New York’s Top 5 Cocktail Bars

New York’s Top 5 Cocktail Bars

The Big Apple has more than appletinis to offer when it comes to cocktail bars. For years, Prohibition-themed speakeasy-lookalikes have cropped up all over New York and then luxury bars with swanky modern décor and brand name connections swaggered in. Others started out small but have built years of reputation, while yet others are known for the food that is paired so well with house creations. Nevertheless, as the years have rolled by, few cocktail bars have continued to be heaped praises by critics, locals and tourists alike like these five.


No mention of Please Don’t Tell (PDT) starts without some phone booth pop culture reference – after all, PDT is hidden behind one in East Village. Till now, PDT maintains its below-the-radar theme of exclusivity: you can only get in with a phone reservation. If you think the exclusivity means dining on fine cuisine while trying out cocktails, you’re mistaken. Bartender-mixologist Jim Meehan’s creations have been paired for years with the hot dogs of Crif Dogs, a burger joint that shares space with PDT. The classic wieners and deep-fried beef frankfurter that are served through slots in the door by Crif’s kitchen staff, are scarfed down with potent cocktails like the bacon-flavoured bourbon mixed with maple syrup, or the heady bourbon-absinthe union. PDT’s décor is cosy, from the low lights and ceilings to the animal skins adorning the walls and leather booths.

Booker and Dax

Momofuku chef David Chang and food science researcher Dave Arnold collaborated to launch this cocktail science lab. Walk in expecting gadgets galore, and a helpful staff to explain each and every piece of lab wizardry to you. Besides centrifuges and clarifiers, you can watch the bartender chill your glass with liquid nitrogen or heat up your cognac with a flaming poker. Why don’t your drinks need ice and how does the rotary evaporator infuse flavour in your liquid mad scientist creation? Booker and Dax maintains a seating only policy, so the place fills up quickly, as patrons watch as drinks are concocted while dining on delectable offerings by the adjoined Momoofuku Ssäm Michelin-approved restaurant.

Milk & Honey

Though it started in a nondescript lane in Chinatown with a reservations-only policy and a secret phone number in 2000, this bar has since then embraced its hot-ticket status, made the number public, and welcomed walk-ins. Nevertheless, Milk & Honey continues to take creativity to new levels by maintaining its no cocktail-menu rule. You tell the bartenders what you feel like having, what mood you’re in and what tastes you’re going for, and watch as they cook up something lip-smacking on the spot. Some house classics include the honey-bourbon Gold Rush or the ginger-and-Scotch Penicillin, created by legendary barman Sam Ross. Cocktails are called up using the freshest ingredients and top scotches like Famous Grouse and Islay-based dark whisky. Mil & Honey comfortably sits around 60, and the atmosphere makes it perfect for drinks with friends and allows for pleasant conversations. It 2014 they recently relocated to a bigger premises in the Flatiron district.

Dead Rabbit

Al Capone would feel at home in the Depression-era themed Dead Rabbit, which is itself named after an Irish mob. Besides an extensive 70 cocktails in the menu, craft beer, whiskies and liqueurs abound at the taproom. It houses a grocery store too, Irish like the Belfast-born man behind the bar, Jack McGarry. McGarry has often been cited as the British import that has most revolutionised the taste buds of New York’s cocktail connoisseurs for his wide repertoire of creations. You can savour your punch in dainty teacups, or try the fruit-flavoured house Byrrh, which has hints of raspberry, orange, lemon, and rhubarb highlighted by Amaro CioCiaro.

Clover Club

Who better to give a thumb up that award-winning barman McGarry at Dead Rabbit, who has called Brooklyn’s Clover Club. Patrons are put at ease, as Clover Club is dressed simply like a modern cocktail bar when you can drink a beer or a whisky – out of nine categories of drinks available – and yet feel right at home. Mixologist and multiple cocktail bar owner Julie Reiner leads her team in creating cocktails that have understated excellence. There are no gadgetry or strange ingredients involved, but all taste superb and are cheaper than the competition. The culinary delights range from cheap pub classics like pulled pork and steak and toast to pricey American caviar and an extensive cheese plate.

