5 Things you should know about marijuana in Nevada

Ever since marijuana was legalized in the state of Nevada on the 1st of January 2017, there has been so many questions arising of the same. The laws have not been yet clear to some and people are confused between what is legal or illegal. The state is still working on the laws to ensure that everything is fully defined and clearly stated in the constitution. Ever since legalizing marijuana, Nevada has increased its revenue from the tax and the many tourist coming to visit the famous sin city. The legal marijuana is restricted only to adults above 21 years old. If you are a Nevada local or you are visiting the city, here are some of the things you should know about marijuana in Nevada:

  • It is illegal to smoke in public. The law has not specified as to where specific you can smoke the marijuana, but doing it in public is prohibited. So don’t wander down Fremont Street holding a lit beaker bong or using a vape pen.  It is also prohibited in casinos and gaming joints as they are not encouraged by the gaming rules and regulations. There are some hotels that also prohibit the smoking of marijuana, therefore, when visiting the city be sure to ask before you book. The fine of smoking in public is up to $600. The best option people go with is edibles such as brownies or cookies in public.
  • The accepted legal amount. Despite recreational marijuana being legal, there is a specified amount that you should not exceed when purchasing for oneself. The limit that is allowed is one ounce per person. That is approximately about 30 grams which can make up to 65 joints. Exceeding the legal limit is a crime that will be charged in the court of law.
  • You can grow your own recreational marijuana. If you live in the rural areas, which is more than 25 miles away from a weed dispensary. The precaution is to avoid having many vendors that may be tempted to supply out of the state which is illegal. The limit is however, 6 plants per person and not more. The marijuana plants should also not be grown publicly where there are visible to the public eye, but rather secretive in an enclosed area.
  • You can drive or walk in public in possession of marijuana. This however should be within the limited amount of one ounce per person and should not be consumed in public. You can carry around the recreational marijuana in your car or pocket without breaking any law. The laws clearly warn on driving when stoned and therefore possession of the marijuana is allowed without consumption. The same rules applies to the passengers, do not use it when in the car.
  • Not anyone can sell recreational marijuana. To be a marijuana seller, you need to be licensed by the state to do so. This is because, it has to be taxed and verified to ensure it causes no harm to human health on consumption. There are different flavors and varieties of marijuana and all are accepted. If caught selling marijuana without a license it is an offence that can land you jail term.

When visiting Nevada for recreational marijuana, you should be conversant with all the laws as ignorance is no defense and when found guilty of violating the laws, you will be charged according to the law.