also buy high-retention rate YouTube video views on top-rated and reliable service providers. 

Does YouTube Concerned About Retention Rates? 

When it comes to ranking videos, the retention rate is actually one of the common parameters utilized by YouTube. 

On YouTube, low-retention views basically mean that people opened a particular content but find it uninteresting and left immediately. In the actual fact, this may hurt the ranking of your videos on the search engine of YouTube. 

Aside from that, low-retention, as well as low-quality videos, might be flagged by the algorithm of YouTube, as a result, your view count will suddenly drop. 

In order to avoid this from happening, avoid purchasing views with low-retention rate and poor quality. What’s more, always check if the company or seller offers assurance for the retention of YouTube views they offer. 

How to Check If the Views You’ve Purchased Have High-Retention Rates

Checking if the views you’ve purchased have a high-retention rate is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to your YouTube Analytics Dashboard by going to your YouTube creator studio. After which click Audience Retention. From you here, you will see detailed info regarding your views from Average percentage viewed and average view duration to a graph of audience and views in real-time. 

As a producer, this information is extremely beneficial. Nevertheless, if your content has a low-retention rate, then you may want to change your content strategy or restructure your videos.


With regards to improving the discoverability and visibility of your videos on YouTube, buying views can be a good and safe strategy. But, you need to ensure that the YouTube views you’re obtaining have high-retention rates or else, your ranking on YouTube will drop. 

So before you make a purchase, do your own research and pick the one which you think has the highest-retention and highest-quality views.