This Is the Worlds Best Restaurant

El Celler De Can RocaIt featured in the list of top 50 world’s best restaurants in the year 2013 hitting the number one spot. El Celler de Can Roca, based in Giroma, Spain is famous for its mouth-watering menus. It has consistently been praised for its superb collection of wine, artistic parade of course, and mind-blowing desserts to keep your taste buds yearning for more.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why it’s not a strange name among world’s top 50 restaurants. And just in case you didn’t know, it’s the eighth time this restaurant is appearing in this coveted list–and it’s not going to drop anytime soon.

Visit this special place and you won’t fail to notice the symbolic ‘’R’’ representing El Celler de Can Roca family. The three Roca brothers managed to combine their diverse culinary skills to cause the ripple effect in the restaurant industry. It’s a Catalan establishment, yet it’s now the best restaurant to visit in the world.

It’s not a surprise that El Celler de Can Roca has consistently climbed the ranking. Enthusiasts now think the success of this restaurant is attributed to the fact that the proprietors entered the market with a revolutionary approach in mind, and that’s what made it unique.Mussels-in-a-mango-broth

mussels in mango broth


What’s in El Celler de Can Roca for you?

Firstly, the restaurant opened business in 1986, and finally expanded their kitchen in 2007 to accommodate up to 30 chefs. There’s a large underground temperature-controlled wine storage area to accommodate the vast collection of wine.

What’s more, the dinning area is designed in a triangular shape, and it has several popular trees visible behind the glass partition. The floor is made of wood, but every table rests on a brown piece of carpet. All tables are well-spaced, carefully lit. El Celler de Can Roca can accommodate up to 48 dinners at any given time. There’s a bar area for those who would like to wind up with a glass of their favorite drink. A drop window faces a visually appealing garden in the backyard.

Still talking about the tables, they are designed with Rosenthal China and crisp white linen to make them visually appealing to the eye. The menus taste good, plus there are a la carte dishes as well. The restaurant earns its reputation from its huge collection of both red and white wine. Your favorite wine is mounted on a trolley and wheeled right to your table.

While still at it, a bush of caramelized olives arrives at your table. Even though this is a unique idea, a few people find the taste of caramel quite odd when mixed with olives.

And don’t forget to taste the appetizer of mushroom brioche with hot beef. It practically melts in your mouth, with its incredible light texture. It’s superbly baked to give you a unique taste you won’t find anywhere.

Overall, this restaurant offers superb meals, cooked with terrific ingredients served in an attractive presentation. Service is excellent throughout, and very professional. If you ever visited El Celler de Can Roca, you’ll definitely notice that it’s a force to recon. It’s among the best in Spain, and fairly priced. El Celler de Can Roca won’t reap your pocket, yet they’ll serve you the best food ever. Oh by the way, there is a one year waiting list, so book now. What do you think?

Visit their website here

A Genetic Glimpse Into Human Evolution

A genetic glimpse into recent human evolution gives very interesting results. Studies indicate that the evolution of man from his ancestoral apes stretches over 6 million years. This evolution was characterized by development of various traits that include bigger brains, hunting, and bipedal walking in the earlier years. Human evolution enabled man to acquire culture and knowledge, leading to a new level of civilization. Interestingly, evolution is still happening to-date, and genetics could be the main cause.

Recent Human Evolution

Unknown to many, the human race continues to evolve, despite technological and industrial innovations. For example, today’s human brain is significantly smaller than that of our ancestors some 30,000 years ago. According to research, the human brain used to measure 1500 cubic centimeters, yet today’s average size of the human brain is just 1350 cubic centimeters, yet we possess far more intellect now than our ancestors did. Another recent milestone in the human evolutionary journey has to do with the ability to fight diseases. A study done in 2007 revealed that in the last 40,000 years, humans have developed 1800 genes devoted to fighting dangerous diseases such as Malaria. In addition humans have also developed lactose tolerance another indicator that human evolution is still ongoing. So, what is the link between the latest human evolution story and genetic make-up?

Biologists Had Problems since Darwin’s Time

The explanation of evolution and human genetics did not start with recent human evolution. More than a century ago, Darwin and other scientists had difficulties explaining to the world how complex structures in nature came to be. Darwin introduced the evolution idea about one and a half decades ago, but the debate about this issue is still raging. Recent human evolution researchers are still looking into the linkage between evolution and genetics, and are making significant headway. Examples areas biologists have been studying include the complex nature of the eye, the exquisite mechanism of the limbs, and the merging of trillions of cells to form an organism.

