How To Change Dual Rear Shocks on a Motorcycle


The reasons for modifying a bike are as complex and mysterious as the human animal itself. Riders are in search of better performance, killer looks, supreme comfort and heightened safety. What excites one rider may be a turnoff to the next biker. The same is true for replacing stock shocks with a modification. In the case of dual rear shocks, you can go with OEM motorcycle parts to keep the bike in line with the original, or modify your ride with aftermarket parts.

The process of changing dual rear shocks takes a little know how, but the more you learn the more options you have. Equipping your bike with the best motorcycle shocks is a great way to improve the comfort and safety of your next ride. The quest for a better bike is a tough one, but someone has to do it.

The Process of Changing Shocks

The job begins with a tough task: elevating the rear of the bike. This can be done with chock blocks, a motorcycle lift or an overhead suspension system. Since many people don’t have these capabilities, this may be the most difficult aspect of the job. The next steps are as follows:

  • Support the wheel and swingarm assembly
  • Remove the stock shocks by loosening the bolts
  • Attach the new shocks
  • Adjust for proper height
  • Secure the new bolts

A few tips will make the job easier. The rear wheel can be supported by using a wooden block and wedge-shaped shims. When loosening the bolts, it makes more sense to remove the lower fasteners first. In most cases, you will reuse the original hardware to attach the new shocks. Also, work from the top down on installing the new shocks.

Depending upon how much the new shocks have altered bike height, there may be a few additional tweaks to get your bike in riding condition. This could include adjusting the kickstand and checking ground clearance for foot pegs and the like.

The Benefits of New Shocks

If you have chosen properly, the new shocks should give you a smoother, safer ride. They will increase your comfort level as well as change the riding height of your motorcycle. You may experience better handling on the corners and even improved traction. The bumps in the road will be better absorbed so you don’t notice all the knocks on the dirt or pavement.

It pays to look closely at the stocks available to you. You can shop for shocks by Burly Brand, Drag Specialties, Factory Connection, Moose Racing, Pivot Works, Progressive Suspension and other top brands. Look for rear shocks from standard coil-over designs to gas-powered models with external reservoirs.

The Joy of Replacement

Whether you ride a cruiser, a street or an off-road machine, quality replacement parts keep your ride strong and tough. OEM ATV parts allow you to get mirrors, handlebars, exhaust systems, brake systems and more that are designed to keep your machine in the best condition.

Buy your items online for incredible deals and a massive selection of premium parts. The more options you have the better your ride will be with OEM motorcycle parts.