3 Reasons You Should Join a Subscription Service

Traditional shopping is becoming a thing of the past. Now, rather than spending a lazy Saturday strolling through the mall, you can have new and fresh items delivered directly to your home.  Through subscription services, you simply sign up and a new box of products makes its way to your door every month. These products range from new clothing to food to makeup to tackle boxes for your fishing hobby. By signing up for a subscription service, you benefit from the convenience of delivery, the personalization of an expert hand-picking items for you, and the ability to treat yourself in a unique way every month.  


Oftentimes before buying a product, consumers enjoy getting the chance to test the item out. You wouldn’t want to dedicate yourself to a whole bottle of shampoo without making sure your hair reacts well to it first, would you? Subscription boxes help solve this problem by giving you sample sizes of a variety of products to test before committing to a larger quantity.  

Any sort of subscription box can be personalized to your tastes. Usually when you sign up for a subscription-based service, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your preferences. So if you only wear certain kind of makeup, you can surely let the subscription company know. If you’re signing up for a coffee of the month club, you can note your espresso of preference. With that being said, the beauty of a subscription box is the element of surprise every month. You may not know what’s coming, but the company takes your preferences into account so that you always receive something you’ll love.  


Another perk of the subscription box service is that you only pay a monthly fee in exchange for products to be delivered straight to your door. Gone are the days of stress and leaving your home to shop. Some companies are even taking convenience a step further and sending items like toilet paper and baby formula in the mail through a monthly subscription service. Anything from everyday items to food from a restaurant in Boston, MA can be delivered right to your home.  

Several services also give you the piece of mind and guarantee of a good delivered product. Because of the unique nature of the service and not knowing exactly what product you will receive until it arrives, there may be products that aren’t always tailored to your tastes. Some specific subscriptions will allow you to send back the items and they will replace them with something new free of charge for you. With these subscriptions, you are guaranteed a convenient way to shop while also knowing you will always end up with a product you love.  

Treat Yo Self

One of the main reasons so many people are jumping on the trend of subscription services is because they are simply fun. By paying a monthly fee, you get a little personalized gift delivered to your mailbox. Think about your birthday or Christmas and how excited you get about receiving presents. Well now you can experience that same feeling all throughout the year. These boxes are typically very affordable and have such a great power to put that smile on your face.  

As human beings we are also naturally curious about everything. This feeling of being rewarded once a month actually stimulates dopamine in your brain. It is good for the buyer and seller, because you get a gift you’re naturally excited about even if it isn’t a product you would typically pick up for yourself off of the shelf.