Although it is easier to buy the idea of an animal gaining new traits through natural selection, it is the possibility of development of new complex structures that still features, as revealed through a genetic glimpse into recent human evolution.

The East Asian Evolution Example

The study of the link between human genes and evolution has enabled researchers to discover a mutation gene in East Asians. East Asians have distinctive traits, for example smaller breasts, narrower nostrils, and thicker hair shafts. Scientists at Cambridge’s Broad Institute have established that a gene mutation in a gene called EDAR was responsible for this variation 35,000 years ago. This discovery could explain the evolution signs seen in the rest of human race. Scientists argue that human genome sites are responsible for the recent human evolution that varies from continent to continent. However, scientists are yet to determine which of the effects caused by the mutation was dominant for natural selection to occur.

Latest Support For Genetic Influence in Latest Human Evolution

In an effort to explain human evolution in East Asia and elsewhere, researchers have probed into a hypothesis that was developed 40 years ago. The hypothesis states that human evolution must be based on gene mutation because human and chimpanzee gene proteins are almost similar. Researchers at Cornell University have established that DNA mutations played a monumental role in the divergence between chimpanzees and humans 6 million years ago. Since the 1970’s, biologists and other scientists have tried to connect the concept of gene regulation to human evolution. All along, the argument has been that the genes proteins for both chimpanzees and humans are 99 percent identical (“New Research Backs”, 2013).


Given the findings of a genetic glimpse into recent human evolution, it is certain that Darwin’s natural selection argument still holds. Recent research has suggested that gene mutation is at the center of latest human evolution, as suggested in the East Asia case. East Asian variation may have happened thousands of years ago, but the entire human race continues to evolve in very distinctive ways. As genes continue to flow within populations, racial differences may finally disappear. In addition, the future human populations may be more resistant to killer diseases such as heart disease and AIDS.


A Glimpse Into North Korea

A hermit kingdom run by a totalitarian leader who wields absolute powers, North Korea is what Russia was under Stalin. It is a country where you cannot really know what it offers and even though the government paints a different picture of the country being open to tourists, North Korea has never been the same since Korean War ended 60 years back. Compared to her southern neighbor, South Korea the northern republic has often been isolated in the international stage only keeping close to her allies considered to be pro-Communism.

The North Korean society is not that open and in a state where even the top authority in the land has a grip on the lives of its ordinary citizens, things are different especially compared to a more westernized country. In recent years, the state of affairs in the country has improved with more tourists being encouraged to visit the country. Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il’s son, the North Korean government is slowly offering a friendly hand to other nations. North Koreans are being encouraged to adopt things you would only associate with capitalism. Now you can find many computers in some buildings in the capital Pyong Yang and other cities. These are machines that were forbidden. Internet accessibility is however still limited. Centers like the North Hamgyong Provincial E-Library, offer North Korean students with an opportunity to use computers and other Microsoft features.

When it comes to technology, the North Koreans have made a significant steps in terms of mobile connectivity. They still lag behind to their South Korean counterparts where almost everyone owns a mobile phone but slowly more North Koreans are acquiring handsets. Sixty years after the war that divided the two countries in the Korean peninsula. Now many people can buy Smartphones and tablets and use them over a 3G network that covers the whole country. Smartpohones can be found in various upscale shops in North Korean cities. Android tablets are also available. Like other Smartphones, most of these android devices have internet browsers. There is however no Wi-Fi system. Most android handsets have Korean-English dictionaries and e-books that praise the ruling Kim family and the communist government. For international calls, most Network providers in North Korea offer 2G Network services. This is a good sign as the country looks to gain lost ground and keep up with the rest of the world.

Things have however remained dire especially when it comes to human rights matters. Nothing has changed much after the death of Kim Jung Il, the father of the current leader. Cases of wrongful detention, torture, arbitrary arrest and ill-treatment of political detainees are still common. Human rights leaders all over the world have remained hopeful but there is nothing positive in sight yet. The rights of many North Koreans have been and are being violated and with no international watch dog in the country it is not easy to know the facts. Such problems continue to haunt the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea as the government is not keen on ending such atrocities.

