Online Networking Experiences

To have a fulfilling online networking experience one must make sure they are prepared to ask the right questions. In addition, a person should have their resume and their desktop or submitted to make sure people remember them and correlate them to positive attributes. Diego Ruiz Duran recommends networking to many of his peers. Online networking is one of the biggest markets in the world. IT gives people an opportunity to meet recruiters all over the spectrum. When a person is online networking, it’s important to do their research. Many companies have information about themselves online, so by checking out their sites then formulating questions based on the information, it makes a person stand out. Furthermore, connecting with the recruiter online is a great way to stay connected. Many of them have LInkedIn profiles or professional websites that can lead to more job opportunities. This way, a person can reach out a few times and start building a professional relationship with that recruiter. 

When people choose to network they have to be prepared to ask questions, A simple “hi” and “bye” won’t be memorable for recruiters. However, having detailed questions about the company at questions as well as additional personal questions will get someone noticed. That is why doing research on a company matters. Asking meaningful and through questions is the best way to stand out. Many people have made the mistake of assuming that just the first interaction is enough. Ask questions like” can I follow the company of social media?”, “Do you have a LInkedIn?”, “How many people does the comapny hire a year?”, and so many more The opportunity to stand out is always present and it takes very little 

Although networking is difficult at first, once a person gets the hang of it, the process will be flawless. When someone is dedicated to their career it really shows in the individual. Recruiters can pick up on these things and it’s great for long-term connections especially with people like Diego Ruiz Duran. Being dedicated to one’s career also means being dedicated to oneself. By connecting with others not for career reasons but as a network for a company is also very important When a company hires a person they expect people to connect with others so that they can bounce ideas off new people. It can be very resourceful and the more networks a person has the better asset they are to the company. Remember that just because a person is networking online, doesn’t mean dressing professionally isn’t an option. Yes, the networkers can only see from the waist up, but getting fully dressed helps improve a more professional mindset. Finally, the attitude a person carries with them is substantial to their character. When a recruiter or connection sees a happier, more positive outlook in a person, they are sure to want to talk to them more. Be yourself but also be who you want to be in the future. Showing potential and strengths is the best way to form lasting connections, in -person or online.