Much has been said about the North Korean government but less information is given about the ordinary North Koreans. Even the tourists who are allowed in the country interact less with the people. According to the North Korean authorities, tourists cannot take pictures of the locals without their consent. The main reasoning behind this may be mere propaganda where the North Korean leadership only wants Western tourists to see exactly what they want them to see. A tourist can take photos of smiling locals gathered in neat homes but it is rare to see something negative about an ordinary North Korean put in picture form. This has not deterred tourists from visiting the country with increased numbers of westerners going to the socialist nation. This has increased the country’s revenue which the tourist officials attribute to its efforts in portraying the country as a safe and friendly tourist destination.

Food shortage has been common problem in North Korea and it seems that the revenue gained from tourism cannot stem this. This has further led to deterioration of the healthcare system. Despite all this, in some sections of the Pyong Yang the North Korean capital, people seem to enjoy high living standards. In a center like Rason where an economic zone modeled to the Chinese systems was established, North Koreans are economically empowered. This may however not be the case in other least developed parts on the country. Generally, much remain to be seen of the North Korean situation going into the future.

Population of country 24.76 million people (2012)

Area of North Korea 120,540 sq. kilometers

Located on the continent Asia (AS)

Capital of North Korea Pyongyang

Currency at North Korea Won (KPW)

Domain Zone .kp

Phone country code 850

FIPS code of North Korea KN


A Glimpse of Temples in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has numerous temples. In fact, few countries in the world can rival Indonesia as far as the number of temples is concerned. Although it is impossible to include all of them in this article, we are going to look at some of the most famous in Indonesia. Emphasis has been put on the most famous of these religoius structures. As such, this piece offers a glimpse of temples in Indonesia.

1. Candi Asu

Candi Asu

The Candi Asu is part of the Sengi Complex that was erected between the 8th and 9th centuries. It is a Hindu temple that is situated between Central Java and Yogyakarta. It has an external wall as the base and an internal wall as the foundation. Sandwiched between the two walls are about two meters of rocks and earth to the very top. The remaining space is dedicated to statutes. It is one of the most famous temples not only in Indonesia but also across the entire Hindu community around the world.

2. The Dieng temples

dieng temples

The Dieng Temples are a group of 7th century temples located in the Dieng plateau. The plateau has some eight Hindu temples. They are among the oldest temples that still exist in the entire Java. Attempts by historians to uncover the real name of these temples have been futile. Establishing the history of the temples and the king who oversaw their construction has not been possible. The temples are closely built in three groups. They are namely Gatotkaca, Dwarawati, and Arjuna clusters. The Bima temple was constructed as a separate single temple.

3. The Jawi temple

jawi temples

This temple stands on the eastern slopes of Mount Welirang. It is about thirty-one kilometers to the west of Pasuruan city. The temple was especially dedicated as a mortuary to king Kertanegara. It is also believed that the ashes of the same king are preserved in two other temples. The compound on which the temple is located measures about 40 by 60 square meters. Further, it is enclosed in brick walls that are about 2 meters high. The structure is a tall and narrow shape with a pinnacle at the very top. The total height of the monumental structure is about twenty four meters. With main stairs facing east, its doors are made of cella.

4. The Kimpulan Temple

kimpulan temple

This Hindu temple belongs to the 9th and 10th century. The temple was buried about five meters beneath the ground. Of recent, parts of the temple have been excavated, unmasking the real shape and architectural design. This temple remained unknown until 2009 when during an excavation work it was accidentally discovered. Its unmasking drew a lot of excitement and curiosity not only in Indonesia but also across the whole world. It was during the construction of a university library that it was discovered. The news of its discovery spread like wild fire across the world and sightseers trooped to the spot to marvel at the forgotten structure. It was also a juicy headline for many a global newspaper.

5. The Mother Temple of Besakih


The exact origins of this temple are not clear. Scholars however concur that it belongs to the prehistoric times. It is believed that the temple has been existence for well over 2000 years. The structure is erected on the southern slopes of mount Agung, the main volcano of Bali. The Mother Temple is actually a great complex that consists of twenty-two temples that stand on parallel terraces. The Pura Penataran Agung ios the central complex in the chain of temples. Seventy festivals are held at the temple every year. This is because almost every shrine has an annual anniversary to be observed. Anyone visiting this great temple should very careful since it is noted for various syndicates. The syndicate imposes exorbitant fees in the guise of hiring tour guides. Some sly cons also offer special prayers and ask to be paid for them. You should simply ignore them.

6. The Sukuh temple


The Sukuh temple is famous for its scholastic themes. It offers education on sexuality and life before birth. The main monument there is a pyramid with statues and reliefs in front of it. Unlike other temples that boast a lot of yeas, the Sukuh temple is much younger as it was constructed in the fifteenth century. It is located on the slopes of Mount Lawi.

The Rise of Japanese Fashion Labels

It is enough to take a glance at New York Fashion Week in order to notice at least 13 distinct Japanese-born or Japanese-American fashion designers mentioned in the schedule. Fashion industry is a changing landscape with trends that change from a season to another, just like the fashion designers behind them. Even though French designers were probably the pioneers of this wide landscape, there is no doubt that Japanese fashion has become impressively popular since the 19th century.

Names like Yohji Yamamoto have been known since 1981, when Cathy Horyn from New York Times said that Yamamoto likes to dissolve sartorial boundaries. WTAPS was launched in 1996 by Japanese designer Tetsu Nishiyama, who follows the principle “placing things where they should be,” giving birth to new fashion collections twice per year.

The main point is that Japan is a controversial country with plenty of various cultures and subcultures that make fashion very complicated to follow. Staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends is surely complicated, as there are, if not hundreds, then thousands of different fashion magazine issues being distributed in Tokyo all the time. Street fashion styles like harajuku and shibuya are probably the most popular, and they appeared during the last decade, when colors have started to flood up Japan.

However, Japan fashion distinguishes among the other styles through its eccentricity, with oversized garments, colorful accessories and incredibly nice shoes, which are neither pump shoes nor leather boots. By the beginning of the 21st century, people have started to adopt various fashion styles, which are usually called street fashion due to the fact that they combine both current and traditional trends within.

What about the international podiums? Well, there are still only a few Japanese fashion designers who present their creations during international fashion shows, which means that Japan is still a limited country and the main problem is originality. Even though most Japanese outfits produced by designers like Yohji Yamamoto seem unique, the problem is that they approach similar styles like other designers’, bringing novelty only through their way to fit shoes or accessories to the other garments. Let’s take a look at Tokyo street fashion: during the last fashion week in New York City, Japanese designers presented various versions of Lolita dresses, which were meant, according to their saying, to “present traditional femininity, blending childishness and voluptuousness at the same time.” Lolita fashion has been popular for quite a while, but it stayed the same since it was firstly approached. However, many Japanese women of various ages dress like Lolitas, approaching a Japanese-adjusted Victorian look.

An interesting fact about Japanese fashion is that many reputable designers, such as Diane von Furstenberg, consider it “an intelligent way to duplicate dated or current trends that keep appearing.” Unfortunately, Japanese fashion evolved because many important Japanese fashion designers have chosen to approach similar fashion styles, which were, of course, already popular within the fashion industry. “Bringing something new on the scene, surprising the public and getting positive comments from the critiques – this is what makes a fashion designer unique and really talented,” says von Furstenberg. “I do not like when others duplicate my outfits – it is like I would take Chanel Coco Noir, change its recipient, but keep the perfume itself and say I made it. I would not mind if someone was better than me at creating outfits, but stealing current trends – that is horribly and truly unfair.”

Is that the truth about Japanese fashion or just a way to disapprove and denigrate it? If we consider that, in many countries around the world, such as Germany, people, and especially teenage girls, prefer dressing like Lolitas instead of wearing haute couture garments, we should not rush into saying that. However, we believe that these fashion designers should be more original. Exactly like von Furstenberg said, “just dressing a guy with a pair of light-colored trousers, a jacket and a pair of huge glasses, and styling his hair just like a cockscomb will not be enough to integrate among popular fashion houses, like Valentino or Victoria Beckham.” And we agree with her – uniqueness has always been appreciated within fashion industry, so bringing new outfits and styles on the international fashion events will definitely be a great way to rise Japanese fashion above others around the world.

Top Brands Offering the Best Jeans for Men

Jeans can ideally be classified in a category of enigmatic clothing with the power to bring out quintessential looks in men. More so, jeans stand out regardless of outfit combinations due to their all-purpose nature. That being the case, jeans are anything but optional in every man’s wardrobe. There are quite a number of brands in the market today with significant variations in fashion element as well as durability. Even so, there are brands that boast a unique balance of quality and strength hence offer the best jeans for men.  Aptly named denimheads, look to seek out not just the best jeans, but also the most exclusive…

Levis Vintage

If you are passionate about jeans, then Levis should already be a lifestyle based on the popularity and scale of the brand. Being arguably the most common brand globally, there is no denying that you must have either worn or heard of it. There was resurgence of the classic 501’s more recently and many limited edition runs came out. The jean label also has a strong collectors  following across the globe and aficionados will travel to find exclusive pairs. Levis Vintage Clothing, are a choice of connoisseurs and those new the jeans alike.

One thing that stands out with Levis jeans is that they live up to the hype surrounding them hence offer true value for money. Furthermore, even with the high standards, they are still reasonably priced to be afforded by practically everybody.


PRPS are a premium priced denim manufacturer based in the US, manufactured in Japan, using either Japanese or African cotton. The denim features small details that tend to distinguish the brand from others such as different colored button flies, or the purple logo on the back pocket and a chemical representation of vintage jeans. These jeans tend to be priced upwards of $300.

Calvin Klein

Even though the company has divided commitment to both men and women, the brand has surely prioritized the men’s jeans collection. If you fancy young and elegant looks then Calvin Klein should not only be your favorite brand, but your entire wardrobe. The selling point of these cool jeans is largely the range of fashionable shades with faded denim being particularly exceptional.


Arguably the biggest name in the denim world, Diesel has been the most revolutionary brand of all. From the fabric to the range of colors, this brand has virtually been flawless with designs and is well stocked to offer the best jeans for men. Their worldwide presence has therefore been down to the deservedly high brand value as well as a splendid denim collection.


A.P.C is another worthy denim brand being praised for designing men’s pants that last up to five times longer than rival brands. Other than longevity, APC jeans are also designed with precision to fit perfectly and therefore always look cool. Although they may cost an arm and a leg, they are the most value-efficient jeans you can buy in any market. In a fairly competitive industry, A.P.C has been expanding and this goes to show the company is selling well and being praised by proponents of the French brand.

Naked & Famous

This is a brand with a definitive edge. Blending the best in Japanese denim, with modern mixed fabrics consisting of Kevlar, cashmere , wool, camel hair and more, you can find many unique styles of jeans. Made exclusively in Canada, the jeans are crafted with minimal fuss, aiming to retain the best of the material and let that talk, rather than trying to be something they are not, with simple rivets on the pockets,and buttoned fly’s and quality manufacturing, these jeans are another quality pair of denim.


Founded and designed by Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim is a Kansas City based clothing and lifestyle brand, founded on modern design, quality textiles, and American manufacturing.

Baldwin may be a rather overall less well known denim brand but its fabric speaks volumes about the company, sourcing the best Japanese cotton, these jeans are being endorsed by celebrities such as Jay-Z, who made the ‘Ryan’ camo-print pant famous. Regardless of any celebrity endorsements, these are quality denim. With a collection that covers rugged and adventurous to plain and simple fabric, there is absolutely something for every man under a Baldwin roof. Expect to pay a premium price for these quality garments. The Henley slim fit raw selvadge denim costs $220+

With jeans ever trending, originality is a prime need and that is why you need to have brand you can turn to for unique denim products. The above mentioned brands may just be a few of the top denim companies but certainly make some of the best jeans for men.

What You Should Know About How To Live Tax Free

Paying taxes is a necessary part of life; however millions of people are often caught with untaxed funds as they attempt to illegally withhold taxes. Normally tax evaders end up doing jail time or paying hefty fines. What most of these people do not know is that you can live tax-free without breaking the law. In 2010 more than 28 million households did not pay taxes. Here is how to live tax free:

1031 exchanges

You can avoid paying taxes if you are selling property you have been fixing up for the last few years which you can sell at a substantial profit. A little planning can go a long way to help you avoid taxes legally. Find one or more good replacement properties and conduct a tax-deferred exchange. Though it is complicated if you do everything right you will circumvent paying most of the taxes.

To qualify for section 1031 exchange, a deferred exchange must be distinguished from the case of a tax payer selling his property and using the funds acquired in the sale to buy another property which is a taxable transaction. In a deferred exchange the disposition of relinquished property and acquisition of the replacement property must be mutually dependent parts of an integrated transaction constituting an exchange of property. Tax payers engaging in deferred exchanges often use exchange facilitators under exchange agreements which are in line with rules provided in the Income Tax Regulations.

If you draw some cash out of the transaction, you will only pay taxes on the cash, however if you have little or no other income your taxes will be quite low.


You can invest in rental real estate and manage your properties full-time. If you buy wisely you are likely to have enough cash flow on which to live. Keep in mind that the income will be reduced by the depreciation losses on the buildings.

As a full-time real estate investor your losses will be limited to $25,000 which is the limit for passive investors, this means that you may be able to live tax-free.

Municipal bonds

Investing your assets in the state’s tax-free municipal bonds is one of the methods on how to live tax free. The rate of return on municipal bond funds may vary from 1-7 percent. When investing directly in your state’s bonds none of the interest is taxable to the state or IRS.

House flipping

House flipping which involves buying and selling a home every 2 years is one of the easiest ways on living tax free. The IRS does not tax the first $250,000 worth of the profits on the sale of your home; this figure goes up to $ 500,000 for couples.

If you conduct your research patiently you are likely to find a run-down home in an ideal location. Move in and fix it nicely and ensure that you do most of the fixing yourself if possible. When it looks as good as the houses in the neighborhood you can sell the home without paying taxes on the profit. If you do this every two years you will never pay a dime in income taxes on these profits.

Individual 401(K) plan

The individual 401(k) comes in two versions; the traditional and Roth version. The traditional approach involves an individual putting his money away on a pretax basis. The money grows tax-deffered; however it is taxed upon withdrawal. The Roth version is the tax-free option where you put in after-tax money and grow it tax-free, this means that the funds are not subject to tax on withdrawal.

Relocating to tax free havens

Some countries especially in the Middle East are well known for offering residents a chance to earn tax-free income. This means that you can move abroad and pay 0 percent tax. These countries include:

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has one of the highest per-capita income in the world at $49,000.It has no capital gains or personal income taxes. Rather than generate revenue from personal income the country depends on money from oil companies that pay up to 55 percent in corporate taxes.


It is the world’s richest country with a GDP of 102,800 per-capita income. The country relies on its rich natural gas reserves to generate revenue.

Other tax havens include Kuwait and Oman. Closer home you can opt for the Bahamas, Monaco and Norfolk Island.

The above ideas on how to live tax free are legal options, however they require often require some adjustments in your lifestyle and good planning. At the same time they require sound financial management in order to work effectively.

Offshore banking and travelling

It’s possible if you are a resident of other countries that are not tied to the US dollar or you are a non-US resident, then there is the possibility of becoming a non-resident, that is not residing in that particular country for an extended period of time, it may also make sense to put any funds you have in offshore accounts. Although avoiding paying tax is becoming more difficult speaking with a qualified international tax lawyer maybe worthwhile especially if you are an internet entrepreneur or affiliate marketer, or just someone who can work ‘anywhere’


The Most In Demand Jobs Come 2014

With the global economy on the rise-once-again, many-individuals-are-wondering-what jobs will be in demand in the years to come.

Getting a college-degree is important, but-you-want to ensure that you’ll be able to get started in a career with that degree rather than joining the ranks-of-many-graduates who are not able to find a job. This article takes you through the most in demand jobs 2014 and beyond.

Career in medicine

The medical-field will-almost-always be replete with jobs, particularly today, when baby boomers are reaching the age where they need extra care.

Since most jobs in this field are lucrative, too, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t pursue a career in medicine.

And-since-there-are-many-different-jobs-available in the field, you can settle on that which best suits you. For instance, you may be:

Physician’s Assistant (PA)

If you are a PA, you will do almost everything a doctor does with surgery being the only exception.

Becoming a PA will require a bachelor’s degree followed by a 2 year-physician’s assistant program.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered nurses are also in high demand (especially if you are male)

As-an-RN, you could be engaging in anything from assisting with child-birth, treating emergency-room-patients to caring for the elderly.

An associate, bachelors & masters degree can all make you a registered nurse.

Career with technology

Technological advancements that the world has witnessed in the past century show no signs of stopping.

There are numerous technology jobs available, & the school & training needed is basically much less than training-required by-most-medical-jobs-offering-equivalent-salaries.

Video game designer (VGD)

Another-career thats becoming-more-in demand is that-of-a-video-game-designer.

As technology constantly grows and develops, more & more qualified experts are sought by leading game design studios so as to respond to the increased demand.

The annual salary of a VGD is approximately 65,000 dollars.

Computer software engineer (CSE)

You may be interested in becoming a software expert if you into technology.

The Bureau of-Labor-Statistics (BLS) projects that there will be a 50% rise in demand for this job come 2014.

The annual salary for a CSE is 75,000 dollars, which is magnificent bearing in mind that you only need a bachelor’s degree for this job.


Like technology, science is also growing.

Now-is-the-perfect time to work in science related field since the society has a better-grasp on how things work & how they like never before.

Science is the avenue you want to be if you envisage yourself as being with capacity to impact the world.


Combining medicine, science & technology, biomedical-engineers make a relatively huge impact on the world since they are tasked with using science & technology to further-medical-research and advance doctors with remedies to common & rare afflictions and ailments.


They deal primarily with water (both above and below it).

You will spend much of your time outdoors & around the water.

Your work will assist with government & ecological projects.


So-if-you wanted-to-know what-jobs-will be in demand 2014, you now have a better-idea of what’s in store.

From helping mothers give birth to studying water & even creating-whole-new-worlds, there’s plenty of excitement-in-store for individuals looking to commence a-new-career-in-the-coming-months & years.


One Innovative Way to Pay off Debt

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ew college tuition research shows that over forty per cent of graduates in America may take a minimum of ten years to pay of debt and student loans. More research indicates that the student debt amounts have increased by twenty-five per cent in two thousand eight and another six per cent in two thousand nine. This cost is rising due to many factors that include the economy while some believe that higher education costs are increasing due to the number of attending individuals. Some statistics show that since the seventies, college admission has risen up to thirty per cent. With the increase costs of competitions and college for scholarships and admission, you will truly need methods of how to keep your debt from spiraling out of control. With insurmountable student debt, you might have to put off major goals of life including buying a house or getting married. If you have garnered student loan debts in the six-figures, you might need to spend twelve months or more in decreasing your balance before you can accomplish anything else that involves money. One absurd, innovative strategy of combating the mounting crisis of your student debt is to meet rich men.

Luxury and Perks

A generous wealthy man will be able to afford expensive luxuries and perks even after your college debt is paid for. While you are dating,’ you can enjoy a life filled with perks and luxury that you were unable to afford in the past. These perks and luxuries are not possible when you have insurmountable debt that you need to pay for year after year.

Financial Security

The most obvious and major advantage of meeting a man with wealth is the hope of securing a future financially and pay of debt. Whatever burdens of finance you are going through; this is something you won’t have to worry about when you have moneyed connections. If you happen to be interested in paying off your debt that has accumulated from college, you won’t have to worry whether or not this is feasible financially, when you have met a rich man. Life with a friend that is rich spells a life without worrying about bills or debt.

Workaholic Tendencies

Men who are successful financially also tend to be workaholics. You might find that a guy is more mature in age but does not have a lot of experience in the dating scene, having spent so much time in his life working. On the other hand, having a workaholic rich guy friend will also give you a lot of time to be on your own without having money or bills to worry about. You might be totally okay with this style of support if you love the idea of being taken care of.

Your Status Socially

Hooking up with a guy that has money, no matter what age he is, will alter your social circle. Whether this change is a problem or a perk will depend on you. You might actually like spending time with a person that belongs in a higher group socioeconomically. However, you might also feel like you are having a hard time talking about the same things due to varied upbringing.

Balance of Power

Obviously, when your man brings more money to the table than you, there is a perceived imbalance in the relationship. This is something you may feel but for most women, being able to pay of debt that has accumulated makes this arrangement more than worth it.

Dating a Sugar Daddy

Finding a sugar daddy that can help you pay off your debt is one way you can be free of all your financial worries once and for all. There are many websites where sugar daddies look for college educated younger women such as yourself. Keep in mind that it is important for you to find the right sugar daddy website where there are no fake profiles or no credit card recurring charges. Reading the various testimonials from each of the websites you are planning to join will help you gain a true picture of which the best sites are. A sugar daddy and sugar baby is mutually advantageous where both parties benefit from the arrangement. In other words, it really is a win-win situation.